Monday, April 28, 2008

Consilium Dei Droid

This is Swiss powerhouse Consilium Dei's team MacDev Droid. Now I'm not too excited about the blue colour scheme and the anno work. But since they are swiss why not put the Swiss Apls. I am however excited at the prospect of MacDev releasing barrel fronts and backs in the "old school" polished chrome.

And looking at the other parts on this Droid- I know I can try and get a nice looking feed clamp with chrome lever and the white grip and silver trigger.

I also love the bottom ASA- the microline tube goes straight thru the on/off knob which shaves on side profile because it saves the need to have an elbow coming out of the side of the on/off ASA.

Consilium Dei is pretty hard core in my books because they not only play in the Swiss League where they are the top 2 teams but they also ranked in the top 10 in the DPL German Bundersliga and of course in the CPL Millennium Series.

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