Thursday, April 10, 2008


Sorry about not posting for almost 2 weeks. About a week ago on Wed the 2nd I had to move out of my house at Pandan Valley rent was going up by $1000. So I had to pack every thing up and throw every other thing away including unopened food etc damn waste and I was really pissed off about having to do that.

The last 2 days of the move was hell because I had too much to pack and at 2am the night before I still haven't finished packing my room. So I resorted to plastic bag packing which is basically dumping drawers and swiping table tops into plastic bags and then putting the bags into boxes. As a result I packed things I needed and I dont know where went what etc.

The last 2 night was hell too because I didnt have running water as the utilities was turned off on the 31st March. Power was turned off too- but I turned it back on but I didnt have running water. So I was filthy sweaty and couldnt wash my hand unless I went downstairs to the public toilet. I packed till 4am even night including carrying about 6 NXE pro bag full of papers and magazines to the recycling bins downstairs. I dumped all my big furniture and my old Apple LC475 which cost me AUD$4500 way back in 1994. On the last night I was dumping (illegally) the bar fridge and I got busted by security. He guy let me off with a warning- what was he going to do anyway? Fine me? I'm moving out anyway.

I 'showered' in the toilets downstairs for 2 nights- never will I take having running water for granted. I will also never take having a roof over my head for granted too. When I handed the keys over on the night of the 2nd the house was totally empty and I had a few things outside with me- with no where to go. I called JK my ex colleague who was kind enough to take me in- so I took a $35 taxi ride with all my stuff to Tampines St23 Block 226 which is where I have been for a week now.

Moving from a nice quiet condo to high density HDB isn't too bad- i miss my old place and my privacy and my stuff- but living in Tampines and working in Ubi - its just a bus ride away. I can get up at 830 and still get to work on time- where as I had to leave the house before 8am just to get to work by 930.

Working late most nights isn't a problem too as I have nothing much to go 'home' to i just go home to shower and sleep. I go from home-work-home everyday. I dont spend any money apart from buying food. After moving about 30 boxes and 1.5 truck load of shit I swear I'm not going to buy anything for the next 2 years.

On the Thurs night before leaving for MPOC in KL- I realised I couldn't find my PASSPORT!- It must have gotten packed up in the boxes- so I had to go back to the warehouse on Friday lunch time and open and look thru all my stuff. It was a great relief to find it at the top of the 5th box I opened.

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