Saturday, February 28, 2009

Brandon Rittinghouse tells me about playing PHX with his cracked Rib

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The big story that was going around was that one of the guys on Tampa Bay Damage was playing the finals with a "broken rib". Matt Marshall was talking about it all weekend at Phoenix and we all even winced when this took a big dive into the corner bunkers on the injured rib.

The guy from Tampa Bay Damage is 20 year old Brandon Rittinghouse and he talked to us about playing with the injury which turns out to be officially referred to as a "cracked rib" but it was minor enough to be able to carry on playing.

"The injury happened in our game with the Hurricanes, there was a minor penalty called on the play and I was trying to make it to the box before they hung flag so that the penalty would come off the board before the next point. I got tripped up just before the box and fell pretty hard on my side."

At that time team mate Rumzi (Ramzi El-Yousef) had suffered an hamstring injury earlier on the day. That left the team with only 6 fit players. So Damage was in trouble with the body count and Brandon decided to tough it out and play. "After talking it over with the team and coaches, we decided that as long as the injury wasn't affecting my game or bringing the team down in any way then I would be allowed to play."

"After the match we were brought to the ER to get checked out and make sure everything was ok. I got a couple X-rays and was told the I cracked one rib as well as separated some from the cartilage but there was really nothing that could be done for any type of rib injury. Rumzi's injury however was more severe and it looks like he will be out for a few weeks."

Thank you Brandon and we hope you and Rumzi get over your injuries soon.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Paintball Sports Magazine

oh yeah and Paul - if you need to toot your horn again. The Feb Issue of Paintball Sports Magazine also features the World Cup Asia with text and pictures by Dave Norman.

(the Feb issue is not shown on their website)


This is so cool- this is such a clever marketing trip. The USPL is asking the fans to vote for the field they want to see at the inaugural USPL tournament at Huntington Beach on April 3-5.

To log in your vote please go toPBNation here.

Field 1 is a real run and gun field with wide open and diagonal snake bunkers. Reminiscent of the Smart Parts World Championship layout way back in 2006?

Field 2 is all about the red zone. There is a dorito side too but whoever gets into the 50 bunkers will lock the other side down. "Looks crazy fun"- Junior Brown

I voted for field 3 because I wanted to see some snake action and there are mirroring car wash bunkers of the other side.

A lot of people are calling for Field 2 because on paper it looks unusual and I would agree that - it looks "sick". But I think field 3 is more watchable as a game than field 1. So far there has been 544 votes cast and field 3 is the most popular.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


ESPN Star has been showing re runs of old winter x-games highlights and this clearly says that they have run out of things to run on ESPN here in Singapore.

Who the frak snowboards in Singapore and Malaysia?

If they showed any one single paintball tournament coverage I'll bet we'd have confirmed viewers from the 250+ registered BTO tournament playing players. That is at least 200 confirmed any snowboarders are there in Singapore? 2 or 5? Thats only in Singapore- not counting the populations of paintball players in Malaysia which must be 200% more.

The Chinese Language Channel 8 recently held auditions for male water polo players between the ages of 18-25 (?) for the upcoming tv drama Polo Boys. Wouldn't it be really interesting if the producers on Channel 8 were not so narrow minded and choose to go with paintball instead of water polo?

Ok granted the producers of Polo Boys know that teenage girls would want to watch half naked boys in their dick stickers (swim trunks). But I'm willing to bet everyone would be willing to watch a tv show where guy and girls run, dive and shoot the shit out of each other.

Yep I'm calling the producers in ESPN Star and TCS Channel 8 narrow minded.

OH and Eurosport too - idiots - for failing to show THE PAINTBALL SHOW last Sunday morning at 8am as clearly stated in the programme guides.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I have been really tired the past 2 days after watching the PSP webcast all night on Sat and Sun.
I thought I'd take tonight off and not blog but I had and ephipany (not the marker) at midnight and I decided to speak to a few guys about last weekend.

At 230am- to my surprise Tim Montressor of the newly crown champions of Phoenix Philly All Americans replied really quick and I have a scoop on my hands. I am probably the first person to interview Tim online right after winning Phoenix.

I decided to stay up longer and work on the story. Its 3.16am and I'm going to be in the shits tomorrow but scoring the scoop would be worth it.

Anyway here is the story on

Monday, February 23, 2009


After the Americans convincingly beat the early favourites Red Legion in the semi finals - I predicted that they would go on and take the Championship at Phoenix and they did, by beating the World Cup Champions 6-3.



Point by Point play.

Point 1 XSV
XSV opens aggressively with Conrad powering down snake side and Thomas Taylor running diagonally through the center to trade out with Vicious' center back.

Point 2 Vicious
Conrad is shot out on the break. Rich out in center. Vicious stay back with all 5 alive. Vicious takes the second point. We're tied at 1-1.

Point 3 Vicious
Both team break with 5 alive - both teams fill the snake. Conrad gets shot out in the snake. Vicious' snake guy has guns problems but Vicious take this point anyway with 5 guys alive. 2-1 Vicious

Point 4 XSV
5 alive both sides on the break. Vicious lose 3 guys quickly. Conrad gets into into snake. XSV is up 5 on 3, Conrad quickly makes it to the 50 and shoots out the back corner. Vicious gets one guy back but the rest of XSV take him out and tie it up to 2 games each.

Point 5 Vicious
XSV and Vicious lose 2 each on the break, XSV's snake side is unguarded, but Vicious run through on the dorito side and make it 3-2 Vicious.

Point 6 XSV
Thomas Taylor makes into snake 1 and immediately shoots across field and stalls Vicious.Vicious counters immediately into the snake. Anothny is playing behind Thomas and shots out their snake guy. Vicious lose their 3rd guy so it's 4 on 2. Thomas pulls a big move - goes the highway all the way from snake one all the way down field to shoot out their back corner!. XSV ties it at 3-3

Point 7 XSV
TT into snake again - same for Vicious. It's XSV 5 on 2. Thomas is on fire - he has a mirror in the snake. So he makes a play switch - runs from the snake to the 30 temple and shoots out the Vicious snake from mid field. Quick point and XSV takes the lead 4-3.

Point 8 Vicious
TT breaks back corner - bumps into snake with good timing. Vicious counters again with a guy into the snake. Rich moves into the can with JB into the doritos. Rich walks, JB and TT are still alive but its XSV 3 on 4. Dalton pulls the move of the day uses one hand gangsta style to shoot out JB and Vicious tie it up again 4-4

Point 9 XSV
This was a slow game both teams toughing it out. Both teams settled into their spots and just held their lanes. Conrad vs Dalton in the snake and Conrad pulls off the game move and XSV make it 5-4.

Point 10 XSV
Vicious lose 2 early and get a major penalty on top of that. This dooms Vicious with a major penalty going into match point. Its championship point to XSV 6-4

Point 11 Vicious
Vicious amazingly stole this game to go 5-6. Somehow they used up the penalty and got the point but there is only 45 seconds left on the clock.

Point 12 XSV
Vicious have to come get XSV. XSV know this and they have to play smart and stay alive and run down the clock.
Dalton cames out hot- shots 2 and gets into the 50 but gets taken out by Conrad. It stalemates with 12 seconds to go and XSV runs the clock out. 7-6

XSV takes Semi Pro!


The All Americans pulled off a big upset by knocking off my favories the Red Legion in the first semi finals 7-1. The Americans rolled on their hot streak from beating Tampa Bay into this semi final match and just did not give the Russians a chance to settle.

The Ironmen went up against their practice partners Dynasty who beat them in practice. They traded points in a very close game. All the big names brough their A game into this one. When Alex Fraige pulled a big move to get into the snake- Ollie Lang goes and counters it with an even bigger move by shooting him out across the field to score Ironmen's 5th point.

Just when the Ironmen make it 5-4, Dynasty starts the next game with a man short and still manages to tie it up at 5-5 taking their 5th point even with a penalty.

The Ironmen take it to match point 6-5 after Todd Martinez tries a big run through move but get a major penalty for playing on.

FINAL POINT - Alex Fraige and Justin Schwartz gets shot out on the break and Angel goes down a few moments later and match point goes to the Ironmen real quick.

So we will have a repeat of the World Cup final with the 2 best teams in X Ball gunning it out. Can the Americans get their revenge on the Ironmen.


In the first quarter finals match up Philly beat Tampa Bay 7-5 and will play the Russians in the first Semi final.

In the other quarter final Dynasty did the job and took Aftermath out 7-5 and will make it an all California Semi final game with the Ironmen.

So we have two awesome semi final games.

Semi Final 1
Philadelphia vs Boston
Americans vs the Russians, Federov vs his old team.
Phily are in the groove the are hot- they stepped up over Tampa Bay. When Tampa Bay was doing 'damage' to the Americans on the break outs. The Americans stepped up and took bodies off Tampa Bay too. Philly will be going into the game on a hot streak. Boston has have the day off but they practiced- so they are THE team to beat in PHX.

If Philly take out the Russians- they will win the whole thing.

Semi Final 2
Dynasty vs Ironmen
Ollie Lang vs his old team - this will be a great match up. Billy Wing said he wanted to play Dynasty over Aftermath- and he got his wish. The speed and tenacity of the Ironmen will test the experience of Dynasty.

Semi Pro Semi Final Results
Palm Beach Vipers gave XSV the game of their lives. They traded points all the way at one moment taking 3 points away in a row from XSV. But inexperience and penalties took any advantage away from the Vipers.
XSV run out 7-5 winners over Vipers to meet Vicious in the final.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


The Top 6 Pro teams that make it to Sunday are:
1. Boston Red Legion 8 pts 4 wins 4.5 Avg Margin
2. Los Angeles Ironmen 8 pts 3 wins 4 Avg Margin
3. Philadelphia Americans 6 pts 3 wins 2.5 Avg Margin
4. San Diego Aftermath 6 pts 3 wins 3 Avg Margin
5. Tampa Bay Damage 6 pts 3 wins 2 Avg Margin
6. Dynasty 4 pts 2 wins 2 Avg Margin

The Top 2 teams Red Legion and Ironmen have byes.

Quarter Finals

8am | 10pm 3rd Philadelphia Americans vs 5th Tampa Bay Damage
850am | 10.50pm 4th San Diego Aftermath vs 6th Dynasty

The Ironmen will play the winner of 3rd and 5th
Red Legion will play the winner of 4th and 6th

Winner will meet Vicious in the final
940am | 1140pm Sacramento XSV vs Palm Beach Vipers

Dynasty Empire Jersey

I was not too far with my Dynasty Jersey- I was right about the jersey being a stock Empire jersey with the logos ironed on to it and not dye subbed.

Check out the new hopper- they are using Empire's new Prophecy with Exalt's Feedgates.

Thats Todd Martinez in the photo - I wonder what he's thinking having to wear that Empire mask and not is famous 'Contract Killers" stickered Pro Flex and 'Cash Money' strap.

He must he thinking "I miss my Pro flex" or "I need to pimp this mask with my raza stickers"


If you live in Singapore/Malaysia- after you finish watching the last Sat prelim game at 8am on Sunday in Singapore between X-Factor and San Diego Aftermath you might want to stay awake and catch The Paintball Show at 8am on Eurosport Channel 113 in Singapore and Channel 122 on Astro Malaysia.

Thanks to Weilong for sending this to me.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


PHX | SIN MAL time.
7:30am | 10.30pm X-Factor 7 vs Chicago Aftershock 4
8:20am | 11.30pm Bushwackers 7 vs Seattle Naughty Dogs 4
9.10am | 12.10pm Vicious 7 vs RNT AllStarz 6
10:00am | 1am Tampa Bay Damage 5 vs Hurricanes 2
10:50am | 1.50am San Diego Aftermath 4 vs Los Angeles Ironmen 7
11.40am | 2.40am Palm Beach vipers 0 vs Sacramento XSV 7
1:00pm | 4am LA Infamous 6 vs Edmonton Impact 7
1:50pm | 4.50am Chicago Aftershock 7 vs Bushwackers 5
2:40pm | 5.40am Seattle Naughty Dogs 4 vs Philly Americans 7
3.30pm | 6.20am New York PowerSurge 1 vs RNT AllStarz 7
4:20pm |7.20am Hurricanes 1 vs DYNASTY 7
5:10pm | 8.10am X-Factor 2 vs San Diego Aftermath 7

My picks are in Red.
Post your picks in the comments section - lets see how many you can get right.


The Russians make it to Sunday winning 4 matches straight. On Friday they concluded their preliminary round of games by beating the Bushwackers 7-1 and trashing Infamous 7-0. Thus on Friday night they top the list with 4 wins followed by the Ironmen who have 3 wins in a row. 

It looks like the Russians are making a big come back to a mediocre year in 2008. They will most probably be the challenger to Ironmen's throne. The Russian also have an advantage - by finishing all their preliminary games on Friday - it means they will have Saturday off and will be fresh for the finals on Sunday.

Infamous are going home early with 3 losses. The Hurricanes are surprise strugglers with 2 losses and have a slim chance along with the Dogs and Bushwackers who are tied with 2 losses each. They need to win their last 2 games to have a chance to make it into the last 8.

Results from Friday (top 8 go through)
Legion (4-0)
Ironmen (3-0)
Americans (2-1)
Damage (2-1)
Aftermath (2-0)
Aftershock (1-1)
X-Factor (1-1)
Dynasty (1-2)

Impact (1-2)
N. Dogs (0-2)
Bushwackers (0-2)
Hurricanes (0-2)
Infamous (0-3)


Keeley Watson has annouced a revision in the broadcast schedule. The webcast wll start on Saturday at 7.15am Phoenix Local time and at 10.15pm South East Asia / 2pm GMT.

Saturday, Feb 21st – 7:15am MST  10.15pm Sin/Mal/Twn
Sunday, Feb 22nd – 7:45am MST  10.45 Sin/Mal/Twn

Friday, February 20, 2009


Straight outta Phoenix from Junior Brown
Check out the reverse side on


Recently 'retired' G-No just told me that he is in Phoenix and suiting up in yellow once again playing for Infamous and why LB is not.

"I'm here in PHX playing with the guys. LB couldn't make it till Friday because of work, and the rosters lock on Wed. So they needed an 8th or they would've had to play with 7. LB asked me if I could play, and since they needed me, and I needed a vacation, I took the chance to help them out."

- G-No


Pro / Semi Pro Friday Schedule

7:30 Tampa Bay Damage 7vs Seattle Naughty Dogs 3
8:20 DYNASTY 6vs X-Factor 7
9:10 Los Angeles Ironmen 7vs Chicago Aftershock 0
10:00 RNT ALLSTARZ 6vs Palm Beach Vipers 3
10:50 San Diego Aftermath 7vs LA Infamous 2
11:40 Bushwackers 1vs Boston Red Legion 7
1:00 Philly Americans 7vs Hurricanes 0
1:50 Sacramento XSV 1vs VICIOUS 7
2:40 Edmonton Impact 4vs Tampa Bay Damage 7
3:30 DYNASTY 5vs Los Angeles Ironmen 7
4:20 Palm Beach Vipers 7vs New York PowerSurge 2
5:10 LA Infamous 0vs Boston Red Legion 7

My picks are in Red.
Post your picks in the comments section - lets see how many you can get right. I'll keep score and see what your total is over the weekend.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Pro / Semi Pro Thursday Schedule

7:30 LA Ironmen 7 vs Edmonton Impact 3
8:20 Sacramento XSV 7 vs New York PowerSurge 0
9:10 Philly Americans 7 vs X-Factor 2
10:00 Boston Red Legion 7 vs Tampa Bay Damage 6
10:50 VICIOUS 7 vs Palm Beach Vipers 5
11:40 Naughty Dogs 2 vs DYNASTY 7
1:00 Chicago Aftershock 7 vs LA Infamous 1
1:50 Hurricanes vs San Diego Aftermath POSTPONED TO FRIDAY
vs Sacramento XSV 5
3:30 Edmonton Impact 7 vs Bushwackers 1
4:20 Boston Red Legion 7 vs Philly Americans 3
5:10 New York PowerSurge 0

Games will start 10.30PM Thursday Singapore/Malaysia/Taiwan time.

My picks are in Red.
Post your picks in the comments section - lets see how many you can get right. I'll keep score and see what your total is over the weekend
(minus one game that'll be played on Friday)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Could this be what the new Empire Dynasty jersey would look like?

Monday, February 16, 2009


Junior Brown recently asked me to be a staff writer on his website SACPaintball. I was so honored to be asked that I told him I would be willing to do it to support him and

I did a pre-tournament interview with Junior Brown of which I would like to add; has been made Co-Captain of XSV. I wanted him to give the fans an insight on XSV's preparation for PSP Phoenix and the new gear they will be 'running and gunning' for 2009.

I got more than I asked for - I got an exclusive about the new XSV jersey which I wrote about in my previous post. Most importantly - Junior also tells us why XSV is playing in Semi-Pro and not in Pro.



[ S E B U R O   E X C L U S I V E ]

XSV's legion of fans will be happy to know that Junior Brown has confirmed with me that THERE WILL BE A NEW XSV JERSEY AT PHOENIX.

"The XSV Jersey will be a new design and the first time anyone will see it will be at the event! Even the guys on the team have not seen it." - Junior Brown

Stay tuned for first pictures of the new XSV jersey. Junior will be sending me pics "as soon as the box is opened at their hotel in Phoenix".

Other team gear are as follows:

JT USA - Goggles, Loaders, Pants, Gloves, Jersey, Some Packs, Gear bags, Fluid Paintballs
Eclipse - EGOs and GEOs Markers
CP - CP Barrel kit, Some Packs
7th Element - XSV Cylinders
Ninja Paintball - Reg’s
Understood - XSV GatWap and T’s
Extreme Paintball Modesto - Home Field - West Coast Paintball Forum
Exalt - Cleats and Feedgate's
JT,Eclipse and Understood - Casual clothes

Sunday, February 15, 2009


This is the official Pro, Semi Pro and Division 1 team lists for PSP PHOENIX direct from APPA.

Things to note
It costs each Pro team USD$4150 to register for a PSP event. Pro division spots are unlimited.
In D1 we see 12 teams registered filling up most of the 15 spots.
Pro, Semi Pro D1, D2 and D3 will play X Ball
D4 and D5 play 5 man format
A total of 208 teams have signed up for PSP Phoenix

Pro Race To-7 (XBall) 13 teams.
Boston Red Legion
Chicago Aftershock
Edmonton Impact
LA Infamous
Los Angeles Ironmen
Philly Americans
San Diego Aftermath
Seattle Naughty Dogs
Tampa Bay Damage

NOTES: Dogs made it into the line up despite having sponsor problems.
Avalanche are not playing, Impact also registers despite being quiet about their participation.

Semi-Pro RaceTo-7 (XBall) 5 teams
New York PowerSurge
Palm Beach Vipers
Sacramento XSV

NOTES:This division will be the tightest with 3 big names on the list wth ex pro team XSV being the stand out. RNT and 2008 D1 champtions Vicious will be adding strong competition to XSV. This division will be the most exciting to watch on paper alone. With only 5 teams in the line up- teams cannot afford to drop games and every point counts.

Division 1 RaceTo-5 (XBall) 12 teams

Aftermath II
All American Status
Cross Eyed Paintball
East Coast Killers
LA Bushwackers
New Jersey Jesters
Palm Beach Venom
RipTide NeX
Seattle CDR

Notes: D1 is where most of the Pro teams have their second teams. Aftermath, the AAs and the Buchwackers all have junior teams here. These guys have the advantage of having their big brother pro teams to practice against so they will more than ready to standout in D1. The other teams like LA Hitmen and the New Jersey Jesters will also bring their big names to this division.

PSP Phoenx Trailer

Only 5 more days till the opening PSP event for 2009. With all the teams cutting their budgets and rosters down. Who will be able to adapt better with their new rosters and rules. Phoenix will be the opening test for all the new teams, new teammates and new gear.

Catch all the action live online and free on PSP and hangout on SEBURO's LIVE CHAT during all the games next weekend.

Sign up for the LIVE CHAT by adding my email to your MSN Messenger:

Saturday, February 14, 2009


"C'mon guys, seriously, which team does Ollie Lang play for?"

- Chee Yong while wearing his Ollie Lang Ironmen Jersey which he got as a prize for winning the tournament MVP at SPNS tournament 3 weeks ago.

Apparently I said I'd burn my Ollie Lang Jersey if he won MVP but I honestly can't remember it and I know somebody will bring it up.

Dynasty's money ends up with XSV

With the announcement of Dynasty dropping longtime sponsors JT for KEE Sports. XSV also announced that they and JT have signed a "Coordinated Team Sponsorship Strategy" co-sponsorship deal with rec ball outfit Blues Crew. JT's stratergy is to sponsor 2 biggest names in speedball and in the rec ball world.

Blues Crew is led by Mike “Blue” Hanse a legend in the recball industy. Only a couple issues ago Paintball Sports Magazine wrote a story on Blues Crew and named Dynasty as ther "sister sposored team". Some of the Dynasty guys even rocked up to a recball event organised by Blues Crew.

I guess its a direct swap for JT - Dynasty out and XSV in. Rich and Junior have indirectly pulled off a coup by getting more of JT's money. Of course not forgetting there are other factors in Dynasty letting JT go such as JT owing them a lot of money etc.

It is a Saturday and I was planing to write a few articles this morning but
I have to go work on a last min shoot. Frak.

Friday, February 13, 2009


OK since Justin of has broken the news on their website. Here we go:-

Dynasty has signed with KEE ACTION SPORTS and WILL BE USING EMPIRE GOOGLES, EMPIRE JERSEYS, PANTS AND USING HALOS (shit they dumped Vlocity too??) Dynasty will also be shooting Evil Paintballs in replacement of their GAP Banana flavoured paintballs which has since ceased production.

HOWEVER Dynasty will NOT be shooting Invert minis...


My editors from just told me something huge about to break and I myself cannot believe it. One of the biggest names in Paintball is about to dump their long long time sponsors. Were talking "Ollie Lang Dumps Dynasty" type of news here.

When I read his email - my reply to him was "I AM LAUGHING MY ASS OFF" However I would put money on it just for the hell of it.

So I am taking bets - if you know me personally - ask me what it is and I'll tell you - BUT you have to tell me how much you want to bet. And you can't cheat by checking out first. (but I know you will anyway – that's fine with us ; )

Actually I should save myself the trouble and just bet a can of coke with everyone that - they won't beleive it *LOL*

I have been working on a 3 day photo shoot for an office furniture company - nothing really exciting, no models in bikinis and high heels. Couple of cute sales girls in the office and thats about it. The really cute girl in accounts can't speak english so that screws things up. I have to get up early to get to their office the past two days and I'm really tired. Tomorrow is the last day and I can't wait to wrap this shoot up.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Team Takeover - that's Erno top row in the center

I posted my MSN Chat address and had quite a few requests to be added into my chat. Tonight a nice guy all the way from Lahti in the south of Finland by the name of Erno Kiiski chatted with me for a bit and I learned a lot from this chat.

Erno plays in a team called Takeover which is where Mikko Huttunen came from. Takeover will play in D2 in the Grand Tour in Riga this year. Takeover would like to extend an invitation to any teams who want to visit Finland and hang out and play paintball.

He also showed me pictures from a indoor field in Toijala - called Sparta where he goes to play.

The low ceiling- the very idea of having a ceiling above our heads is quite alien to me- I've never played indoors but I guess it doesn't matter because we don't shoot up anyway.

Notice how the place is so CLEAN? Reball man... that's the way to go. Nice very nice cushioned floors- very nice to dive and slide.

Thanks Erno for an insight into paintball all the way north up in Finland!
I am so happy I made a new friend from all the way across the world tonight.

$21,200 IN ONE NIGHT!

Its 3am - I got home at 2 after going to watch a cabaret thing. MY friend's wife supplies the singers with clothes, make up and the choreography. It is not a sleazy joint filled with hookers but a rather small place with 20 ladies dressed up in full ball gowns. Some of the girls are really hot and some are not. Each of them take turns to sing on stage - most aren't all that good at singing - but they mostly look good.

Here is how it works - you like a girl - you send her a tip. It comes in $100, $200, $300 ,$500, $1000, $2000, $300, (these amount she wears a nice sash with the amount on it) then $4000 (she gets to wear a tiara). There is a scepter too I think it comes with the $2000 tip.

The 'star' of the show wasn't all that hot - she had fancy outfits and she had 4 dancers. She came out about 4/5 times to sing. Her total tip from tonight SGD21,200 - that is USD14 grand - in just one night. She sang 5 songs and earned enough money to buy gear and guns for my whole team plus extras.

They work 3 nights a week and a popular girl can make an average of SGD10-15k a night. One not-so-great girl was wearing enough sashes on her shoulders as much as my 1 month salary and she made the same amount in one night. *Sheesh*

Talk about a recession? During the finale when all 20 girls sang on stage- the tips kept flying in- I think the crowd of about 30 people blew 60-80k on tips on these girls. (House takes 30% cut off every dollar.)

Will post photos when I get them from a friend tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Its official – I am now a staff writer for A week ago Justin Mason wrote to me and offered me a job as a staff writer and I was really stokked. Tonight I posted my first 'news' item which is the New England Hurricanes line up for PSP Phoenix. More news bits to come - I have better access to information, paintball manufacturers, tournaments and pro players which is great.

Again I want to thank everyone who supports me and reads my blog regularly. Thank you to those who come up to me in person or write and say they they read my blog or they tell me that they love it. That means a lot to me.

Check it out here

Justin Mason's email to me:
We would like to offer you a writing position on to focus on player activity, event coverage, and private label equipment from the pro teams from a neutral point of view. Our approach is to cover the pro sport in a neutral, to the point, no holds barred format. Our current readership is compromised primarily of pro players and industry types, intersperesed with our growing community of fans. We tend to stay away from press-release type of posts, instead recrafting the neccesary pieces to shed new light on the updates.

The sole purpose of is to promote the sport of paintball. We work tirelessly to draw attention and share the stories of athletes who grind their hearts out to compete in the sport we all love to hate. We strive to bring you breaking news, event coverage and insight on the sport. IS Professional Paintball. :)

Monday, February 9, 2009


Rumour of Dave Youngblood bringing the Ironmen over to Iran to play in the first Paintball League Middle East - PALM Series is confirmed with the announcement on the PALM SERIES website that the 'Men have registered for the Kish Island tournament on the 3-5 March. This will probably a one off event to promote Dye in a relatively new market in the middle east.

The Ironmen will also be conducting a clinic before the tournament.

Anyone want an autographed Ironmen jersey?

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Planet Eclipse have revealed that the SL EGOS and GEOs will look like. The EGO 9 is starting to warm on me and the SL94 looks even more aggro.


PSP have announced on their website that the Live Webcast will be online at the opening PSP Phoenix event. The Live Webcast will be FREE and run by the same team Pure Sports Promotions and commentator Matty Marshall will be back with Cerial Killers producer Patrick Spohrer.

The new addition to this years coverage will be the 2 extra cameras that will cover the dorito side which will make it a total of 8 cameras that will cover the field.


Event Itinerary for the 2009 Phoenix Open

1 PM - 7 PM: Thurs-Fri Prelim Session Registration
(Pro, Semi-Pro, DI, DII, DIII Race2-4 and DIII Intro Race2-4)

7 AM-End of Games: Registration Open
8 AM-6 PM: Thurs-Fri Prelim Session Games

7:30 AM-7 PM: Registration Open
1 PM: Saturday Prelim Session Registration Opens (DIII and DIV Race2-2)
8 AM-6 PM: Thurs-Fri Prelim Session Games Continue

7 AM-End of Games: Registration Open
8 AM-6 PM: Saturday Prelim Session Games
8 AM-6 PM: Thurs-Fri Prelim Session Playoffs

7 AM-End of Games: Registration Open
8 AM-5 PM: Playoffs and Finals for All Divisions


Ryan's practice buddies Chicago Aftershock have surprisingly left longtime sponsors Dye and decided to shot Egos for 2009. The departure from Dye comes really late as the C9 Aftershock Jerseys have already been designed and are in the 09 Catalog. 

Ryan - I guess you can pick up an Aftershock DM8 for a good price now.

2009 Aftershock Roster
Drew Templeton
Josh Yost
Chad “Yaya” Bouchez
Ian Martin
Chris Sosine
Cody Mickowski
Brad McCurley
AJ Trillet
Nick Slowiak
AJ Lion
Coach: Jeremy “Sniper” Salm

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Have you ever heard kids trash talk on the paintball field? Well here is some material that will be used on PB fields all over the world sometime soon.

I wrote these myself in the paintball context. Had a lot more but had to cut back. If you have more jokes to contribute please post in the comments box.

I guess I'll have to make a tshirt of it sometime.


You mama so fat she is out of bounds everywhere in the field.

Yo mama so fat your team makes keeps mistaking her for a bunker.

You mama so fat when she plays snake she goes in the car wash.

Yo mama so fat when the chrono beeps, people think she is backing up.

Yo mama so fat she can hide behind Temples 1, 2 and 3.

Yo mama is so stupid when Ollie Lang yelled 'California' she took a plane there.

Yo mama so fat we could bunker her from our 20.

Yo mama is so poor she bought a wind-up loader.

Yo mama is so stupid she bought a virtue chip for her pump gun.

You mama so fat when someone calls a paint check on her - it takes half and hour.

Yo mama so ugly when she takes her mask off after a game the crowd yells "mask on!"

Yo mama so fat they hang the flag on her.

Yo mama so fat when she throws an empty pod away - it lands in Thailand.

Yo mama so fat when she breaks out she already made the 50.

Yo mama so fat she shared the team table with everyone in all 3 divisions.

Yo mama so fat the guys in the next field could bunker her too.

Yo mama so stupid it took her 10 minutes to count down the 10 seconds.

Yo mama so stupid she takes her shoes off when they yell 'socks off!'

Yo mama so stupid when they told her to go into the dead box - she went to the morgue

Yo mama is so poor even Davey gave her his gear.

Yo mama so stupid she brought rope to hang the flag.

Yo mama is so fat she uses a fan belt as a goggle strap.

Yo mama so fat when she lined up to get air she had to stand in the car park.

Yo mama is so fat she can play in D1 from D3.

Yo mama is so stupid she brought spray paint to a paintball tournament.

Yo mama is so fat - she thought the safety net around the field was 'too tight'.

Yo mama is so fat it takes 3 shots to 'lane' her.

Yo mama is so stupid she bought batteries for her mech marker.

Yo mama is so ugly the she has to wear two masks.

Yo mama is so fat she can carry 35 pods.

Yo mama is so stupid she ate the 'cake' bunker.

Yo mama is so fat when she sneezed, they called everyone out on the other team.

Yo mama is so fat she can play on both teams on the field at the same time.

Yo mama is so fat when paint bounces off her- it lands in China.

Yo mama is so stupid when she plays the dorito bunker, she brings dip.

Yo mama is so stupid when the ref spins his finger to say 'play on'- she's spins her body

Yo mama is so fat when they call a 'one for one' penalty - they just pull her out.

Yo mama is so fat she carries 5 paintball caddys on her harness

Yo mama is so fat when she 'walked the trigger' - she broke it

Yo mama is so stupid she was 'overshot' by a mech marker.

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If you want to republish or post it in a forum please credit me and my blog.

Friday, February 6, 2009


Paris 2K8 Special Edition jersey. Only 2 left L and XXL USD97 plus shipping.

This is also another exclusive-
Its not even announced in France and Cyril let me have this list.
Thanks Jobi!

"PS: We do not announce the line up yet in France so don’t claim it on French site" - Jobi

Cyril JOB
Christophe GARREL
C├ędric CAROFF
Stephane DELIERE
Sparing and Coach: Virgile PERILLEUX


I managed to get team rosters from actual members of some of the pro teams - so it is not guess work and speculation. Most of the guys got back to me with their rosters and told me which league they are going to play in. Some didn't reply - so this is what I managed to get.

With the roster capped at 8 players per team. Things are going to be very tight this season. Most teams will be looking to cut costs ad hoping to sign up good all round players that will perform and be versatile on their roster.

Thomas Taylor will not be playing for them this year.
(from Mike Hingeman)
Mouse (Alex Goldman)
Steven pitts
"Rain Ran"
Zack Wake
Robbie P
Bobby Aviles
Chris Lasoya
Danny Parks
Heath Hoeper

(from Tim Montressor)
Chad George
Konstantin Fedorov
Sam Monville
Ryan Moorhead
Jason Edwards
Ross O'Rourke
Pat Roberts
Tim Montressor
Todd Hugo

"I know its nine, but we will be sitting one person every tournament."

(from Ryan Pondesa)
Xball and 7man teams; they have an extra man to spare.
Greg Siewers and Shane Howe are the new guys on the team.
1. Neil Eberle
2. Ryan Podesta
3. Prince
4. Mike "Chunk" Martin
5. Nate McCallister
6. Jerry D'Amata
7. Chris Dazzi
8. Greg Siewers
9. Shane Howe

(from Brandon)
The 'men dropped Greg Siewers and Johnny Perchak
Ollie Lang
Billy Wing
Scott Kemp
Nicky Cuba
Marchello Margott
Mike Paxton
Mikko huttunen
Brandon Short

(from Archie)
A long list of than 8 players from Archie.
Archie Montemayor
Colt Roberts
Dusty Odell
Ryan Cohen
Cody Bayless
Grayson Goff
Todd Morrow
Matt Pelto
Mykel Kovar
Alex Martinez
Devin Odell
Dixon Yang

(from Junior)
Rich Telford
Junior Brown
Thomas Taylor
Conrad Rangell
Julian Duran
Anthony Parsons
Dustin Watson
Patrick Slattery

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


FACEFULL 65 February is in stores in Singapore. I read Rich Telford's article "Be A Rangler" with much interest as he talks about talent spotting. He wrote about this kid who always rocks up - hangs out at the field - first to arrive for practice and last to leave. In the beginning he wasn't any good - there was nothing special about him. But he hung around - he came and he played the first team guys- he practiced and eventually he tried out and made the team and in the article Rich calls him "a real asset" to the team.

I know this guy and I have met him, his XSV jersey hangs proudly just above my desk in my room. I asked him how he got into XSV and he told me the same story Rich wrote in his article. I really like this guy and I have the biggest respect for his achievements. Like Rich, I too wish every kid who rocks up at the field would be like him.

Rich's point is telling you to be like the Rangler - play and practice hard and you'll get to your shot if you work for it.

I would add to Rich's point, that we've all seen the guy or the guys who come and hang out at the field. They love the sport or the idea of getting into a team of guys who go out and shoot other guys. This guy will buy all the gear - the mask and set up a team. Sadly after a while most of these guys will disappear.

I hope these guys will come back or we get new guys who show up and stay - but for the right reasons. Somtimes we get people who come in with chips on their shoulders and desperate to make a name for themselves. The game is bigger than just one or two teams. Come and make a name for yourselves - do your thing and do it well. I respect your space to do your thing and I wish every new team every success. But don't come and kick sand in people's faces to prove your point and then expect people to respect you.

We need guys like the Rangler- who come and keep coming back and just play. These guys are a joy to watch when they run all over the place and shoot people out.

I recently joined up and I really like Junior's philosophy for the forum - that is to encourage and support people/players with positives. I admit I have my negatives but I will only speak out if I feel it needs to be said. I am old - I'm not going to go further than D3 but we got kids who can go a lot further. I hope the guys I play with make it in the big leagues someday.

So be a Rangler just play and do it well.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I was standing right behind you when a parent pointed out to me that you were giving hand signals to your team mates who were playing my team in yesterdays SPNS.

It was bad enough you were cheating - it was really bad that a parent had to come and catch you in the act. And it was insulting to us and and FUCKING STUPID OF YOU that you did it right in front of so many people standing BEHIND YOUR SORRY ASS.

We all know you are. I won't mention your name in my blog but I will tell you that I have told everyone I know at the field about you cheating.

So the next time you are standing on the sidelines at a game or any SPNS event - TAKE A GOOD LOOK BEHIND YOU. I will be standing behind you and EVERYONE else will be watching you.

[ If you want to know who this guy is - just ask me when you see me I'll tell you.]

Monday, February 2, 2009


I throughly enjoyed todays SPNS- the standard of the teams have increased a lot with many teams playing at a much higher skill level. From a spectator's point of view - we got a pretty good show with many games going close in the semis and the finals and even a 'one on one' thrown in to settle a final berth to add drama to the day.

I must say congratulations to my teams RED WEST and RED FRACTION for playing so well.

In RED WEST - Ryan, Zach, Gerald and Vincent won first place after dropping only one game in the prelims. In the Semi-finals they won the first game drew the second and lost the third game. The loss in the third semi final game was tough and I thought we were out. But it turns out that we were level on points thus resulting in a one on one situation. Zach had never played in a one on one in a tournament before - pulled off a win with a shot right in the stomach of the other guy.

RED FRACTION played very well too- being unlucky in a few games which threw their concentration off. I think you guys played well and I am just as disappointed as you with some of the losses. But I think there are a lot of positives to look at and you guys just have to play more games together.

Special mention must be said to the guys from Contract Killers. They made it into the finals against RED WEST and I thought played very well all day. So congratulations to Bengiun, Shark Julya the the guys - you have come a long way and have great potential.

I know some of the moms and dads had a lot of fun watching the games. It was a good show today.

SPNS 2009 LEG 1

Winners - RED WEST
1st Runners up - Contract Killers
2nd Runners up- Dark Militia


Junior and Rich have been busy - XSV have gone on a big sponsor hunt picking up another new sponsor previously unknown brand Ninja Paintball to use their Regulators on their 7th Element XSV signature tanks.

Ninja Paintball have been around for 15 years and they make air systems, fill stations and regulators all in their signature black finish. And all products proudly 'made in USA'.


Planet Eclipse has released a PL Ego made for scenario Team Dessert Edge. This is the fourth year that Planet Eclipse has sponsored Tem desert Edge and has rewarded them with a PL EGO. I like the edgy design with the digi camo.