Wednesday, October 1, 2008

SEBUROS TIP - Use Lithium batteries

For those of you who use HALOS and Pulses I recommend using Energizer's Lithium batteries - the because they last 8 times* longer and more importantly they are 1/3* lighter than normal Energizer batteries.

Weight comparison
AA Size
Energizer 23.5 grams
Lithium 14.5 grams

total weight of 6 AA Energizers is 142.5 grams and
total weight of 6 AA Lithium is 87 grams.

Lithiums are of course a lot more expensive than Energizers but I think they are well worth it because it lasts a lot longer and is a lot lighter.

This isnt out in South East Asia yet - its a high powered version meant for heavy duty use like for flash etc. It is as light as the Lithium and is rated to last 4 times longer than ordinary Energizer battries.

*as stated in Energizer's website.

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