Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We promise all of you greater infrastructure...

“We promise all of you greater infrastructure...better equipment...and yes probably better prizes for the new year!”

I only have 2 things I'd like to have 'better' for the MPOC next year.

1. A 'standard' M7 field
With the advent of Division 2 going back to the M7 format, there will be a significantly higher number of M7 matches to be played than in 2009. I would like to see a proper M7 field infrastructure like from the World Cup as in Team Ready Areas on side of the field and most importantly fill stations inside both the Team ready Areas.

I couldn't care less about having more or less bunkers in the field nor if the layout promotes less paint blah blah - but
I can categorically state that I don't want to fracking have to run in and out to fill tanks in within 2 mins. This is a major hassle especially when teams get assigned the 'away' Team Ready Area which is even further from the fill station.

If the MPOC wants to promote the M7 format I feel this is a minimum requirement to have a proper Team Ready Areas with fill stations.

2. Simply 2 tables per team. The one common thing that EVERY PLAYER has to use is table space.
HAVE SOME COMMON SENSE - ONE TABLE for 7 GUYS IS NOT ENOUGH. For too long we have had to put up with putting bags on chairs on the mud etc its about time the MPOC provides a decent amount of table space for our gear.

I am not asking for more tents even though in the NPL they give a whole tent to each team. In Taiwan they provided every team 2 long tables, 12 chairs and a ice bin for every team AND a block of ice to chill our drinks.

I don't want more prize money - if it not too much to ask all I am asking for is just another table.

I think my 2 requests are reasonable. I would be happy to sacrifice a few dollars off the prize money just so I don't have to put my gear in mud. And I would expect to play M7 format in a proper M7 field with proper ready areas with fill stations.

Just 2 things to making it "
The Greatest Season Ever!!"

Thank you.