Friday, December 28, 2007

Girls and Boys

I was in KL over the Christmas run up- played with the HW crew and did a bit of marshaling. I must admit that I am getting a bit bored with the marshaling thing. Marshalling and coaching newbies can get a bit boring as I find myself saying the same things and then have it all go out the window as soon as the game starts.

I guess it is because most people are the same trait- it is called Human Nature. They are scared of the paint and they crowd at the back and when there is someone shooting at them all the instructions and things you tell them go out the window.

Paintball simplifies and amplifies human behavior. Everyone goes into self presevation (and panic) mode.
- Everyone will forget things you tell them like how to shoot and how to stand in a bunker.
- Some people will take off their masks in the field despite being told many times not to.
- I am not sexist but girls tend to play more "conservatively" and hide at the back. They play to preserve themselves more than play to kill the opposition. Guys on the other hand go out to shoot.

If you ask me the whole point of paintball is to shoot to kill the guys on the other side. So if you're way at the back and not shooting at anything you're no good to your team. Your team will lose.

I am hoping that girls who read this will prove me wrong. I would really love to meet girl(s) who will go out and shoot to kill.

There was a girl in KL who I "remote controlled" from the back corner bunker I got her to move up into 3 bunkers in a row and got 3 kills in one game- I hope she got the whole idea of the game and the satisfaction of the 3 kills. If I got 3 kills I'd be stokked.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


I just got a new pair of Dye pants- thanks to Ben and Dye ;)

Damn they're hot compared to my usual Protos- hot I mean heat hot - the paddings are thicker and a lot more thick material is used.

Anyway- I will be going up to KL for Christmas weekend tomorrow. Will be at Xtion on Friday to chrono and run in my Cyborg after servicing it last Sunday at the MacDev tech course.

Will be guest playing with the Heatwave guys on Sat afternoon - looking forward to it.

Merry and blessed Christmas to you all and I'll see you when I get back on either the 25th or the 26th.

Geez I would've like to get a ride on one of the maxis on the Sydney to Hobart classic on boxing day.

One for the books

Here is one for the books- the pro team at the World Cup

With Calgar and Jeremy who crewed and helped fill in pods and harnesses.
L-R Calgar in black, me, Davey Williamson from Dynasty (USA), Tavarez from TonTons (France), Stephan Brun Paris Hellwood (FRANCE), Patrick Wobel Frankfurt Syndicate (GERMANY), Sarsi (who didnt do anything but invited himself in the photo), Yosh Rau from Dynasty and Jeremy. on and in front- Franky Mouron from TonTon who is a pocket rocket on the field.


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

James Grundy

Callio and I met the guy who designed my Cyborg James Grundy- we went thru how to take apart the Cyborg apart- the HPR and the LPR and the rammer and the bolt. He taught us how to clean, re-grease it and put it back together.

I must say I have a lot of respect for James and his brother because a lot of thought and consideration have been put into the design and engineering of the Cyborgs. They put things in like notches in some of the parts in case you can't unscrew them by hand you can get a spanner in to help you get it undone.

They not only designed the Cyborg well- they engineered it well too. There were some parts in the 06 Cyborg that were made of 3 metal parts and to improve it in the 07 Cyborg they made it into one delrin (plastic) part to save on weight and functionality. Really simple brilliant thinking- I love their design philosophy.

James showed us how the new Droid works and its quite impressive the way the the marker is designed- I'm tempted to get one - maybe after next year.

I thought the Cyborg was a relatively easy to maintain and reliable marker but James described the Droid as an "even easier and simpler to maintain marker than the Cyborg"

Friday, December 14, 2007

Dynasty Hopper

I was really stokked to get this from the Dynasty guys and I got them signed by Yosh Rau and Davey Williamson and a pair of barrel socks signed as well.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Daryl would love this video

For the first time, Maximus Lundqvist,from the legendary team Joy Division, shares with viewers the tactics and techniques that make him one of the most feared players on the field today in his first Paintball instructional DVD, titled "One with the Gun", produced and shot by the award winning team over at SPLAT Magazine. Geared towards the experienced tournament paintballer, "One with the Gun" provides viewers with over one and a half hours of the skill and training secrets needed to be a world champion. Just some of the techniques featured include:

Running and Gunning
The Magic Line
Break-out Shooting
Physical Training
Basic Stance

Bob Longs New Marker- Vice

I'm normally not a fan of Bob Long's markers but the finish and the styling of the Vice is decent.

NXe Jrny

For those who haven't seen it- this is NXe's new hopper called the JRNY. It will be available from Feb 2008.

Between this one and using Vlocity I prefer to use the latter. We're getting sponsored Vlocitys for next year and I'm not going to sell my extra unit. I learnt my lesson to have a spare loader for tournaments.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My ultimate jersey ever - XSV's digital/golden bear jersey.

Look Closely

These are funny! (if you know what Im looking at)

Is that a Dye throttle bottle I see??

Is that a Spyder VS3?

A XSV player who is a Dynasty fan?

Je équipage pour le Tontons


I'm on a French trip at the moment becauee at the WCA I crewed for the Pro team made up from 3 guys from le Tontons Flingueurs, 2 Dynasty guys and a couple other pros. and one of the coolest pros I have ever met in Stephan Brue who is the captain of
Millennium Series Paris Hellwood. Half the team spoke in French and the game calls were also in French and it was very cool and interesting to hear then speak French and call the bunkers in French too "le petit dorito".

I got a Tonton jersey and a Tonton mini bunker which were signed by le Tonton Flingueurs. Also got a few things signed by Yosh and Davy from Dynasty signed too- 2 barrel socks a Dynasty Vlocity, a Dynasty mini bunker and pages if Facefull signed. Will post the goodies tonight on this blog.

I also scored a couple JT lens from Patrick Wobel from Frankfurt Syndicate who was a nice guy to have met.


The world cup was bad for the team but I had a great time on the 2nd and 3rd day. We didn't play well and my marker and vlocity was down. Even my mask was fogging- I felt like anything I touched went wrong. I didn't settle down - we had some games crammed one after the other and it was hectic. Despite having 7 team members each one of us was tired most of the time. I give my respect to Shaf who played in ALL the games.

I must also give props to Team Nightmares which was formed only recently- they did really well and went all the way into the semis. I think that is really great and I am very happy for you guys.

Playing in PALS and playing in the World Cup is very different- there are serious teams and better players and the standard of referring is much higher. You can get away with things you get away with in MPOC tournaments. We had a -11 point games once- that is 3 one-for-one pulls for various 'infractions'. I guess its like playing in your local football league and going to the world up where the games will be officiated by world class refs and they're going to be sharper and SMARTER- they know all the tricks and cons players try to pull.

My (other) highlight of the weekend was watching Wong from MY NPL and Paul from MPOC having an "animated" conversation right in front of the Dye tent. wong was visbly agitated by something and the more animated of the two. I'd give my marker to be a fly on that tent to listen to their conversation.

For letting Calgar and Evil Chef and I stay with him. And thanks too to Sean and KC for driving us to/from the field and not killing us in the process. We had a great time and lot of laughs with Darlie.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Red Sevens New Home PB Field

Its World Cup Week- the team had a big weekend in Paintball in separate ways. We played in our own PB field in Singapore for the first time on Saturday and we took a big group up to JB on Sunday.

The Red Sevens have a new home field in Singapore - a full facility PB arena with
3 fields - 2 for speedball,
38 air bunkers,
Toilets + Showers,
Cafe, Restaurant and Bar,
Free parking,
Night games available
All weather with indoor available upon request.

The location is opposite the Yishun Stadium off the main road- easily accessible and ample free parking. There is even accomondation available on site for possible paintball camps in the future

With our own field the Red Sevens can train almost every weekend and anytime we want for as long as we want. We hope to find and train up some new players and to form new teams. And we hope to have a fruitful season in 2008

We hope to see you there soon.

For more information about booking and playing at our field please email: