Saturday, August 16, 2008


I got back at about 33am last night. Had to walk across the causeway with my regular PB traveling buddy Jon. BTW Job I have your pack of Malboros.

This will be a short one as I am at work.

I will post the results of MPOC4 up with a bit of write up. Big big congratulations to the Spectre boys.

PSP4 apparently was a washout due to a big storm. Will get back to you on that.

My deep sources have it that the World Cup Asia will be in KL.

Ollie Lang, Nicky Cuba and Brandon Short will be in Bangkok for a clinic before PALS1.

Picked up 2 new jerseys and 2 new JT mask set up.


noir said...

you also have my mask with you. rinse it for me? HAHAHAHAHAH

SEBURO said...

edit- Ok I picked up 2.5 masks then.

oh yeah shit I still have your mask... tonight when I unpack..

I want a SPECTRE Jersey!

stallion said...

I got the grey C7 spectre jersey..wanna trade wif yout TT jersey??hahahaha

SEBURO said...

Keep it. Jon is going to lose his on a bet one of these days :P

noir said...

LOL... lose mine? hell no! someone'd kill me if i lose mine..

Anonymous said...

how did you survive gombak? tell us about it.

SEBURO said...

read the new post