Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Jeff Stinton took some really nice photos from PSP Galveston. Lets have a bit of fun and see what his photos reveal.


Ollie Lang back in blue side by side with Ryan Greenspan it had an obvious immediate effect- they won. Gone are the blue NXe packs.

One of the other new pick up who rocked the doritos all weekend - Dalton Vanderbyl

Mouse is all grown up now and playing on Dynasty. How do It know its Mouse? He's like Michael Jackson- wears one glove

Mike Mesa from the old Avalanche crew made a come back and straight into the no1 team. Seems that everyone favors the GEO on Dynasty. And that's the Dynasty Edition CP Barrel

Veterans Glenn Takemoto in front of Yosh Rau doubling up at home. Glenn is still wearing the ABYSS head band old skool and preferring the Ego over the Geo.


Some interesting shots of Infamous- they are supposed to be shooting Sly Barrels but most of them used the stock Axe barrel. Marchello Margott in front is using a Dye Boomstick- probably from his old days at Ironmen And the blue coloured barrel at the back looks like a CP.

Nicky Cuba is also still attached to his Boomstick from his days on Ironmen. Nicky and Marcello prefer to use the smallest nose on their Prophecy Loaders. Im trying to figure out what the letters written on his hands are for. Here is "KW" on his right hand.

"RW" on his left hand. I'll ask him that the letter mean and update this post.
And Nicky is wearing no9 instead of his regular no23 when with the Ironmen.


Always nice to see Vicious shooting their Furious Barrels

Almost the whole team use Vicious Edition Egos over Geos

Most of the guys on the team use the team goggle sticker

Marchello and Nicky were not the only ones - Assault from Division 1 were also using the Boomsticks on their Axes.

Long hair and stars and stripes on his head- no prizes to guessing who this is. The man PSP Red hates- Ryan Moorehead

Here is something interesting - a Ego7 with a 12 Inch Smart Part Freak barrel. Thats old skool!

Mr H busy all weekend at Galveston - love his work love his wardrobe manager.

We've all seen the new Dye Referee's jersey- this is the Planet Eclipse version

Not Thomas Taylor but Mishka Kniazev. Russians are using Sly barrels and goggles but not their pants and packs.

Aftershock using dark green Sly Profit masks- wonder why they didnt get the limited edition lime green ones like ICON.

For more pictures by Jeff Stinton go to his flickr
Copyrights of all these photos belong to Jeff Stinton.
No infringement intended I don't make money from my blog.

Frankfurt Syndicate's 2011 jersey

Frankfurt Syndicate's 2011 jersey is designed by MAXSIMUM customs as it is related their big time sponsor MAXS. They have also picked up SLY as a sponsor. They have also switched from JT Proflexes to V force masks. Syndicate used to be Tadao team too but have switched to Virtue. Also noted from practice pictures that they have switched from Velocities to red Dye Rotors but still shooting MacDev Cyborgs. And the team will be wearing Sly's S11 pants with NXe packs.


MAXSIMUM Customs scored a big team in signing up Dynasty without a doubt the biggest brand in paintball today. Dynasty just came off from a win at PSP Galveston and are due to arrive in Europe this weekend to pick up their new 2011 Euro Dynasty jerseys to be worn when playing in the CPL in the Millennium Series.

MAXSIMUM Customs jerseys are designed by Mario Kulic who was creative mastermind behind S2 but now works German super paintball store MAXS Sport on MAXSIMUM customs.

Frankfurt Syndicate's 2011 jersey has almost the same accent from last years jersey by S2. But minus the JT brand which has so long been associated with the team.

Art Chaos is a CPL Russian 'all star' that will field a bunch of guys from the Russian Legion - Kostja Fedorov, Kirill Prhidini, Vasja Pantelev and Mishka Kniazev.


Marseille Icon to Wear Sly Profit

Picked this bit up from my friend Nima Razavi's Twitter. Marseille Icon will be wearing Sly's Limited Edition Profit mask for 2011 for obvious reasons. Looks like they will also be wearing their TANKED jerseys for the Millenium Series opener this weekend.

From Icon's Facebook- they practiced Ramstein Instinct last weekend.


When I heard that some kid offered Devon Stutz USD600 for his Ironkids Sandana- I thought that was insane. [ And we told Devon he was insane not to take the money.]

Now this has been overtaken by the sale of Zyzek's OG Tree Trunk Sandana on PbNation which went for a cool USD1000.

I guess getting an Ironmen to advertise it helped a bit. Thats Scott Kemp.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Just got these hot off the press.
World Exclusive Exclusive right here! TEAM XFOX CUSTOM NT11- thank you to Simon from the Foxes. Designed by PBH Paintball Heaven Malaysia for team XFOX

Design 1

Design 2

Design 3

Which one do you like? The foxes want to know.
I like no2 but with white grips and red trigger. I also like the all white no1.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Anthony Odalis /Odalis Concept is from Le Plessis-Belleville, Picardie, France customised this red NT11 for the TONTON's Loic Voulot. Nice and simple designed patterns.