Friday, October 3, 2008


Electric visual is fast becoming the unofficial Pro Paintball Playa's Sunglasses - Yosh Rau and Lane Wright have been spotted wearing Electrics. The sunglasses have the distinct 'BOLT' icon which you can miss- it looks like the Cyborg logo. Other notable extreme sports stars who wear EVs are Bam Margera (who is familiar to paintballs), Kyle Busch (Nascar), Pierre Luc Ganon (skate) and Sam Schmit (Indy Car).

I love the goggle on top. These guys also make some sick sick goggles for extreme sports-even the straps are filth. If anyone can top JT in the custom goggle trade- EV will do it sooner or later. I predict they will come out with paintball goggles sooner or later. Of phase etc can come up with a "google" - Electric Visuals should be able to come out with a sick google of paintball easy.

I found the shop that sells them going to check them out tonight.

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