Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Infamous Eric Prum's Custom Ego 8

Of all the custom jobs I saw over the weekend - this the the best. I would have bought this 1 of 1 Eric Prum's (Infamous) Ego 8 personalised by Raza/Chis Corcino.

His asking price was USD$1200 which is not bad if you throw in the laser art work by Chris for about US$200 the marker is only US$1000.

Eric is the smallest guy on the team and the youngest and a pretty cool guy too. I really wanted to get the gun to support him but I'd already done my gun deal with TT.
If he still has it next time he comes I'd def get it.

Its got the team name on the Front, 211 on the foregrip is is address and his name and number is on the back stock. The Pie Omega Omega on the side is his frat at Virginia.

Eric works for Todd Martinez who owns Raza and if you send your marker to Raza to be customised- Eric is the guy who will be handing it over to Chris.

EDIT- If any of the guys at RAZA is coming over next year or to the World Cup- I'm going to get Eric to get me an Ego Lazered by Chirs Corcino with my name, red sevens and my jersey number.

Eric showing his marker to Jane before going in to play

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