Sunday, August 31, 2008

CP Team Tanks

CP sponsors teams like X-Factor and Miami Rage thus these are the team edition tanks. The third (middle tank) design is defunct team Stoned Assasins which was owned by rapper B-Real of Cypress Hill.

Coming soon will be the Joy Division edition CP tank.

I wonder why there isn't a Bushwackers edition tank.

I like CP's Regs because if you look at the top of the reg - there are 3 holes instead of the usual 1 hole. So the air flow is maximised- they call it "Super High Flow Rate". And they come in different colours to match your rig.

CP also has really compact 10 inch long 48ci bottle here on the left and a 68ci on the right which is only an inch longer at 11 inches - both are classified as 'stubby' tanks.

68ci 4500psi - 2.63lbs length 11 inches
48ci 4500psi - 1.99lbs length 10 inches
Reg Only - .29lbs

They also come in low pressure spec at 450psi and now for the first time also an incredible 850psi for high pressure


The Sept issue of Facefull is in Singapore. You'd better hurry as they only have two copies left when I got mine.

10 Things I learnt from Facefull this month.

1. Chuck Hendsch founded Dynasty
2. Rich Telford did not make the NPPL All-Star team because he claims the online voting was rigged.
3. Chuck Hendsch is an Associate Producer of Fox's Xtreme Paintball Beyond the Paint.
4. Ollie Lang isn't using Dye Throttle bottles- its a Crossfire check p115
5. Chuck Hendsch played on a pump team at this years HB.
6. The New Miami Rage /MacDev Jersey is frakking siiiiicccckkkkkkkkk
7. The Miami Rage Nxe pack comes in 4+3+2 - but not for sale to the public which makes the Rage pack one of the hardest pack to get in PB.
8. Moscow Phoenix guys cut their Proto Masks too p83
9. Chuck Hendsch is the Chuck Norris of Paintball.
10. Pro Drill Feature Justin Rabackoff and his Dad Steve both played on team Infamous in the same roster.

P.S. My Thomas Taylor Gun is on page 74

Saturday, August 30, 2008


I was watching the NPPL All star Game from Jax this morning and I spotted an old friend playing in it.

I didn't realise till this morning that he got voted into the All Star Team and played for the South Conference. I checked my preview on the All-Star Game in May and his name is indeed on the list.

How cool is that?!

In game One you'd see a great partnership in moving up between Chris Lasoya and Nicky Cuba. I think Chris basically took out the entire front line of the North Team. On the other hand they were stopped at the north 40 by the good crossing up by the back right and the center temple. Chris got shot out by the back right and it took somebody doing a bunkering move to kill that corner before the South team could finish off the game.

Links to previous posts
Summary with some screen grabs from the game.
My full report on the All-Star Game.

*ahem* Oh and BTW I love this video because it opens to a shot of my gun

Thursday, August 28, 2008


This weekend is MY-NPL's Super Sevens Series at Astaka in Petaling Jaya Selangor.
Man I wish I had 10 guys to bring to a Seven Man tournament. I might just take the midnight bus to up to watch.


1400hrs to 1900hrs Friday (Field Walking)
2000hrs to 2130hrs Friday (Team Captain Meeting)
0800hrs to 1800hrs Saturday (Site closes at 2030hrs)
0800hrs to 1700hrs Sunday (Finals held on-site at approx. 1700hrs)


Field One is the sickest snake field I have ever seen- its a double snake on one side! Teams with snake players and smaller guys would be spending time in the snake lane whammering each other. This field alone warrants my presence to go and see how it plays out. The big ass car washes on the 50s make it a tempting buker to make- if you get those car washers you'd pretty much lock down the 50 side. You will need to get at least 2 guys into a car wash or you'd get bunkeing runs from the snakes.

Field Two is a Dorito field and with Ds running down on both sides its a bit of a letdown compared tot he double snake field. This is what I call an asymetrical field as everyone will be playing the big Dorito lane and leave the tombstone tape - Grave yard alone. You'll only need one back corner to watch the grave yard and have 2 guys watch the 45s from the center. The two Doritos are the only significant bunkers on the Tombstone side and its in the middle of the field. The 50 car wash and the 50 D is the bunkers to secure if you want to win the match. Who ever get those first will probably win it.

Division 3

1) AMP Sin X (Selangor)
2) D-mercy Kidz (Johor)
3) EJPC (Selangor)
4) Oscar Legio-X (Pahang)
5) Raz Legion (Johor)
6) Shimigami-X (Selangor)

Division 2
1) KillerBeez (Selangor)
2) NoMercy (Johor)
3) Outrec (Melaka)
4) Rainforest 7 Tigers (Pahang)
5) Rimba Warriors (Selangor)
6) Ronin Legion (Kuala Lumpur)

OPEN Division (OP)

1) BlackWidow Rovers (Selangor)
2) CMX (Kuala Lumpur)
3) Demonz Redz (Selangor)
4) Delta Rovers (Selangor)
5) MacDev Ronin (Kuala Lumpur)
6) Nemesis (Kuala Lumpur)
7) Raskal (Selangor)
8) Rimba Bandits (Selangor)
9) X-Fox (Pulau Pinang)
10) X-Pursuit (Pulau Pinang)

Clever New Gizmos from MacDev

I came across this very problem a couple of times-when we needed to swap someone's rig with another tank but the reg is too short to screw all the way onto the ASA. The smart boys at MacDev have come up with a great solution - a reg extender.

I'm def going to get one to keep in the tool kit for sure one of these days we're going to need it with everyone using Myth regs these days.

This is also another piece of clever engineering and thinking by the MacDev boys. Its a cover for your ASA at the back of your gun and the top of your tank reg when not in use. This protects both the reg on your tank and the ASA on your gun and stops from dirt and sand from getting into your gun.

When you've got your tank screwed onto your rig- you can put both of these pieces back together so you wont lose them.


Congratulations to Mr Redza

Congratulations to "Redz" of X-Fox on your marriage to Rohani over the weekend.
Thank you for the wedding invitation - we have to apologise for not being able to attend as we had our RD5 on in Singapore.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

For KM Strap fans

Rare and limited edition straps you probably have never seen before.
Not even shown on their website.

I didn't know they made straps for Refs! Cool!


Custom painted Grills for Sale at PSP NEO
I like this Red/White one.

Is this a new JT Proflex bottom?

Stay tuned for the answer

EDIT THURS 12.36pm

Thanks to Darlie- we have the answer to my question.

YES IT IS the new Proflex bottom called the Flex Revolution.
I not too keen on the new design but the new material supposed to be softer and with the new bars on the grill it makes the bottom frame a bit more "sturdy".

Pro Paintball> You may insert your plug in the comments box - WHEN is it arriving?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Once upon a time Aftermath was a Proto Team.
So to make things interesting- they had to improvise

They Cut the Proto Mask to re shape it- this is rather sick

painting the frame and slapping on some neat stickers

Matching stickers on this V-force with the Tanked designed Jersey

Rusty Glaze's Mask

When I hung out with Infamous = I picked up Rusty's Mask and was checking it out. I noticed that he had Maverick form Top Gun on it and I asked him if it was Maverick and he told me that it was. And he ran through all the pop icons on stickers on his mask.

Tom Cruise Maverick from Top Gun on the Right side.

From bottom left of nose - Rusty Glaze- Bolo Yeung the Chinese guy and Jean Claude Van Damme from Blood Sport. And on the far right is Sylvester Stallone in Cobra.

Bolo Yeung and Jean Claude Van Damme in Blood Sport

And he told me that "Infamous" team name came from Jon Richardson.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Hot off the presses - Planet Elipse also releases the Ego 8 in hot colours (to sell more Ego8s before the 9 comes out). And at a cheaper price too.

Love love the green/lime green one.

White Sticker on Thomas Taylor's Ego

I see pictures of my TT Ego everywhere in magazines and online etc and I've been wondering what the hell is that white thing on the feed neck. ( I don't keep my marker with me in Singapore- its stored with Azlan in KL)

Well over the weekend I found out that its a "Warning - Do Not Remove This Sticker" sticker.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Sweet tits!! Is that a new custom gun LB??

Alex Fraige pimpin' here by going old skool with the big ear piece.

After giving his RAZA headband to me- Todd Martinez to resort to using a hair net.

Luxe: Knock knock
Angel: Who's there?
Luxe: Luxe
Angel:Luxe who?
Angel Fragoza's Luxe talking shit to him.

Todd and Davey beat up Austin Powers for this and are on the look out for X-Zibit to come and pimp their 'low rida'.

Mike Paxon here with a Pinokio. Ironmen do not have a hopper contract- so they use whatever they want. Ollie has been spotted using the NXe JRNYs.

Have you ever seen a yellow Luxe? Well here you go.

Err Paint check?!?!

Dave isn't paying Nicky enough...

Hey its Johnny Knoxville! AKA Josh Davey of Edmonton Impact.

Bart couldn't quite convince Josh Davey that he wasn't fit to play.

For a moment here I thought Jon Richardson decided to get curls done but its not really Infamous here.

Keeley sweety *sigh*

Nice Jersey Americans!. You've got a winner Allan Phang

Hawt jersey

Naughty Dogs - new ND shocker and new Jersey. (the old digi camo ones is nicer)


Well it looks like Dynasty's little trip to Singapore and Desaru did them wonders as they took their second XBall win of the year after winning at MAO. Dynasty takes over the Ironmen at the top spot by a mere 5 points. Boston who finished 3rd holds down 3rd place and are still within striking distance of the top 2. It’ll all go down at the World Cup – echos of “Win world Cup” are starting to resound.

Philly boys were a surprise finalist but they got hammered 7-3 in the finals.
The Ironmen did make it into the final four being the only team of my picks to make it into the final four but they lost to the Russians for 3rd place. I did pick the Russians as my dark hourse and they took 3rd place

1st - Dynasty
2nd - Philadelphia Americans
3rd - Boston Red Legion

4th - Los Angeles Ironmen

Division 1 XBall
1st - RNT Allstarz
2nd - Damage
3rd - TX Justice League
4th - Vicious

Division 2 XBall
1st - Cross-Eyed Paintball
2nd - TPA Revolution
3rd - Shockwave Canada
4th - Raiden

Division 3 XBall
1st - Velocity Wrecking Crew
2nd - Team Unlimited
4th - Raiden Black

Division 3 5-man XBall
1st - Boom
2nd - JFK
3rd - No Limit
4th - TPA Riot

Division 4 5-man XBall
1st - RNT Kids
2nd- 100 Proof Paintball
3rd - Total Karnage Kids
4th - Poison Products Factory

Rankings after NEO
2 Los Angeles Ironmen 235
3 Boston Red Legion 210
4 X-Factor 205
5 Philly Americans 195
6 Oakland Infamous 185
7 Tampa Bay Damage 160
8 Seattle Naughty Dogs 150
9 San Diego Aftermath 140
10 Edmonton Impact 135
11 Chicago Aftershock 60
12 St. Louis Avalanche 35

Paintball's Fugliest Jersey -> Dream Team

Thomas Taylor's Pink Ego

Ladies and gentlemen (actually how many of you readers are women??) this is the PINK ego that TT was supposed to use at NEO because I took his Red Ego off his hands...

He's selling the Ego8 AND the XSV loader for USD$900 - *arghs* that's friggin cheap!