Thursday, October 30, 2008


Ironmen, Tonton and Aftershock C9 jerseys

Here are the 09 Dye sponsored team's Pro Jerseys. The TONTONs jersey is the most anticipated one being the new team to the Dye family...and erm checker pattern?
Checkers is the IN pattern this season... checkout empire's pro jerseys.


Proto's new mask incorporates some of the modifications that some of their pro players have done to their masks. Here we can see that they have cut the sides of the mask and enlarged the ear piece to cover up the 'hole' which I think its quite clever of the designers. The goggle frame is much thicker in the 09 design. Im' not sure if I like that but I guess it'll make it easier to take the frame off to remove the lens.


This video shows the inner parts of the Rotor and how easy is it to disassemble and reassemble the loader.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Forget about maps to the field and hotel etc- what is most important
is the W E A T H E R over this weekend in JB.

READ THIS: Scattered thunderstorms over the whole weekend.

Detailed Local Forecast (from
  • Tonight Thursday: Variably cloudy with scattered thunderstorms. Low 76F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 60%.
  • Tomorrow Friday: Scattered showers and thunderstorms. High 83F. Winds SW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 60%.
  • Tomorrow Friday night: Scattered thunderstorms. Low 76F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 60%.
  • Saturday: Scattered thunderstorms, especially in the morning. High 87F. Winds WSW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 50%.
  • Sunday: Scattered thunderstorms. Highs in the upper 80s and lows in the mid 70s.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Here it is- and as they say it down under "its about bloody time". After waiting for a year – the new Cyborg is finally out.

It was not love at first sight - it didn't wow me- it looked like a typical stacked tube gat. But with Cyborgs its not the beauty on the outside- the beauty is on the inside.

The most distinct feature on the RX is the enclosed bolt

The new features impressed me. The fully covered and pinless bolt is the most distinct feature - it's the next step in marker design - it stops dirt from getting into the marker though the exposed bolt. The other new feature is the OLED on the grip- ok its not a LCD display but its a bigger improvement from the 07 model.

I like the idea of having filtration in the HPR that to me is the type of thinking that I love when it comes to the engineering aspects of the marker. I am really keen to hold the marker in my hands and take it apart and see what they have done inside the marker. I can't wait for the tech course at the WCA to have a really good look at the RX.

The other new feature I like is the bolt to cleans the eye and comes with anti clip ala the GOLDEN BOLT for the Droids. Again I'd really like to have a look at this new 'wonder bolt'. The operating pressue is now rated at a low 180psi (means less kick).

The High Flow Valve moves air at an extra 25% better flow rate - the valves opens easily and dumps air and cycles the shot faster. The new Ram at the back promises to perform with the same force and momentum as the old rammer at an even lower pressure - so you get more shots from one fill.

Lastly the other cool thing is that you can remove your "lower tube" (which is tech talk for the ram, housing and valve) from the back without the need of any tools- tooless maintainence is the in thing for 2009.

Comes in red, black, green purple, olive and gold packed in a nice protective case - a far far cry from my 07 which came in a Fed Ex bag.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


HEY MAN- I hope you'll have a good birthday. Nice to see you wearing your "BD present" in this picture.


The Ego's cult team is Vicious and whenever they release a Vicious team Ego - it'll stop traffic. 10 colours are available through DSSP8NTBALL.COM and Discount Specialty Sports in Omaha for USD$1250.00


Here is a peek into the 09 Eclipse Catalog

New Distortion jersey with a different font and aggresive skull motif on the chest.

Not sure how much this differs from the 08 pants looks a bit sleeker.

New elbow pads from Eclipse always gets people's attention.

Dont think much of the vest and the tank cover design.


Its less than a day until the Cyborg RX is revealed. MacDev has posted a teaser on their website. The new barrel is going to be called SHIFT which replaces the MatchStiks.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I have long predicted that Dye would come out with their own loader and the ROTOR is it. This came out on KCHL even before PBNAtion - thanks to Jon for the tip.

The spec sheet reads like all the whizz bang and wish list from all the loaders that came before the ROTOR - tooless disassembly, can take speedfeed, its got a jam release thing below, 50 plus balls per sec and takes up to 200 balls. It has a odd but lighter 3 AA batt requirement that is spec-ed to shoot 50k balls. Put Lithiums in there and the loader will last you a year.


Following XSV's t shirt design contest for the fans - Stiffi has announced "STIFFI Unleashed" which calls for their fans to design their own barrels for their "player series". The winning designer will get his design custom engraved on a 14" barrel and a tshirt of his/her design. The winning design will also be posted o their website - the copryright will be owned by Stiffi

Submit your designs to You can send in as many designs you want. For further info email
No pornography, offensive designs, or drug or alcohol related themes.
Contest runs from Monday, Oct. 13, 2008 and ends at midnight on Sunday, Nov. 2, 2008.
The winning design will be revealed at the STIFFI booth at Commander's Cup in San Diego.

Good Luck


Apart from the new Cyborg, Ego, DM9 there are lots of other goodies you can get at the World Cup.

For starters... this is the best offer I've seen. A customised pro jersey of any pro team's jersey made by Tanked. Check out the choice of pro jerseys available.... $80 with your name on your fav team's jersey.

And for fans of JOY - you might want to get this JOY WORLD TOUR edition Jersey for them to sign when they pop by the WCA in november.

NPPL Paintball Championship Video Game

These are screen shots of the upcoming NPPL Paintball Championship Game which is slated for release in November. Since is a NPPL Licenced game you'll get to play in Dynasty's pinstripes and you'll see real logos like JT on the bunkers. You'll get to use 'real'(licenced) gear like Shockers, Magna Loaders and Egos.

You'll be coached by the likes of Uncle Bob and the DN-a-s-t-y boys. It'll also feature field layouts by the NPPL, the Millennium European Paintball Series and even the XPSL.

Activision has announced that the NPPL Paintball Championship 2009 will come out in PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and even Wii by the end of this year - I guess in time for Christmas

Gear up in Dynasty Pinstripes and shoot an Ego with a Magna on top- only in gaming fantasy

Play with real bunker shapes.

Goggle view- it is through JT's Porflex Spectra lens because it has the black sponge outlines the thermal lens! Oh yeah check out the VIBE- comes with Freaks to make it all the more authentic.
(thanks to Daryl for pointing out thats its a Vibe)

Monday, October 20, 2008


I was not the one that came up with the 'National Team' thing - it was intern journalist Soh Kai Wee from the Straits Times who wrote that "national team" thing in his story on the second leg of the SPNS in June 23, 2008.

I did not agree with his article and I certainly did not think much of his comment about the 'National Team'. I absolve myself from this "National Team" thing.

PAINTBALL - Paintball fast catching on
By Soh Kai Wee

Friday, October 17, 2008


This "EXALT" PL Droid comes with custom milling which kinda reminds me a bit of Uncle Bob's guns. The EXALT logo is engraved on the body - comes with dust red/clear finish.

And it looks like there is a new barrel tip and back design too.


Here it is- the NEW Dye i4 masks in the 5 standard Dye colours.
White, Red, Blue Black and Olive. Real sharp look with big lens.

2008 PSP Events World Cup Promo

And this is the promo video for the upcoming PSP World Cup which will be on the same weekend as MPOC5. I am hoping to be home to catch the live telecast during that weekend. I will also be on msn to chat if anyone wants to join in.


This is the official World Cup Asia poster that I got in the mail tonight.

Monday, October 13, 2008

This a great send up on me and my blog its from an 2004 german move called "Der Untergang" in which Hitler who plays "me". I think its absoutly hilarious and the captions was very well written. It hurt a lot too but I'd give credit to this person who was really creative in the copy writing.

There is an English remake of "Der Untergang" called "The Downfall". In the English version Kenneth Brannagh played Hitler in his last days in the bunker.

Congratulations to ALL SPNS Teams

Congratulations to ALL the SPNs teams who played in the final leg of SPNS.

There were 15 teams and I think more importantly a few new teams and a couple of the new teams actually cook 2nd and 3rd place. Midlife crusaders and Team Damnation 1 did exceptionally well to make it to the podium. SPNS was won by Carnage who played very well techincaly and played well as a team. 

We had a variation of team styles. The MidLife Crusaders were the most exciting to marshall and to watch for entertainment value because they would charge up to the 50 and 60 on the break and do a run thru and kill 1-2 - straight from the break! Team Damnation 1 played their guts out- a couple of their guys had to be helped out this show guts and determination. I thought the team that was most disciplined was the Wargh guys who often held their lanes very well an kept their opponents at bay and worked to pick them off one at a time.

The younger teams like Kamikaze were good to watch - they played with raw talent and got all the basics right. I thought Kamikaze were a good bet to get a podium finish. It was good to see new boys R.A.G Run Away Gunners - coming and playing well after only just BTO about 3 weeks ago and one of them Faris impressed everyone to be voted the tournament MVP. Big congratulations to Faris - I'm really happy and proud of you.

Team Red Fraction didn't do well in their first tournament - they only won 2 games. The standard of the other teams were much higher and some of the new teams were good. So competition was always going to be tough with the teams they had to play. 

I saw my friend Eugene pull off a nice cross field bunkering move which was really impressive. I told him it was a great move afterwards and he credited "watching lots of you tube and training with Desmond and Gun Grave". So credit also goes to Desmond for training some of the teams to raise the standard of play in the SPNS.


London Nexus beat Philly Dogs in the final 5-1 to take the Disney French Open in the final Millennium series. Joy take 3rd beating Olo Menace 5-2 in the 3rd /4th place.

It looks like Joy take the CPL championship

Medway Halloween could only manage 1 win out of their 5 prelim matches finished last in their gourp and did not make it to Sunday.

Icon finished 2nd to Joy again but only made it last 16.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Cyril Job told me a while ago that they were going to make some jerseys for Paris and this is a special Paris Edition TEAM ICON Jersey. Each players name comes in 2-3 sizes only so very few pieces (26) were made.

Jon is going to flip when he sees this. I wish I could see the look on his face.


Remember the XSV tshirt design competition Junior posted a couple of weeks ago? Well I think this is the new line of XSV tshirts by Understood and they look filth. The new line of Tshirts includes 3 designs, a XSV cap ( I was just thinking yesterday that they should have a XSV cap) and a vinyl pouch which is a marker case. All these will be launched at the Disney World Cup. I will try and get a couple of tshirts, caps and the "Gat holder" from Junior to support the team.

Avenged Sevenfold to play in Singapore during MPOC5

For all paintball and UKS fans - Avenged Sevenfold will be playing in Singapore on the same weekend at MPOC5 on the 24th of Oct. A7X is one of the bands that featured in the UKS series along with Breaking Benjamin. Tickets are priced at SGD$95. More information on


The new Cyborg will be called the CYBORG RX. The countdown to its release at the World Cup is already on its official website.


Planet Eclipse are really quick in releasing their new PL 09 Egos.
Here is a couple for stalwart Ego teams Disruption and Edmonton Impact who are only 1 of only 2 team shooting the SL8Rs this year.

They have even come out with PL GEOS for the same two teams. These PL GEOs look a tad nicer than their Ego sister.

This is not a PL line but a "Tribal" design which is really simple and sweet


These are the first pictures of the TONTONS playing in standard issue DYE C8s- they have been playing in the Centrino Series and are the newly crowned 2008 champions. Can't wait to see the PL designed C9 TT jerseys.

In this pic - you can see that our friend St├ęphane Brun has officially joined the TonTons from Hellwood. Perhaps meeting and playing together with the Flingeurs in KL at the WCA last year hooked him up with the Tontons.

Stephane came to WCA last year representing Energy batteries and made a lot of friends in KL - he's a really cool and funny guy. 

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Who said this?

"If you want to win it – then fucking win it – don't fucking go in and fuck it up for everyone else"


TODD MARTINEZ......Busts CK!!!

Chris Corcino invents 'Starbucks Beer'

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Since some people have been complaining that I post too many Ollie Lang videos in my blog. Here is something different for a change.


I have been told that apparently I "stop people from going up to Johore to play paintball".

I categorically declare that I have never said anything nor done anything to discourage anyone from going to up Johore to play paintball.

I am not a Singaporean - I couldn't care less where Singaporeans go to play paintball. If they want to play in my home country of Malaysia I am happy for the guys in JB that the Singaporeans come and support the fields in JB and KL. I don't own any paintball fields in Singapore so it doesn't matter to me where Singaporeans choose to play.

I support the fields in JB - if you send me a banner, map and information to me I will gladly post it in my blog to support you.

Thank you


ANS Paintball is already selling the new 09 Ego and the Geo both are THE SAME PRICE
Which would you choose a tried and tested and super evolved stacked tube EGO or a brand new single spool GEO?

Monday, October 6, 2008


I swear I didn't get this from PBN ;)
This was emailed to me and its also on Eclipse's Website.

The new 09 Ego has a huge and FLAT eye and dent cover. Like the huge trigger guard too. It looks like they have chopped out the back on the bolt guard too. And shrunk the bolt further.

The GEO looks like something which MacDev and Dye have done which is to venture into the single spool type market.

More tomorrow.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Friend - Dean Apcar of Medway Halloween

Today The Red Sevens and Red Fraction had the pleasure of making a new friend in Dean Apcar who is the Captain of Medway Halloween - team Medway hails from the UK and they play in the Millenium Series.

Dean dropped by the field and spend time talking to us and giving us and some of the other players from the other teams who were lucky to be around some pointers. It was really cool to have Dean around to show us some techniques- we talked about the differences in snap shooting techniques like Maximus's 'roll in' style vs Dynasty's snap in and out style. He also talked about some advanced stuff like how to control corner your opponents on the field.

Dean is a great guy - a great teacher of the game. He came over to the field watched the guys play games and went over to give them some advice after each game. That was really nice of him and I think they guys really appreciate his advice. And to top it off Dean gave us some of his kit - gloves and even a JERSEY!

Dean is rushing back to the UK to cross the channel to get to Paris next weekend to play in the final Millennium Series at Euro Disney World. This is cool man - now I know two Captains who play in the Millennium Series and have another PB brain to tap into for field plans.

Dean - we wish you luck for this weekend in Paris!

Thanks also to Paul Lam who hooked us up with Dean.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Oliver Lang + Nicky Cuba = Team Noodle

Team Noodle* showing off the new "big turkey". The 'slip out' eye pipe replaces the need for eye covers - (or rather solves the problem of not having eye covers on the DM8) and the new low pressure bolt looks kinda neat.

The DM9 isn't all that new - I just like watching Team Noodle trying not to laugh for 3.2mins while shooting this video. And I'll bet they had to tell Ollie to keep his daks on for the finale or he would have dine it starkers

*You'll have to ask Nicky or Ollie about 'Team Noodle'.


This is the sneak peek at the Ego9 (at the back) - its not loooking all that great at this point. The gun at the bottom is probably the new lower end gun codenamed "GEO".

The new dye i4 mask isn't getting good responses either

NBCCB *#$@#

Nah Beh WTF organised games at 9am on a Sunday morning...

SPD Custom Designs

These custom print soft ears from SPD-Stinger Paintball Designs have been going around and they're really neat stuff. I haven't decided what I'd get but the $25 price tag is a bit of a bummer. I do like the idea of having customised ear pieces made by them.

They also do custom shell and grips. This one is a custom Hitman desgin.

Ok I like these skulls and cross bones designs.