Friday, December 28, 2007

Girls and Boys

I was in KL over the Christmas run up- played with the HW crew and did a bit of marshaling. I must admit that I am getting a bit bored with the marshaling thing. Marshalling and coaching newbies can get a bit boring as I find myself saying the same things and then have it all go out the window as soon as the game starts.

I guess it is because most people are the same trait- it is called Human Nature. They are scared of the paint and they crowd at the back and when there is someone shooting at them all the instructions and things you tell them go out the window.

Paintball simplifies and amplifies human behavior. Everyone goes into self presevation (and panic) mode.
- Everyone will forget things you tell them like how to shoot and how to stand in a bunker.
- Some people will take off their masks in the field despite being told many times not to.
- I am not sexist but girls tend to play more "conservatively" and hide at the back. They play to preserve themselves more than play to kill the opposition. Guys on the other hand go out to shoot.

If you ask me the whole point of paintball is to shoot to kill the guys on the other side. So if you're way at the back and not shooting at anything you're no good to your team. Your team will lose.

I am hoping that girls who read this will prove me wrong. I would really love to meet girl(s) who will go out and shoot to kill.

There was a girl in KL who I "remote controlled" from the back corner bunker I got her to move up into 3 bunkers in a row and got 3 kills in one game- I hope she got the whole idea of the game and the satisfaction of the 3 kills. If I got 3 kills I'd be stokked.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


I just got a new pair of Dye pants- thanks to Ben and Dye ;)

Damn they're hot compared to my usual Protos- hot I mean heat hot - the paddings are thicker and a lot more thick material is used.

Anyway- I will be going up to KL for Christmas weekend tomorrow. Will be at Xtion on Friday to chrono and run in my Cyborg after servicing it last Sunday at the MacDev tech course.

Will be guest playing with the Heatwave guys on Sat afternoon - looking forward to it.

Merry and blessed Christmas to you all and I'll see you when I get back on either the 25th or the 26th.

Geez I would've like to get a ride on one of the maxis on the Sydney to Hobart classic on boxing day.

One for the books

Here is one for the books- the pro team at the World Cup

With Calgar and Jeremy who crewed and helped fill in pods and harnesses.
L-R Calgar in black, me, Davey Williamson from Dynasty (USA), Tavarez from TonTons (France), Stephan Brun Paris Hellwood (FRANCE), Patrick Wobel Frankfurt Syndicate (GERMANY), Sarsi (who didnt do anything but invited himself in the photo), Yosh Rau from Dynasty and Jeremy. on and in front- Franky Mouron from TonTon who is a pocket rocket on the field.


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

James Grundy

Callio and I met the guy who designed my Cyborg James Grundy- we went thru how to take apart the Cyborg apart- the HPR and the LPR and the rammer and the bolt. He taught us how to clean, re-grease it and put it back together.

I must say I have a lot of respect for James and his brother because a lot of thought and consideration have been put into the design and engineering of the Cyborgs. They put things in like notches in some of the parts in case you can't unscrew them by hand you can get a spanner in to help you get it undone.

They not only designed the Cyborg well- they engineered it well too. There were some parts in the 06 Cyborg that were made of 3 metal parts and to improve it in the 07 Cyborg they made it into one delrin (plastic) part to save on weight and functionality. Really simple brilliant thinking- I love their design philosophy.

James showed us how the new Droid works and its quite impressive the way the the marker is designed- I'm tempted to get one - maybe after next year.

I thought the Cyborg was a relatively easy to maintain and reliable marker but James described the Droid as an "even easier and simpler to maintain marker than the Cyborg"

Friday, December 14, 2007

Dynasty Hopper

I was really stokked to get this from the Dynasty guys and I got them signed by Yosh Rau and Davey Williamson and a pair of barrel socks signed as well.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Daryl would love this video

For the first time, Maximus Lundqvist,from the legendary team Joy Division, shares with viewers the tactics and techniques that make him one of the most feared players on the field today in his first Paintball instructional DVD, titled "One with the Gun", produced and shot by the award winning team over at SPLAT Magazine. Geared towards the experienced tournament paintballer, "One with the Gun" provides viewers with over one and a half hours of the skill and training secrets needed to be a world champion. Just some of the techniques featured include:

Running and Gunning
The Magic Line
Break-out Shooting
Physical Training
Basic Stance

Bob Longs New Marker- Vice

I'm normally not a fan of Bob Long's markers but the finish and the styling of the Vice is decent.

NXe Jrny

For those who haven't seen it- this is NXe's new hopper called the JRNY. It will be available from Feb 2008.

Between this one and using Vlocity I prefer to use the latter. We're getting sponsored Vlocitys for next year and I'm not going to sell my extra unit. I learnt my lesson to have a spare loader for tournaments.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My ultimate jersey ever - XSV's digital/golden bear jersey.

Look Closely

These are funny! (if you know what Im looking at)

Is that a Dye throttle bottle I see??

Is that a Spyder VS3?

A XSV player who is a Dynasty fan?

Je équipage pour le Tontons


I'm on a French trip at the moment becauee at the WCA I crewed for the Pro team made up from 3 guys from le Tontons Flingueurs, 2 Dynasty guys and a couple other pros. and one of the coolest pros I have ever met in Stephan Brue who is the captain of
Millennium Series Paris Hellwood. Half the team spoke in French and the game calls were also in French and it was very cool and interesting to hear then speak French and call the bunkers in French too "le petit dorito".

I got a Tonton jersey and a Tonton mini bunker which were signed by le Tonton Flingueurs. Also got a few things signed by Yosh and Davy from Dynasty signed too- 2 barrel socks a Dynasty Vlocity, a Dynasty mini bunker and pages if Facefull signed. Will post the goodies tonight on this blog.

I also scored a couple JT lens from Patrick Wobel from Frankfurt Syndicate who was a nice guy to have met.


The world cup was bad for the team but I had a great time on the 2nd and 3rd day. We didn't play well and my marker and vlocity was down. Even my mask was fogging- I felt like anything I touched went wrong. I didn't settle down - we had some games crammed one after the other and it was hectic. Despite having 7 team members each one of us was tired most of the time. I give my respect to Shaf who played in ALL the games.

I must also give props to Team Nightmares which was formed only recently- they did really well and went all the way into the semis. I think that is really great and I am very happy for you guys.

Playing in PALS and playing in the World Cup is very different- there are serious teams and better players and the standard of referring is much higher. You can get away with things you get away with in MPOC tournaments. We had a -11 point games once- that is 3 one-for-one pulls for various 'infractions'. I guess its like playing in your local football league and going to the world up where the games will be officiated by world class refs and they're going to be sharper and SMARTER- they know all the tricks and cons players try to pull.

My (other) highlight of the weekend was watching Wong from MY NPL and Paul from MPOC having an "animated" conversation right in front of the Dye tent. wong was visbly agitated by something and the more animated of the two. I'd give my marker to be a fly on that tent to listen to their conversation.

For letting Calgar and Evil Chef and I stay with him. And thanks too to Sean and KC for driving us to/from the field and not killing us in the process. We had a great time and lot of laughs with Darlie.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Red Sevens New Home PB Field

Its World Cup Week- the team had a big weekend in Paintball in separate ways. We played in our own PB field in Singapore for the first time on Saturday and we took a big group up to JB on Sunday.

The Red Sevens have a new home field in Singapore - a full facility PB arena with
3 fields - 2 for speedball,
38 air bunkers,
Toilets + Showers,
Cafe, Restaurant and Bar,
Free parking,
Night games available
All weather with indoor available upon request.

The location is opposite the Yishun Stadium off the main road- easily accessible and ample free parking. There is even accomondation available on site for possible paintball camps in the future

With our own field the Red Sevens can train almost every weekend and anytime we want for as long as we want. We hope to find and train up some new players and to form new teams. And we hope to have a fruitful season in 2008

We hope to see you there soon.

For more information about booking and playing at our field please email:

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

10 More Days till the World Cup

I can tell you 2 things that will happen in 10 days time:-

1. Ryan Greenspan of the San Diego Dynasty WILL NOT BE COMING despite the organisers claim that he is.

2. Everyone will be talking about the Red Sevens in KL.

Monday, November 26, 2007


Today I realise that a lot of people read this blog and what I say have ramifications - now I know why some bloggers move their blogs etc.

Thus there is some weight on my shoulders I take some responsibility of what I have said. I must say that things are not rosy at the moment - HOWEVER they are not as they seem it is nothing for anyone to be pissed offed at.

Everyone please take a moment and chill. I will sort it out and you will all realise that there is a simple misunderstanding there are bigger things coming our way.

There are big things waiting to happen but I have recently been entrusted with a lot of responsibility and they will have to wait till the right moment.

Uncle Owen was right with that 'great power comes with great responsibility' crap.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Calgar and I were bored so we went to checkout a paintball field near Yishun.

One group had finished and the next group was much later on so we didn't hang around to watch them. There were come cute girls in that group too and one of them had a hit in her neck- I told her to ice it to prevent scarring although there was no break in the skin and 'informed' them that it'll take two weeks to 'go away'.

We did check out the photos of all the local celebrities who played paintball there. Damn lot of suckers - I wish I could play them and shoot 'em up.

Today was a significant day for paintball in Singapore and for the team too - a big day in which we saw the past and the future of paintball.

World Cup is only 2 weeks away - yikkes.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Flex 8 Painted

This is for Calgar- if we painted our JT Flex 8 black/black this is what it'll look like.

With a white frame which is v rare to find

If I put my camo frame on it

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Quote of the week

"can u see the balls in the smoke?" - Calgar

BAH HUMBUG Singapore Sports Council

On Tues we were really disappointed because our application for funding from the Singapore Sports Council rejected on grounds that Paintball "does not have a clearly defined sports component"

This is ironic because we do have a letter from the sports council recognising the Paintball Association and Paintball as a sport.

So what constitutes a "sport component"? I can argue that ballroom dancing is not a sport- its a "dance" but yet the Sports Council is throwing money at them and they get front page newspaper coverage.

Lets look at what we have to go through in paintball that has elements of "sport".

In paintball we have to run-dive-shoot. We have to think on our feet make decisions on the fly. We have to be fit although I am the exception to this rule. We have group streaching and warm-up sessions before every game to make sure we don't injure ourselves. We have to play, get along and work as a team. Now you tell me how much of this shit you get in ballroom dancing?

If you ask me why I think Paintball- Speedball is a sport.

You only have to look at the organisation and the tournaments. We have set rules- referees and properly organised tournaments and even leagues. Paintball is not just a once weekend get together and pick teams and have one or two games. There are a lot of serious players and serious teams out there. There is real competition and dedication to be the best.

The Red Sevens are special- we have to cross the border to play out game- we travel 650km round trip to KL just to practice. We spend 10 hours on the bus on weekends. So you can't say that we play paintball just for fun. There is a lot more to it.

Singapore (also) boleh
Where do we go from here? We can be sore and pissed off at the Singapore Sports Council for being narrow minded. Or we can move on and just get on with it. To be honest I never had much hope in the Sports Council because I have always thought that they have a "keeping up with the Joneses" mentality and only want one when somebody else has one. Singapore had to wait 10 years before they also wanted a Formula 1 Grand Prix. I guess when paintball finally becomes mainstream in 10 years time- they will come knocking on our door.

In the meantime we have to just get on with it and find some money and sponsors and make the best of what we have. Being "the one and only Singaporean team" doesn't mean much to me when the whole country doesn't give a shit about who we are and what we're trying to do.

Maybe one day paintball will be in ESPN X Games and if they have it in the X Games Asia- we'll be there for sure. If I ever get asked if I'm proud to be the only team to represent Singapore- I'll be sure to quote the rejection letter and say "fuck no I don't play for Singapore- I play for the Red Sevens.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The moments before the 10 second warning
I stand in the muck with the 4 by my side
I stare down the other end
I'm not scared
I just want to get this shit done
I don't want to fuck up
I run thru the game plan-again
I visualise the spots and the lanes
I check the hopper
I check the gun
They call socks off
I pull a few into the dirt
They call the 10 seconds
We get set to go
I tell the guys to "shut-up"
I call the "go"
I love my guys
I live for these moments.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

New JT 2008 Pants

Looks like we're going to take the JT deal and we'll be wearing the new 2008 pants. They have 2 models but slight design difference.

Friday, November 16, 2007

NXe's New Hopper - JNRY

Yep you read it correctly - our sponsors NXe will be launching their first hopper on the 29th of this month at the Commanders Cup. I can't wait to see what it looks like.

"Our team of electrical and mechanical engineers have taken 2 years to develop what will become "the Best Hopper in the business." We will introduce it at Commander's Cup and no pictures or other information about the "JRNY" will be released until then "

Mod your Pulse with Magnetic lid

The Pulse Loader has a quirk- it has a magnet as well as a snap shut lid. The magnet doesn't really come in contact unless you snap the lid shut- which defeats the purpose of having magnets in the first place.

So to "fix" this- take apart the shells- take out the magnet from the back of the shell and super glue it to the top of where it usually sits. Use a small drop of super glue as it'll melt the shell and that is enough to seal it in place

The magnet will now come in contact with the lid's magnet and that should hold a fully loaded Pulse.

New Proto 08 Jersey

Is quite nice.

Vlocity shells

I've been wanting to get a Red shell kit for my vlocity but I came across these.
I love the white one but I'm not going to pay USD$75 for the "carbon look". I just want a plain white one.

Another carbon finish from SPO

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I finally got a photo of my marker - this is from practice in KL 2 weeks ago by Evil Chef. I am using the Vlocity loader on top for the first time with the speedfeed and my marker is on my new NXe pro gear bag which is huge.

And I also got my spare barrel powder dusted white- so it looks like the barrel in the pic.

Sponsor Hunt

Its 22 more days till the World Cup and 2 months till the new year. The hunt for sponsors is on for next seasons's budgeting. I am looking and writing to anyone I think might be interested in sponsoring the team or getting their brand into the sport.

Trouble is the sport is not that well known - that I accept. But also people are closed minded. They either want to support football or they put their money into Pool or a Marathon. I wonder how they pulled Standard Chartered into sponsoring the Singapore Marathon and Aviva into bolwing. We know that Mr Osim does triathalons - thus he sponsored the Iron man here recently. Caltex is smart to get their brand into motorsports with the Karting event they organised.

Perhaps the way to get a big sponsor is to get a rich CEO into the game. But big CEOS play golf and that game is not short of corp sponsors.

So what am I looking for? I'm looking for hip brands who want to attract the youth and people who are into extreme sports. Nike Singapore started a campaign of street ads featuring skaters and BMX bikers- nice campaign but it lacked a extreme team sport - paintball. Maybe Nike Singapore doesn't know paintball and the Red Sevens exists. I tired to write to them but their emails have bounced back.

I spoke to Red Bull a while ago and they seemed a bit arrogant- they will only put the Red Bull label on their internationally sponsored players and teams. They wouldn't even give me a cap because I'm not an official Red Bull spokes person. So now I'm trying to talk to the Thai Red Bull and see if they're more open minded.

Yesterday I wrote to a few companies- I hope I get through to the right person one of these days and get us a jersey sponsor and enough money to cover our paint consumption next year.

To Dye or not to Dye

Tried posting this last night but couldnt upload the pic. Anyway its down to 2 designs and whether to go with Dye's C8 jersey on the left which is to iron on a print on a stock C8 dye jersey OR to get a custom made jersey from JT which is on the right.

With the Dye- all of us have Dye gear: googles and pants etc so if we got a set of dye stuff it wouldn't be too far off from what we currently use. Plus the quality of Dye jerseys will be the best with mesh for air flow and elbow pads etc.

JT- the jerseys will be custom made and the design will be unique- everyone will want to buy our jerseys. The sponsorship deal comes with lots of other JT gear: googles, pants, 2 sets of jerseys and Vlocity hopper, cap etc etc.

In terms of design and gear we get- I'm more in favor for the JT deal.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


SGD$20 / RM45 each
Email me your size /colour if you wish to order one.

Monday, November 12, 2007

When we're good we're good when we're bad we suck

On the first day we lost 6 games in a row and won only one. We sucked big time with out Padam Petir - too many silly mistakes and loose play cost us games we should have won.

We played like how we played in the Werdnahol Cup- we sucked. On top of that King's marker was down- he bought a new one Calgar got the same Proto PMR and it leaked out from the box. Nice. My marker had trouble chronoing over 250 but that was ok I managed to kill 3 in one game on Sunday.

On Sunday we had PP with us and things changed immediately - we had a better game plan and I think confidence was the key factor. We had one final prelim game to play on Sunday and we walked that one - it was a sweet piece of cake.

We scraped into the final 16 in 12th place and with 2 miserable wins. We then had to play second round against S2k (who beat us in the prelims)- we beat them and we also beat our neighbours the Myrmidons who came all the way from Terenganu. Our final game was against the Pink Mini bus which we lost. So we went 2-1 in the semis.

What came next was drama- we were tired 2-1 with S2k. At first we were counted into the quarters but on recount 10 mins later (after buying paint and gearing up) they recounted and said that S2k was in by a point. After a while again they recounted and realised that we were on even points. So a one on one challenge. PP was sent in and he tried his best but we got piped at the finish line.

I had a good weekend- Sat sucked but on Sun it was satisfying to get the 3 kills in one game and the 3 wins in a row to almost QF for the quarters.

I think we gained a lot of respect and friends from the other teams- it was nice to have people from the other teams coming over to out tent and sitting down hanging out and having a chat. I wanted to have a BBQ pit- that would have gone down really well.

We also hoped we made a good impression with the Singapore Sports Council reps who were kind enough to take the trouble to come all the way to watch us play- and people like Jerrica who crewed and Calgar and Evil Chef who also crewed and helped us out- everyone contributed to the team. I also hoped Ivan who came from Singapore to watch- also enjoyed the games.

Well onwards to the World Cup- that's going to be one expensive weekend.

Friday, November 9, 2007

RED SEVENS 2008 Jersey

Here it is- the Bonusballking design

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Jersey Design

Based on Icon's jersey

Based on the Ironmen's C7 away jersey with all black sleeves

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New kit

I picked up 2 new kit in KL one was the NXe roller bag which is really great to have- its very big and useful. Has compartments for masks and tanks and shoes, clothing pods and hoppers and even a padded compartment in the cover for and assembled marker.

Evil Chef surprised me with a Dye Team LTZ Dye jersey - the 2007 version is gold (06 is green) but neverless its a nice jersey and I wore it all weekend in KL. I have 3 Dye jerseys now to rotate so I don't wear one out. THANKS DES!

Wrote to the Leonard Lim Straits Times sports reporter and invited him to to come and watch the team play in MPOC JB this weekend. His reply was

"unfortunately this weekend will be very busy for us..perhaps nexdt time?"

I'm wondering what major sports event is happening in Singapore this weekend. The Singapore masters was last weekend and the Rugby Sevens was the weekend before.

How often does he think people organise paintball tournaments that is in easy reach for him to come and watch?

I think its down to his ignorance and narrow mindedness - he wrote an artice about ballroom dancing in Singapore because Singapore has a medal chance in the SEA games- but he wont write anything about paintball- because he has never seen the sport and and wont take the time to find out.

Its something I find with most Singaporeans-closed minded kiasu-ness when I'm trying to introduce the sport to them. Comparing to Malaysians who are the opposite- open to new things jumping into the sport and embracing it. When I was in KL there were a whole bunch of new scenario players - while Singapore is being left further behind. Its going to be another Formula 1 thing where by only after 10 years of Malaysia hosting a Formula 1 Grand Prix will Singapore want to have one too.

Next up- the first Singaporean in space. Why? Because the Malaysians just did it.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


The field layouts for MPOC Johore Cup is up. AND THERE ARE NO SNAKES.

I'd say its a double edged sword - we and most teams would be used to playing the snake and countering the snake. But with these two fields - the games will be based on individual skill - it'll be heavily based on gunfighting. It a matter of knowing who to gun fight with and who not to. Snap shooting and patience and locking your lanes will be crucial. The bunkers are well spaced out and you have to make your move count. Those who adapt and play their individual games well will make the kills and score the wins.

Play will be generally defensive deep in the bunkers and waiting for people to attack. Its a matter of how much you're willing to risk running for at the breakout. I think most inexperienced teams will sit in the deep bunkers and wait. We'd have to go and get them.

We played a couple of skirmish games in KL over the weekend and got beat. I came away with a lot of apprehension for the tournament. I think most of the other teams will be better prepared- have trained more and played more games than us. We're brining in 2 new players and we'll be missing one experience player and re adjusting the positions. Not to mention markers and hoppers not working properly- to add to the worries.

The team dynamics is new and switching positions will take a bit of getting used to. We won't have the experience of Slow Poke to guide us so the senior players will have to step up and lead the team. We'll need some breaks and luck we had in the JB fitness Challenge. I think they JB teams will be out to gun us for the games.

Everyone needs to settle down and concentrate on their own game and the team game plans. The field walk on Friday will be crucial esp for the new guys

We did have good news that Shaf will join us for 2008- which is not just good news but GREAT news because it really solidifies the back row for 2008.

Friday, November 2, 2007

PB in Sarawak

When news that Gary from XFox and Junaidi from the Malaysian Marshalls went to my home town of Kuching to conduct a paintball clinic got to me - I was really excited to hear it. I hope the sport grows in Kuching and hopefully one day soon we'll play a MPOC leg in Kuching.

Apparently there are 2 fields in Kuching and one in Miri. I hope they invest in air bunkers and good markers soon (and a damn air compressor). Going cheap with makeshift bunkers made with crates and wooden pallets and plastic drums is not going to develop the sport not to mention dangerous.

Anyway be cool to play PB in Kuching the next time I go home.

KL this weekend

2007 NXe Elevation Series Executive Rolling Gear Bag

2008 NXe Elevation Series Executive Rolling Gear Bag

Its the night before a PB trip to KL. Have to figure out what gear to bring with me and which bag to pack them all into. I've got the big ass NXe gear bag waiting for me in KL so coming back with everything should be ok. The 08 bag is out already but I think its not that much better than the 07 version

I was smart enough to send gear up with PP on Monday since he was driving back. I still have to take the pads, pants and jersey which had to be washed and dried - otherwise I'd sent them along with my gear to KL first.

The team usually goes after work on Friday night via woodlands-larkin-bus to KL - which is really STRESSFUL and CHAOTIC and an adventure because you're never sure what sort of bus you're going to end up on and where it'll go in the middle of the night. I have the luxury of not working tomorrow so I'm going to cross the border after lunch and take my leisurely time getting on a bus to KL.

I want to avoid the Friday night mad rush and crowd. And I want to get into KL in the evening so I can meet PP for dinner at least and get to my friend's place in a decent hour and not arrive at 2-3am in the freaking morning.

Looks like we're going to try and get as many games as possible this weekend together with Shah and work out the team dynamics. PP got my tank leak fixed on Monday so hopefully all the gear will be in good condition. My repaint-dusted barrel is ready too- all white with a red back. I might pick it up tomorrow if I have the time and bring it up with me.

Here is to 'not spending too much money' over the weekend.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Team Jerseys

The team is in the middle of considering options for 2008- do we go with JT's semi sponsorship which gives us a lot of gear or do we save money and just get jerseys from DYE since everyone has dye gear.

My only problem with the JT deal is that I already have 3 JT masks and I just got a Vlocity loader- not much point for me to get all these 'extras'. The only thing we need is jerseys.

Bonusball King replied with their quote to design and make the custom jerseys for us- the cost is quite good- it costs the same as a good jersey from dye.

I would prefer to have a Bonusball designed jersey as it'll be unique to all the other JT and Dye jerseys.


Played paintball on both days on thw weekend- Sat was a bit of a let down with no players around to challenge - so we did a bit of drills.

On Sunday there we had some new players that came up with us- 2 guys from Klimaxx who are going to participate in MPOC JB in Nov. They got their butts kicked by the kids- and I dont envy them because MPOC is going to be really tough for them. They are in the same positon we were about 8 months ago when we played our first MPOC tournament. Back then we were fresh meat for the established teams- but somehow we managed to whack a couple of them with mechanical markers no less and make it to Sunday and play in the second round. So I hope these guys do decently well.

The JB teams organised a mini practice tournament at Southern Extreme- we were invited to participate but we have people coming up with us so we couldnt play with them- we did drop by to say hello and catch up on gossip. AND we found the Werdnahol "Shop" in Tampoi.

Traffic jam on the way back from JB on Sunday was a killer- an hour plus to get to the check point.

PP managed to get his passport and stayed over my place for two nights. We watched Heroes for a Day a couple of times. I practically know all the action bits in the movie.

Sunday night after dinner we had a team meeting at my place- we talked about the up coming MPOC and the World Cup Asia in KL in Dec. I have a bit of apprehension with MPOC - its almost our "home" tournament and I'd really like to do well.

This weekend we will journey to KL to train with PP and Shah- hopefully this will work out the team plays. Shah is a great player and fits well into the R7 line up- we hope to sign him up for 2008.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

New Smart Parts Markers

I dont fancy any of the new ones- the IonXE looks like it has a new body kit and nothing else. I thought you can't get any cheaper than the ION- well SP has made a marker even cheaper (possibly crappier) Vibe. Of the three the EOS is the better looking and has more potential. Oherwise its too Batman-esque

I still like the Shocker NXT- silver for me please.


First thoughts on the new 08 Ironmen jersey is that it doesn't really impress - it kinda looks like something from the 06 and 07 jerseys put together. I still prefer the 07 away in black.

The C8 pants looks like it just has extra red panels in the front..