Wednesday, December 12, 2007


The world cup was bad for the team but I had a great time on the 2nd and 3rd day. We didn't play well and my marker and vlocity was down. Even my mask was fogging- I felt like anything I touched went wrong. I didn't settle down - we had some games crammed one after the other and it was hectic. Despite having 7 team members each one of us was tired most of the time. I give my respect to Shaf who played in ALL the games.

I must also give props to Team Nightmares which was formed only recently- they did really well and went all the way into the semis. I think that is really great and I am very happy for you guys.

Playing in PALS and playing in the World Cup is very different- there are serious teams and better players and the standard of referring is much higher. You can get away with things you get away with in MPOC tournaments. We had a -11 point games once- that is 3 one-for-one pulls for various 'infractions'. I guess its like playing in your local football league and going to the world up where the games will be officiated by world class refs and they're going to be sharper and SMARTER- they know all the tricks and cons players try to pull.

My (other) highlight of the weekend was watching Wong from MY NPL and Paul from MPOC having an "animated" conversation right in front of the Dye tent. wong was visbly agitated by something and the more animated of the two. I'd give my marker to be a fly on that tent to listen to their conversation.

For letting Calgar and Evil Chef and I stay with him. And thanks too to Sean and KC for driving us to/from the field and not killing us in the process. We had a great time and lot of laughs with Darlie.

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