Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Bonsoir Boy et les filles

Je suis heureux de dire que je suis enfin une Icôn maillot!

Je me demande si Cyril va me vendre cette Icôn verte Edition Ego8?


J'aime vert!

Allez Marseille Icon!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Mark "Fraige"

Tonight I had a great time watching Mark "Fraige" joining the "3 kills Club" by running up the right side and bunkering shooting out all 3 guys in one move. It was brilliant - the play of the day if not the week.

Mark also taught me something - when you're playing with newbies- they're all going to be shooting on their right side- so if you pull a run thru on their left flank- they wont see you coming till its too late and you get to shoot them all in the back. Brilliant move by Mark. This guy has raw talent to make the move and the speed to make the kills. Good on you Mark.

And we celebrated Kiko's birthday with ice cream cake- it was nice to throw him a small party after everyone had left. Kino's been here over a month now away from his family - so I guess we're his "family" here. It was nice of Ben and Jane to get him a cake. I swear Kiko cried.. hhahaha?

Consilium Dei Droid

This is Swiss powerhouse Consilium Dei's team MacDev Droid. Now I'm not too excited about the blue colour scheme and the anno work. But since they are swiss why not put the Swiss Apls. I am however excited at the prospect of MacDev releasing barrel fronts and backs in the "old school" polished chrome.

And looking at the other parts on this Droid- I know I can try and get a nice looking feed clamp with chrome lever and the white grip and silver trigger.

I also love the bottom ASA- the microline tube goes straight thru the on/off knob which shaves on side profile because it saves the need to have an elbow coming out of the side of the on/off ASA.

Consilium Dei is pretty hard core in my books because they not only play in the Swiss League where they are the top 2 teams but they also ranked in the top 10 in the DPL German Bundersliga and of course in the CPL Millennium Series.

Aftershock DM8

While I'm no big fan of DMs - I think this anno work and team marker is quite nice.
I'll admit its nicer than the Consilium Dei Droid artwork which I'll show you in my next post.

I cant wait to see the Ironmen edition and would have been really cool to see a lime green LTZ edition.

Congratulations to the Xmen (perfer it without the z) for winning the Terrenganu Open.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


I like Sabotage's logo and jersey design. The team logo and jersey was designed by Perfect Grind and the jersey was made by Tanked.

The Europeans have got a better style when it comes to jersey designs.

More to come- check back for more designs from Europe.

And this sticker is damn funny. Its from one of the Sabotage guys.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


This is THE jersey to get in 2008 because its nice and its limited production and its Infamous and I like these guys and I've been a fan of Glenn Takemoto since his XSV days and I'm glad he's hooked up with Infamous.

I want that jersey


Here is some first peeks at the Russians shooting their new Bob Longs

Strange-ly - most of them are using the "Strange" edition NXe harness. Ex stock I guess since DS is no more.

And the New BRL Jersey.
The Russians are wearing Vents this year

Thats the super friggin hard to get Russian Legion NXe bottle cover from their first season with NXe. NXe never released an RL edition bottle cover.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Look 'n Learn- XSV's new gear

XSV have gone back to their original goggles the JT Proflex Keith has the limited edition blue bandana frames. Check out the new XSV REDS pants Keith Bowman is wearing and the REDZ bottle cover and fingerless gloves.

Wait a minute... TT's got a NXe "Strange" edition barrel sock! What's going here....?!

XSV are shooting blue SLs with REDZ Pepper Sticks.
AND check out underneath the custom bandana yellow Vlocity (I know where to get one with the matching goggle frame) - its got a friggin RIP DRIVE!! Its custom made for them.

Check out the XSV REDZ Harness on Thomas Taylor.

That new speedfeed with the extra lip around the side- is not working well for TT - it popped in the snake. TT's got a Rip drive under his Vlocity too.

SYNDICATE 2008 Jersey

My friend Patrick here with fellow Syndicate team mate Daniel showing their new 2008 JT jersey designed by Art Squad. Syndicate is just about the only team I know that uses grey.

Syndicate are shooting DM8s with evil balls carried in NXe harnesses and supported by German Painball super store Maxs and they're wearing JT pro jersey and the new JT pro pants too.

Darlie if you sell your Syndicate jersey - I will take the bus up there just to slap you at the back of your head.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Yep you heard me- HK Army is giving away a sweet HK Droid to their fans.

Monday, April 21, 2008

XSV's 2008 JERSEY!

Took a bit of digging but here it is- for the first time in Singapore and Malaysia - the 08 Team XSV jersey.

I'm not sure if I really like this season's XSV jersey. At least they kept the golden bear and its still made by Animal Paintball.

New sponsors to note is the appearence of the REDZ logo. XSV will be shooting REDZ Pepper Sticks, wearing XSV REDZ pants and XSV REDZ harnesses - DXS had been replaced by FLUID paintballs.

XSV will still be shooting Egos and they have kept their long time sponsor JT.

Still can't beat the digi camo one they had in 06 which eveyone knows is my all time fav jersey.

BTW I'm selling my 07 XSV Conrad Rangell #5 Jersey - make me an offer I can't refuse.

White Angels

I saw a white Angel in SPLAT today and its so divinely white and sex.

And angels has lots of white goods too...

Elizabeth would love these

Elbow pads

Knee pads

Write grips

Hybrid is back as Modefy'd

Hybrid is back with a new brand - Modefy'd. The parent company name is still Hybrid Technologies and they still have the Contract Killer brand.

Well I prefer the Hybrid name and I love the Contract Killer brand I hope it works out for them.

Again- if I have to tell you how to pronounce Modefy'd I'd have to charge you SGD$5

Saturday, April 19, 2008


How many pods can you carry on a 4+3+2 NXe pack?



Make that 14 if you cut the inbetweens on the "3s" in half then you can squeeze in an additional 5.

If I have to show you how I can get 14 in - be prepared to give me SGD$5.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

PB Tournaments..

Paintball tournaments popping up all over the place.

If you're an organiser of a tournament - the trick is - to get people to come to your tournament without making it seen like you are getting me to "play" just so you can suck my money from me.

So if you're going to allow me to shoot on "ramping mode" and charge me RM190+ per box I can smell the con from a mile away.

Lumping all teams into one division having to play all other teams from D1 and D2 is is pure stupidity and a waste of my time. Its clear that you are too lazy to seperate teams into proper divions and you only want me to come and make up the numbers and buy a few boxes of paints and get whacked by the senoir teams during the prelim rounds.

Plus the fact the venue is like friggin in the middle of no where- in a place not known for any paintball activity. Despite the RM1000 sponsorship carrot dangled- I'm not at all keen to be sucked into traveling that distance to be cannon fodder.

As for the other tournament closer to singapore - well. Nice try - I admit I would have liked to bring up a team to play but its a week after MPOC and shit man talk about bad timing. I would have like to play in D4 with a couple of newbies who don't own markers but you only allow one D3 player in the line up. Well that rules me/us out- however I am determined to come up with a couple of D3 and play in your mech division. fudge the rules man - if you want more teams to come up to play- you have to accomondate them.

What I really would like to play in is my home town tournament which is in Kuching- they had their first speedball tournament in March 1st-2nd. I will try to make up a team and play in their second leg.

So if you're going to ask me to play in your tournament- please think from my point of view- is it worth my money and time and would I travel 500km to some place to be whacked by teams from higher divisons?

'fraid not

Saturday, April 12, 2008

TON TONS NON for 2008

The Ton Tons will not be playing in the Millenium Series this year- instead they have decided to take a year off and concentrate their efforts by supporting rising paintball markets like Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

As a result, their participation in as a team in the Millenium Series will cease, but the team's lineup will still support the world's best series by playing on different teams or coaching sister teams.

I hope they will be back soon.


Everyone is talking about the 'Speedfeed' that the Ironmen are using. Its actually called a Feedfast and it has an advantage over the Speedfeeds - it provides better cover than the Speedfeed in the rain.

Everyone who uses a Speedfeed would appreciate better cover when it rains.

The foam flapper of the Feed Fast is replaceable and comes in many colours to suit your team's colours.

Cant wait for the fakes to come out to give it a go.

I'm going to this clinic!!

Fuck man I just got a new job I don't spend any money at all I'm saving up and flying over for this clinic.

Its Ollie and Nicky for Petes sake!!