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This is fucking hilarious!!!

Sent from Todd Martinez himself.
Watch it all the way to the end for the Lingerie mode...


I just head this from Deryk from TEAM CANADA that Johannes Schilling on the right with the 'V' sign, he was the coach for TEAM GERMANY. Johannes caught the H1N1 Swine flu on the way back to Germany and is sick at home.

The Red Sevens and myself wish you a speedy recovery man, and if you're bored at home check out my blog and Twitter!

P.S. The guy on the left in the green t shirt is Ole Kröger aka Mr Photo Monkey himself!

Here is another picture of Johannes in his TEAM GERMANY jersey which says "COACH" on the back.


Furious Barrel contributed to TEAM GERMANY's Gold Medal win in the recent WORLD GAMES PAINTBALL.

I don't have permission from Ole aka Photo Monkey to post the photo here but - here is the link to it.

Sebastian Schröder on the right at the back with the blue goggles - is shooting a 16 inch dust black Furious Lotus Barrel.

Check back tomorrow for the story behind the Furious Lotus Barrel at the World Games.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

PRINCE Needs Your Help

(from the Bushwakers not the singer) needs a fight stage name for his
upcoming MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fight in 2 weeks on SATURDAY AUGUST 8. He cant use 'Prince' as there is already a 'Prince Nassim' in boxing.

Any suggestions? Please post in the comments section.

One of a Kind JT Pro Flex

JT is giving this one of a kind proflex away if you retweet their tweet within the next 72 hours.

Someone is maximising their use of technology.
And I can play the game too-to check out the retweet go here:


Just thought I'd share some photos from the Taiwan trip- the photos were all taken by Ben as I didnt have a camera on me.

TUES- at Changi Airport Singapore to Taipei

We met Ken Tsuda at the airport before departing for Taipei- we had coffee and talked about paintball of course - which was cool. And I got my Blast Jersey with Kenny's name on the back and this is the actual edition you'll see in the NPPL Game hence the Activision logo on it. Signed by Bob Long, Kenny Tsuda, Tyler Harmon, Zach Long.

Taiwan 101- the tallest building in the world.

In Taipei..we stumbled upon a 'gun shop' - all air soft guns here and there was a GPMG Machine gun on the counter next to us. And and mini 'test firing range' at the back on the shop too!


Me, Kiko and Gerald at Dye Asia in Taichung. We spend 8 hours there on Thursday!
Took us that long to figure out what nickname to print on Gerald's jersey. Thanks to Steven and the crew at Dye-we got our new jerseys on Sat.

THURSDAY NIGHT Arriving at Kaohsiung Station. We arrived to fireworks from the opening ceremony which was a nice touch. There were World Games Stewards at all the train stations to greet you and help you get around. They were handing out care packages- buns and information packs. Being participants in we got special VIP treatment on public transport like 30% off train fares and we get to cut the long queue and go though the VIP queue.


The banner that greeted us at the field. Was nice to see the Singapore and Malaysian flags represented and be a part of it.

The playing field is in the middle of a huge park surrounded by apartments. The players tent were spacious with 12 chairs and 2 tables per team! There is a ice water bin for you to chill your drinks and they even provided the ice blocks too.

Busted by the owner of TNKD! He said he'll send me some stickers and a t shirt. They all had team t shirts on top of their TNKD jerseys and pants.

We wore our Blast jerseys on Friday practice for fun - the Taiwanese guys that shot Bob Longs loved the jerseys. We played a Taiwanese school team- they went 2 up on us and we came back to tie it at 2-2. Ku wanted to practice with us but we'd shot 3-4 boxes and were tired! We watched the Germans roll over Canada and Japan and I knew they'd be the team to win the gold medal.


Team Singapore at the opening ceremony on Sat morning. Steven got our jerseys done up for us in so we could wear them on Sat. L-R Siao Yuen, me, Jane, Arthur, Ben, Gerald and Kiko.

At the opening ceremony with Kiko in front.

With Pony from Taiwan Shocker who played with us last year. He is argubly one of the the best plaintballers in Taiwan and his warm up streatch regimen is legendary- very thorough and very long. We swapped jerseys after the tournament.


Chilling at the Dye booth with Steven of Dye Asia and Ben. Furious Paintball was represented in Taiwan.

We have fans in Taiwan. This is Claire from Dye Asia.

Goofing around at the closing ceremony with Khaine of Team Canada on the left - We had to be wary of the Taiwanese teams behind chucking buckets of cold water over each other.

With Team Ku in my Ku jersey after the games ended. I crewed and coached all their games except when they played against Malaysia. The two in white are taiwanese players and we were signing their tournament t shirts all weekend.

Thats all for now thanks to Ben for the pics and blog spot for enabling me to post them.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Team Infernal is from Thailand and they got Dye to custom make C9 jerseys for them. These are dye sub and not iron on.

To avoid anyone including myself getting into shit *again* I wrote to Eddie of Infernal and got his permission to publish this. Thank you Eddie for your support. His email is in the comments section should you feel the need to check up on me.

If you like the jersey and want to get one please email me or check them out at the Dye booth at the World Cup Asia.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Seed RtR Upgrade

I wonder if I or anyone I know will get into trouble with this post. Well if somebody wants to use it to get back at somebody else *wink wink* This my disclaimer: I in no way am saying that the Rotor is inadequate and nor need for an upgrade.

I like the way you change the settings by just simple rotating it and a built in motion sensor switches between the modes.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Just announced on Facefull this morning- SLY has released limited edition team barrels for Infamous/Russian Legion/Rockstar.

I have a hunch the fronts will fit onto a Dye Boomstick back as one of the sponsored teams (which I won't mention who) was using the the sample fronts with Dye backs that were taped up at the NPPL Asian invitational last August.

Infamous' barrel tip

I guess Banno (Team Ku/Japan) will have dump the DeathStick he got over last weeeknd and get the Sly Rockstar one.

Monday, July 20, 2009


With Team Germany at the closing ceremony the Captain Dietz is on the left.

They gave me a jersey for crewing - its made by Tanked



I had a blast- I really enjoyed myself - I played a bit of paintball - got tons of new gear - got a new gun - new loader - made new friends - got to hang out with paintballers - crewed a lot - crewed for awesome teams and figured out how they play xball. Picked up a few new jerseys Blast/Infernal/Germany - watched a lot of great games - learn a lot from watching and crewing.
Can't wait to bring it all back and play in the last leg of the MPOC and the World Cup Asia.

The whole trip was about the World Games experience. I don't think I would ever get a close to experience what it would be like to be in an event like the Oylmpics so the World Games was an opportunity I couldn't pass on.

The coolest part was on Sat night when we were walking around the night market - every foreigner we bumped into - we asked "what sport?" and they would tell you things like jujitsu, karate, speed skating or archery. And they would ask us what sport we played. It was so cool to have something in common with people being there.

The other nice part of the weekend - which the Australian captain mentioned in his speech was seeing people from different countries crewing for each other.


The headline should really be "Germany Saves German Paintball" because with the threat of paintball getting banned in Germany, it was important for these 7 guys t come and play and show Germany and the rest of the world that Paintball is a sport that is played and enjoyed by many.

The German national team was mainly guys from Ramstien Insinct who plays in the CPL. From the first pratice game I predicted that they would be the eventual Gold Medal winners because theirs skill and speed were simply devastating. On top of that they are a lean gunning M7 machine. Their game play and mind set is totally in tune in the x ball format. So they had experience and skill to really gun down teams that don't play x ball.

The first game of the tournament was a big match between Germany and Iran Datis. Datis only arrived late the night before and didnt get to practice on Friday. But Datis which their super fast winger took 2 fast points from Germany. The Germans settled and won the next 3 points to beat Datis narrowly 3-2. The World Games opened with an exciting game.

The teams were split into 3 groups of 4 teams with each. We (Singapore) were grouped with the no1 teams in Australia in Sydney SWAT and Taiwan in Taiwan Storm and Team Canada. Our fist game was against STORM who I think was the most prepared and coached team because there were out there walking the field and planning every chance they got. They were fast- the beat us 3-0.

Team Canada was old friend Khaine and a few of his friends who lived in Japan. We re grouped and with words of advice from the Captain of Germany decided to push forward and break out further up front and push up fast. We managed to keep Canada on their back most of the time and at one point I went all the way up the center to bunker the car wash and shoot their back left out before getting lit up my Khaine in the right corner. We won that match 3-0.

We were very happy to get at least one win and we had a long break until our last game whic was against Australia. Australia was fast and aggressive and they played to win. They had twins in their teams two tall but very fast guys. Australia beat us 3-0- we just couldnt hold them and they beat us in gun fighting.

On Sat night most of us who didnt make it to Sunday just chilled outside the Games Village- I was outside till 2am trying to get online until my batt died.

Sunday I got up early and went to the field with the teams who made it to Sunday. I crewed all day starting 5 games in a row for Japan Team Ku, Malaysia Delta Rovers, Germany and Australia. I sat out games when Japan played Malaysia as the guys on Ku were good friends and being a Malaysian I didnt want to crew against them.

I think I must have crewed at least 10-12 matches and my system of laying out pods and using wet towel seem to have been pick up on my other teams. I have fine tuned my system of laying out the pit crew area and I'll write that up later on.

The final game was GERMANY vs AUSTRALIA. The Germans were fast and a efficient xball machine. The Australians were great paintballers and they were the most aggressive team in the whole competition. It was a big battle it went to 2-1 Germany and time ran out the horn sounded and then there was shooting after the horn. It went chaotic after that and there was a heated conversation in the field for about 10 mins. Germany thought they had won because time ran out at 2-1. But Australia argued that its a race to 3 and there was a penalty in favor for them for the shooting after the horn.

I was crewing as we thought we got the win - then suddenly they announced '2 minutes' so we had to scramble and get everything back into the pits and get everyone geared up especially the guy who were still in the field arguing. There was more heated conversation in the Germany pit but the captain called for consentation and they went out and played a close sudden death game. Shot a guy our on the break and just held their lanes and shot Australia out one by one until their last guy.

Congratulations to all the guys on team GERMANY - I had a great time creweing for you guys.

Final result
3rd IRAN Datis
4th JAPAN Team Ku

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Ben 'Todo' is the Captain of the KL Demonz who played in Paris 2 weeks ago and as you might have already read in my previous interview with Matthew- they made history in Malaysian Paintball and came back with 2 trophies.

I wanted to get the Captain's perspective on the tournament and Ben also revealed to me that the 'victory' over the Bullets was a walk over rather than a real match. Ben also graciously spent time describing the tournament in detail.

Hi Ben, thank you for taking the time out to do this interview. Can you tell us what were your realistic expectations going to Paris to play in the ICC Continental Cup and the Millennium Series?
To be honest, we have little hopes in both the ICC as well as the Div3 in Millennium. Simply because the Europeans are far more experienced and exposed to the game than us. Moreover, with the recent shortage of players in the team, we were more like banking to get experiences and exposures.

Ben is the first on the left with the mic.

To bring back 2 cups is fantastic for the Demonz and Malaysian Paintball. With all the best teams in their respective continents in the competition, on paper it would be a tough event. How different were the two competitions?
ICC was tough and to finish 4th was way too unexpected for us…we did this with LUCK!

Div 3 was no pushover either and we made it to the quarterfinals of the Activision Cup by very close points but I guessed we hit some form during the quarters and made it to the final. The final game was very close indeed with the RATS and it could have gone either way.

Was it hard for you guys to juggle two tournaments on the same weekend? Did the games overlap?
The schedule was near perfect, no overlapping of games between the ICC and the regular Millennium games.

In your opinion- how did you find the standard of European paintball like compared to Malaysia ? I asking this because my team mates were at the PSP in Chicago 2 weeks ago and Ryan said he thought the best D3 teams in Malaysia could play D3 in PSP which is surprising but a welcome comment. You guys did well in D3 but the other Malaysian team MacDev Ronin struggled to win in D2.
I would say that the Div 3 in Europe are close to our Div 1 in Malaysia….like I said earlier, the standard of paintball in Europe is far more superior than in Malaysia simply because they started young and have more exposure & experience.

How did it feel to beat the Budapest Bullets? Was it their full team? Did you guys plays against Ollie and Mr U?
We were lucky to beat them as they concede a walk over to us in the quarterfinals :D thus the score is 4-0. this is because 2 of their players were injured and would rather concentrate on the CPL.

What did the Europeans do that is different from what we do in Malaysia - in terms of preparation and playing the game?
I guess the Europeans are more disciplined in their trainings? They have more Pro teams around and get more tips & guidance compared to Malaysians, maybe not just Malaysians but Asians which are very useful, not forgetting the clinics they get from Pro European Teams like Icon, Syndicate, JOY to name a few.

With triple the amount of teams / divisions / and running 2 competitions at the same time. It must have been a logistical nightmare for the organisers to run them all on time and yet they did. Your comments on that? Was it a well organised and scheduled event?
No doubt they ran the schedules PERFECTLY!! Even when I was there, I was like scratching my head how could they do it in 3 days with so many teams and games?! Well, I could sum up few points why they could do it:

1) They have more hours; sky gets dark only at 10pm (8am – 10pm is 14hours, compares to our tournament, we only have 8hours (8am – 6pm)
2) They have 5 fields vs 2 or 3 fields (in Malaysia )
3) There are 2 air fill stations at each field!

What was it like to play in the new air filled fields?
Did u mean the Air Filled Pillars fields? They have 2 fields using the air-filled pillars; the CPL field & SPL field…the other 3 fields used normal metal pillars/posts juts like our local fields…..all the fields are laid with turf…so there’s practically no difference in terms of playing.

Hanging out at the vendors area with Matthew and some guy called Chris Lasoya

What were the highlights of the trip- apart from taking second and fourth in the ICC?
Oh THE LOUVRE…Miss Mona Lisa…The Eiffel Tower !!

Can you tell us about the vendors especially the famous JT VIP booth? Edi mentioned that the vendors booths were big especially Dye's.
The bigger vendors like JT, Smart Parts, DYE, Planet Eclipse all have big booths and even have tables & chairs for everyone to sit down and chill. Kingman has its shooting range for the new Chasers. Basically the booths themselves were cool but the problem were the prices (in Euro…we have to multiply with 5, DAMN!)

Thank you Ben and congratulations once again.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Ken Tsuda sent some pictures of the guys on Oakland Blast signing jerseys for us.

Holy Living Legend... that is BOB LONG!

Kenny Tsuda with Tyler Harmon on the right in black.

Thanks Ken and everyone who signed the jerseys!

MPOC Leg 5 Field Layout

The MPOC have released the field layout for MPOC 5 early which is great.
I can't help it but....?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

ADDENDUM - Demons Walked Over Bullets

I have to correct my update post on last weekend's results in the Millennium Series on Paris. The KL Demonz were supposed to play Budabest Bullets in the quarter finals but it was in fact a walk over hence the 4-0 score.

I did an interview with Benjamin 'Todo' Yaw who is the Captain of the Demonz and he told me of the walk over on the Bullets- they did not get to play Ollie and Mr U as I had stated.

“Bart got injured during the Intercontinental cup. That is why we did not finished our games there to save the rest of our players for the Paris cup.”
– Viktor Zemen, Captain Budapest Bullets.

I also received an email from Viktor Zemen on a seperate matter and he also mentioned something about the reason why the Bullets pulled out but I didnt realise that it was a walk over until I read Ben Todo's interview*.

[Stay tuned tomorrow for my interview with the Ben Todo, Captain of the Demonz where he tells me about their successful trip to Paris for the Demonz.]

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Matthew Nekvapil just came back from Millennium Paris with two trophies with the KL Demonz. Shooting Furious Lotus barrels, the Demonz took 2nd in the Millennium Series Division 3 and as well as finishing 4th in the Intercontinental Cup.

Can you tell us about the new 15 inch tip?
Well, everyone is using either 14” or 16” lengths which seems to be the standard. 16” is pretty long when you think about it, but we even have 17” barrels. Furious paintball continues to bring innovative products to the market and with our almost famous Lotus barrel, we wanted to offer something unique to players.

What is the philosophy behind making a barrel length that is in between the standard 14 inch and the 16 inch? Furious do make 16 inch barrels and if a player wanted to go long he/she can go for the 16 inch. What sort of player do you think would opt for a 15 inch barrel?
The 15 inch barrel is mostly designed for the back player, but the mid player for sure can make use of it as well. A player who wants a longer, flatter trajectory with surprising lobbing accuracy.

In golf, a sand wedge is usually 56 degrees and a lob wedge is 60 degrees. Recently some players have been using a wedge which is in between at 58 degrees which they call a "gap" wedge. Do you see the 15 inch tip as a "gap" length?
Yes! you get the performance of a 14” and a 16” length. It’s the best of both worlds.

What is the performance of the 15 inch like compared to the 14 inch which is the most common length everyone has?
It has a longer flat trajectory and lobbing a ball into bunkers accurately is significantly easier.

Is there a position or type of player you think the 15 inch is more suited to?
Mid to back would be able to use this length best in my opinion. For woodsball, a moving sniper would benefit from this barrel. By lifting the barrel upon shooting, even greater distances can be achieved.

You used the new 15 inch barrel in Millennium Series Paris in where you guys finished 2nd in division 3 and 4th in the Intercontinental Cup. What was it like to shoot the Furious 15 inch barrel at such a high level of competition?
As biased as I am towards Furious barrels, the 15” really takes shooting paint to a whole new level. I usually play back to mid and during this tournament, my main bunker was one of the back temples that was directly opposite the snake. The key bunker in Paris was the snake and usually if a player can get in and crawl up, the game is theirs. The most difficult part about this is that it is not that difficult to get into the snake.

Laning the snake really took focus and determination as a single miss blip and you would miss the snake gun sliding in.

With the 15”, it was effortless to put a lane on the snake to hit the snake guy going in. with the new rules at 10.5bps, it made gaps larger, again making in easier for the snake guy to get in.

What really surprised me and stood out was that with the 15”, it was so easy to lob paint ACCURATELY into the snake bunker that even if the snake guy made it in, they had to crawl up and the 15” on numerous occasions (one being against JOY) where I did manage to hit the top of the pack when the snake guy was crawling up. that was worth its weight in gold.

They were other times where the snake guy managed to make it in and with continual lobbing, I was able to lob paint in and still hit him without seeing him. Just lobbing like crazy into one spot where I guessed he was. As the barrel’s additional length helped with a nice downward lob of the ball, that really got some games for us.

Another nice feature is that the 15” is easier to tuck into a bunker when things get hot, better than a 16”

What colours is the 15" tip available in?

As of now, chrome orange and pink panther pink.

Are the 15 inch tips limited edition or limited production?

A limited run. As it is not a standard length, we have had to adjust the tooling to compensate for this.

Thank you Matt and congratulations again.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


I scored an interview with arguably the most famous face and voice in paintball. Seen all over the world on NPPL Live- Mr Nicky T.

Ever since the NPPL went bust and the USPL replaced it, we have watched other presenters try to fill in Nick Truter's giant shoes but there is only one Nicky T. I miss watching him in the wee hours of the morning over here in Singapore time and sending shout outs and getting excited to hear him read out our team names over the web cast.

I decided to catch up with Nicky and find out where and what he has been up to. He tells us about the coming of his son which will take up his time but he is still working for Planet Eclipse in the UK.

I hope you enjoy this interview- I am truly honored Nicky took the time to reply my questions.

How have you been Nick?
Great thanks Arthur, now that the NPPL Web Cast has come to an end I’ve got a little bit more time on my hands and am enjoying life to the fullest .

The big question everyone wants to know is: What has Nick Truter been up to? Ever since they canceled NPPL Live we haven't seen much of the voice of NPPL Live. Where are you living now?
I’m living in Manchester, England, just like I have for the past 6 ½ years. Life is still super busy; travelling the world with Eclipse and getting ready for the arrival of my Son at the end of August is keeping me fully occupied.

Are there any plans to get back in to the broadcast booth anywhere? In the USA or in Europe?
A lot of organizers have approached me trying to get me to come on board and help out with the commentary at events worldwide. I’d love to get back into the broadcasting booth at some major events in the future but for now family life is taking priority and rightfully so.

Any word from the USPL's web cast producers to work on their show?
Yes and no. Yes they would like me to do it in the future when they have the resources to be able to finance me coming over to attend the events.

The live web cast has revolutionised the way the sport is promoted and seen around the world. It is simple and instant and in most cases free. You have been a major part of this revolution. What are your thoughts on this? I mean like what is on your mind when you wake up in the morning during an NPPL event knowing that millions of fans will be watching and listening to you.
Doing the NPPL web cast was SOOOOOOOO much fun and I was incredibly lucky to work with a truly outstanding behind the scenes crew, working alongside the likes of Jayne Romyn, Amy McMahon, Dan Swiney, Speedy, Jesse Stolow and Steve. Opportunities like that only come around once in a lifetime so I’m very grateful that Eclipse allowed me to make the most of the opportunity whilst it was there.

What else do you think can be done to push the envelope further?
The great thing about our sport is that there is always the potential to take things to the next level and with paintball web casting everything is possible.; action replays, over head cameras, ref cameras etc the list is virtually endless!

What is the most fun thing being on NPPL Live? Watching the games, hanging out with the pros or goofing around a major tournament. I'd say all of the above- what are your favorites?
Some of the “highlights” that I can remember include Tyler Humphries getting a sneaky on-air kiss in an interview, Dancing Dominic, our Buffalo Moustache-off and Owen getting into the cars at the Spyder Cup finale J

You still have an email address with Planet Eclipse- obviously you're still working with them. What is your job description over at P.E.?
Planet Eclipse for life. I’m their Worldwide Customer Service and Technical Support Manager so if you want to get the best out of any Eclipse product or you’re a dealer who’d like to service Eclipse products then I’m the guy to know.

Lastly - the World Cup Asia will be in Kuala Lumpur in 19-22 November- any chance of getting Planet Eclipse to send you out here? I am sure the guys up in Penang would be glad to take you around - you were born there or grew up there?
Would you believe it that I used to live in Hong Kong when I was only 2 years old and actually went to nursery school in Penang! Realistically I think that the baby will stop me from attending any more overseas events this year but I’m planning on coming out to Asia next year for sure – I hope I’ll get a chance to meet you all there!

Thank you Nick- all the best to you and the birth of your son.



1. a paintballer
who enjoys wide recognition, is esteemed for exceptional talent, and is eagerly sought after for his or her services.
2. any very prominent or successful paintball player or thing
3. where one's presence is observed with awe or the total opposite - usually the latter.
4. someone everyone hates

"he is such a damn supehstah"

1. when one is so good he or she doesn't need to practice
2. high standard of skill that will impress his or her peers - or not.


In the next few weeks there will be clinics and pro schools by some of our fav pros. Here is a quick preview of what going on across the globe.

USA - Thomas Taylor just started the Beatdown City Tour on tuesday which will take his across the states from July till September.

July 11-12 Portland Oregon
July 15 Store Signing Exteme Velocity Salem Oregon
July 18-19 Elma Paintball Elma Washington
August 8-9 Diamond Paintball North Billings Montana
12th August Paintball Addicts Salt Lake City Utah
8th Sept Store Signing Command Post North, Phoenix Arizona
Sept 12-13 Camp Pendelton

FINLAND - Happening this weekend - this is a real treat for Paintballers in Finland. They will have 4 past and present Ironmen at the same time including one of their own in Mikko Huttunen. Have fun Erno!

USA - XSV's Clinic will feature Junior, Rich and Dustin.

FRANCE - The Tonton's Tavarez in conducting a Pro School too at CS CONCEPT PAINTBALL TOULOUSE
For more information go to

FRANCE - European Air Tech suppliers BOOST AIR is conducting a series of pro schools in 3 venues across France.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009



- Bushwackers' Shane Howe on being asked what is favorite drill is.


Miami Rage allows Aftermath players to play in USPL West Coast Open spot!

Aftermath who is normally an XBall team will be playing in Miami Rage's place at the up coming 7 man event. Their spot was not sold to Aftermath and the guys will be playing under the Rage team name.

Art Mendoza revealed in the Facefull interview that Miami Rage are still around and they are lending the spot to Aftermath because Rage couldn't get enough guys to form a team.

“We are not out of the USPL. We still own our spot and are 100% behind the USPL. We just don't have the players to field a team. Our spot is not for sale. Mike and I are great friends and he is doing us a favor by fielding Miami Rages spot with his Aftermath guys. They will still play under the name Miami Rage. They are playing this next event with an open invitation to continue playing in our spot until we decide to come back.”

The other major factor is that being in Florida- there aren't many good teams to practice against compared to being in California. And the talent pool is also significantly smaller as well. so when the team lose a couple of guys to work commitments and illness- it is harder to find guys good enough to fill that spot.

With Aftermath's strong performance in the Chicago Open - I think their participation would be a welcome addition to West Coast Open especially to Aftermath fans.

FUNNY- Rich Telford Spills on Nicky Cuba on Facefull

FACEFULL JUNE 2009 Page 39

With the economic downturn and team rosters restricted to 8 guys - most teams have been trimming the fat and keeping the roster tight.

XSV's Rich Telford gives ten general rules how not to get cut from a team.

For example No.1 Don't suck at paintball. If you're the worse guy on the team, you're going to get cut...

My favourite is:
No6 The hotter your girlfriend is, the more likely you won't get cut–that is actually why we picked up Nicky Cuba back in the day. It had nothing to do with his skills. At the time I didnt know he played paintball.


“Next free XSV jersey giveaway will be at 500 followers. Tell your friends to follow XSV and it could be you winning a pro jersey.”

I wonder who will be the sucker at no. 499 and the loser at no.501

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Thanks to Daniel and Allan Phang for letting me know about this.

Offical Photo taken by Desmond at


“We are back in Frankfurt. The hotel (back in Paris) called. They think the chocolate cake in the bed is human shit. They charged us 200 euro for cleaning.”

London Shock 2 to Play in World Cup Asia

Dean Apcar of London Shock 2 wrote to me today and told me that they played the Demonz in the semi finals and got knocked out by them in Paris. However they eventually got 3rd which is good news.

Dean mentioned that with the announcement of the final leg of the Millennium Series going to be in Turkey - he is looking into skipping it to come to Malaysia to play in the World Cup Asia.

“With the last Millennium event being held in Turkey. We are thinking of missing that event to play World Cup in Malaysia instead”

This will be welcome news to the organisers of the WCA - that a European team has decided to forgo a leg of the Millennium Series to come out to South East Asia to play in the World Cup Asia.

Well I am excited that Dean is going to bring his London Shock 2 team. He mentioned he couldn't bring a full team to Paris but I think he's hopeful that the full team can make it to KL and really make a go at it.