Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Sexiest Vampire NT ever

I found this by chance - I totally agree with the description its is definitely "The Sexiest Vampire NT Ever"

White as you know is a colour that is hard to achieve. It cannot be annodized. It has to be painted and only a few people have done it successfully. I am still wondering how Dye achieved white for their White Gold edition NT I posted a couple of days ago.

This "Vampire" not an anno job as the white and red are really opaque - you cant get that from anno work. The seller's secret is that it was powder coat it with cerakyote with is used on firearms. It will not rub off like paint because cerakyote is formulated with epoxy resin

With a customised white/red rotor which I really really love.

Asking Price USD1225

2010 Pro Guns Avalanche X Factor Elevation Infamous

Chicago AfterShock's PL Ego10
With a month to go before the season opens- we're seeing team guns being released almost everyday. Afterhock, Vicious, XFactor and Avalance have released their Ego 10s and we also get to have a peek at a Contract Killer Customised Victory for Infamous.

I think the most anticipated Private Label gun would be the Dynasty Ego10. Dynasty was a SmartParts/Shocker and Luxe team for so many years and the biggest coup of 2010 has to be Planet Eclipse signing Dynasty up. Dynasty has taken a bit longer to come out with their PL and they have announced on their PBn thread that it will be out soon.

Here are a few from the past week from and others

St Louis Avalanche' Ego 10 is a nice combination of red and white- the white barrel will be definitely be very distinct on the field. Click on the image to get a real good look at the artwork.
And X-Factors is a simple all black number with a patterned butt

Scottsdale Elevation have moved on from those distinct polished green Bob Longs- back to shooting Egos. This is a nicely designed Ego 10. Wish they could get the green brighter like on last years polished green Closers.

This is a great sneak peek that poped up on Twittersphere. Its a screen shot of a CAD design of a Contract Killer customised Bob Long Victory

Chris Corcino Design Stoned Assasins Jersey

Chris Corcino aka Contract Killer is mostly doing stuff for MMA these days and once in a while he comes out with with something special for paintball. His last master piece was the Oakland Blast Jersey and this recent design is something really agg for the Stoned Assasins. I really like this one. He certainly has not lost his creative touch.

Available from Tood Martinez's RAZA website.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Everybody has probably seen the Black & Gold Collectors Dye NT- did you know there is a WHITE one too? I wonder how they anno-ed the white barrel tip and body. Love the white grip though


This years installment of the Vicious Team Edition Ego X is that much more special because it comes with a Vicious Edition Furious Barrel which is exclusively available only from DSS or Vicious. If you are lucky enough to buy one of only 20 sets (8 of which will be GEOS) available to the public at PSP Chicago, the team will take you out to dinner and you'll have VIP access to the DSS booth.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Three weeks ago I guessed correctly which team picked up PRINCE when he mentioned on his twitter that he had sent in the colour scheme for his new gun. I asked him then if he was "going to shoot Bob Longs on Oakland Blast" and he confirmed it with me on the quiet side. I have been keeping it quiet until now.

Thus we have an exclusive announcement on that Prince will be on Oakland Blast for 2010 and Prince also graciously wrote in depth about what happened to his old team the Bushwackers and his involvement in martial arts.

It is one of the best interview I have received from a Pro Paintballer. I won't take all the credit for the interview as 90% of the words are from Prince and people like Tyler Harmon. Although because I know Prince well - it took me a couple of days to think of the questions to ask him and he returned the interview overnight!

Thank you again Prince (and Justin over at



On a hunch last late night at 4am I asked Junior Brown if XSV was going to wear JT Proflexes or switch to another sponsor for 2010. And I was told that XSV will be changing masks. (I can't revel which brand at the moment)

So I asked Thomas if he was selling his really nice self personalised "Stylepoints" JT Proflex he said yes he was selling it but unfortunately its has been spoken for - for USD$250!

Could this be the most expensive JT Mask ever sold? Anyone got a better story than this?


Well the TonTons kept a little bit their signature jaune (yellow) colour for heir custom Dye NT. Whatddaya think?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


My good friend at Propaintball - Patrick Tan officially opened ProPaintball Thailand over the last weekend and I'd like to wish Patrick Congratulations.

Patrick and his team at Propaintball have been actively supporting paintball in Thailand and are the organisers of the Pattaya International Paintball Championship in March.

ProPaintball is located in Bangkok Thailand at:
11/401 Kaset – Navamintr Road,
Kwang Lad Prow, Khet Lad Prow,
Bangkok 10230

Friday, February 19, 2010


Tyler Harmon spoke to me about his big move to Sacramento XSV and this special interview is on Tyler was very kind to do this interview and wrote very well and gave us an insight into what is going on in the pro scene in NorCal.

I tweeted about Tyler's move to XSV and misspelled his surname and Prince publically corrected me and I had the idea to ask Tyler about his move to XSV then. I realised that no one had spoken to him about it and I thought he deserves some credit and limelight after all XSV didn't just pick any guy up. Facefull did a big interview with Tyler 2 issues ago which show how far he has come in the sport.

This move to arguably one of the biggest names in professional paintball which is Sacramento XSV is a great one and I think it is a good fit. Both the team and Tyler are young and at the same time very experienced. They both have been slowly building a momentum which I think looks to peak for 2010.

WOW Thomas Taylor, Marty Marshall(?) and Rob Monterio of SF Explicit has read my interview.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

VICIOUS 2010 Jersey

I have been keeping track on VICIOUS' jerseys as they are a Furious team its always cool to see the Furious logo on their jerseys and knowing that I had a hand in it. We had a glimpse of it late last year when Greg Pauley modelled what they called a 'practice jersey' edition.

In 2010 with every announcement of new players like Billy Bernaccia and Drew Templeton etc we'd get a "sneak peek" at what could be the 2010 jersey. For a moment it looked like they were going to get iron-ons onto a stock Empire Jersey...

BUT all is well as Vicious fans would be happy to know that they have retained their traditional long t shirt style. I've always wondered how they avoid ripping the sleeves. revealed the official 2010 Vicious jersey this morning and they have 4 versions - Regulars, home, away and the famous sunday Red.

This is the 2010 Sunday edition - to have a look at the other 3 versions go to

I like VICIOUS' tradition that the red sunday jersey is never to be sold nor given away. I have a huge respect for that because its make it much more special to get to wear a red vicious jersey. I would never offer money to try and get red Vicious jersey not even wear it.

The Australian Cricket team have their famous "baggy green" cap which is unique only to Australia. This cap cannot be bought and it is only given to you if you make the national team. And it is a huge honor to be given one thus, no one ever sells not gives away their treasured baggy green. Former captain Steve Waugh loved his baggy green so much that he wore the same cap pretty much throughout his playing career.

I wont get to experience the honor of earning a pro jersey. The closest I have come to being 'given' a jersey was I guess at the World Games when I crewed and coached for almost all of team Germany's games and they gave me a Team Germany jersey after they won the Gold Medal. I treasure that jersey a lot because it was given to me by the team and to me it was as good as a getting medal. I was offered money for it and of course I will never going to sell it.

I didn't really know how some people strongly felt about team jersey until a former team mate tried to sell his jersey online and I had feed back about it not being respectful to our team. I guess if we had to really earn our jerseys then people would be so ready to sell them.

I can't wait to get our Tanked Jerseys - I think and I hope most of us will wear it with pride.


“There will not be a webcast. I’m sorry guys and gals”

– Riley Nordstrom announcing on Facebook that there will not be a webcast for Phoenix.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Real Pinoys 2010 Jersey

Kiko posted the 2010 Real Pinoy jersey on his facebook about an hour ago. The 2010 jersey has Dynasty-esque pin stripes along with the famous TRP crest on the chest and the flag on the left sleeve.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Birth of a Storm pt1

While most every pro team have been picking up pros from other teams, The New England Hurricanes are rebuilding their team basically from scratch.

This documentary gives us fan a rare insight into the rebeginnings of a pro team from the east. Its a great down to earth film with interviews of some of the hopefulls - some guys who have traveled as far as New Mexico for the tryouts.

Birth of a Storm has the reality show element which is close to what the guys on Unknown Soldier did a couple of years ago. I am not a big fan of reality series but I really love watching this and I look forward to the coming episodes.

Shooting a paintball documentary like this is certainly a great idea as the power of the internet will give the Hurricanes some exposure to reconnect with their fans and also an opportunity to gain some new fans which is important when you want to rebuild a team with guys who are relatively unknown.

If you compare the scene in California where all the big names live around each other - it much easier to hook up and pick up a pro. Where as over in the east - there is of course less pros in the area so practically every guy they pick up would be a relative unknown.

This will be interesting to paintball fans as every paintballer will relate and live their dreams in each of the guys who came out to tryout for a spot on the New England Hurricanes.

Jeff Stein – I know you read my blog I applaud you in doing this and rebuilding the team and I wish you and the Hurricanes all the best and I will be following the teams progress closely.

Monday, February 15, 2010



Nicky Cuba who got cut by the Ironmen 2 weeks ago as reported on his website - announced that he will be joining Infamous. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!! NICKY CUBA AND TODD MARTINEZ 2/3 of the Short Bus on Infamous!!?! Its going to be a riot!

Another pro who got cut from the Ironmen is Jon Richardson and Todd Martinez announced on Infamous's PBNation thread that JR is back on Infamous the team where he famously coined the team name. Jon played on the Ironmen for 2009 as he got a job at Dye. I wonder if he is still working at Dye to be able to play on a Empire/Bob Long team.

With the Aftermath / Infamous merger there is aslo another former Ironmen talent that will be a big feature on the Infamous roster and that is Marchello Margott who has been on Aftermath and thus should be starting on Ironmen.

Infamous looks set to be a very very strong line up on paper for 2010. Its a matter of getting everyone to gel and play together.


Retwitting from my Twitter
SEBURO EXCLUSIVE > SHANE HOWE says he is still on SF EXPLICIT. Rumors linking him with Blast are false

“I am still on Explicit. Not sure Howe that rumor started. Funny though!

– Shane Howe

I like the pun Shane ; )


PSP Announces roster limits on their website.

Pro Division
o There may be no more than 18 people on a Pro RaceTo-7 roster.
There is a limit to the number of people in a team which is 18 in total this can be a combination of players coaches.

o There may be no more than 10 players on a Pro RaceTo-7 roster.
The maximum number of players on the roster has gone up from 8 last year to 10 for this year. Most teams would be looking to fill their roster with the max of 10 players.

o There may be no more than 13 staff members on a Pro RaceTo-7 roster.
There is also a maximum number of coaches is 13. Frankly I think only the Russians would even come close to this limit on the the number of coaches.

Semi-Pro Division

o There may be no more than 17 people on a Semi-Pro RaceTo-7 roster.
The total number of member on the team is 17 one less than pro.

o There may be no more than 12 players on a Semi-Pro RaceTo-7 roster.

There number of players on the roster is 12 - 2 more than pro.

o There may be no more than 12 staff members on a Semi-Pro RaceTo-7 roster.
Staff and coaches are limited t 12 which is not a significant number and limit to me.

Designated Spectator
In 2009, PSP allowed teams to designate a spectator who could be closer to the field on the spectator side of the field than general spectators. Finding a person to be the team’s designated spectator – and getting them to the event - ended up causing a logistical and sometimes financial burden on teams. In an effort to alleviate such potential hardships, the “Designated Spectator” roster spot will no longer be a part of the RaceTo-2/4/5/7 formats.

What's interesting is that they got rid of the "designated spectator" category. I guess with the larger limit of coaches- this takes the place of the 'designated spectator's job.

Friday, February 12, 2010


“Does Dave hate Americans? First he plays for the Russians and now he joins the Canadians?”

– Quote by a fan on Pbnation on Dave Bains' leaving Oakland Blast to play for Edmonton Impact in the NPPL

Infamous less one

Glenn Takemoto dropped a bomb on me this morning announcing on Facebook that he is officially joining 'the blue and black of DYNASTY'. That pretty much cuts down the line up from 2 years ago to only a couple of original guys.

If you look at the picture above taken at the NPPL Asian Invitational. LB and Rusty (far left) are the only ones left on Infamous. Eric Prum has moved to Dc Arsenal, Shane is with Aftermath 2, Jon Richardson on the far right was cut from Ironmen 2 weeks ago and is still a free agent. There is no news about Baltimore Trauma coming back so Dave Fason (at the back) who was a guest) might not be ween in the pro ranks this year.


Sly Equipment's 2010 range features new jersey, pants pads, gloves, a new harness and a kevlar tank. I just like them because they come in green.

Here is something a bit special- on the back page of the 2010 Sly catalog is a page on Werdnahol Sports who is the Asian Distributor for Sly. I an happy to see an old friend Andrew Loh doing well with Sly. For more information go to

Paintball goes with BLING

Paintball goes with BLING with Planet Eclipse and Dye release new markers and mask with Gold colours.

This 'Collector's Edition' Black/Gold NT comes with the Carbon Fibre barrel and a gold coloured Ironmen trigger. I'll bet the Ironmen edition will be the same but with red trims.

Planet Eclipse's "Gilver" coloured SLS which is the latest incarnation of their top of the line marker. Externally it looks pretty much similar to the Ego10.

Kuching Open 6-7 March

I would have really liked to come and support paintball events in my hometown of Kuching but the organisers in Kuching really suck at their timing. This Kuching Cup is on a the weekend before PALS PATTAYA. I wish you guys should just take 5 mins to check the MPOC NPL and PALS dates first before planning your events.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I found this video of Prince's first smoker fight from last year on PBrack's blog. He just beat the crap out of this guy. There is a second video that follows where they fight without head gear and the big gloves.

BTW nice haircut Jeremiah LOL


“I am so smug because I guessed correctly which pro team picked up NPPL ALL STAR and former Bushwacker - Prince and I also guessed which gun he’ll be shooting.”

[Unfortunately I cant reveal it until I get permission to do so]

2010 XSV Jersey

Junior Brown finally post up the 2010 XSV jersey on his Ballers Cafe much to the relief all XSV fans who have been waiting to see the new jersey. XSV's jerseys would be the most anticipated uniform in sports as XSVs legion of fans make it highly desirable and most talked about piece of team clothing.

For sponsors, getting their logos on the XSV jersey is a big benefit as it does get a serious number of attention on the internet and paintball media. I myself always notice a big spike in web hits when I put 'new XSV Jersey' on my blog.

They have replaced the traditional XSV yellow with khaki dessert storm style dessert camo. The Bear and star stays but everything else is pretty much new to the team.

This years jersey was designed by clothing sponsors Understood and made by Animal Paintball. The sponsors line up are all most all new with

Alien Markers, Ninja air systems, Empire, RPS Paint, Ballers Cafe and Animal Paintball.
Big noticeable changes are JT and Velocity and of course long time gun sponsors Planet Eclipse.

This version is a "PSP" which means there would be other version coming out later n during the year.

Monday, February 8, 2010


SLY EQUIPMENT has long been known for their carbon fibre barrels they have branched into making soft goods jerseys pants and packs. So it was no big surprise that on the week of Paintball Extravaganza SLY have thrown their hat into the mask market offering their interpretation to the most essential piece of equipment in paintball which is the mask. The mask will be called Profit comes with features like quick release, dual strap and a nylon frame that is molded with a softer TPR material (for more bounce).

This bit of new was first broken out by Uncle Bob who's Blast team is sponsored by SLY so I am guessing that the guys on Blast might be wearing these - unless they hang on to JT's sponsorshop and keep their Pro Flexes.

The top grill looks reminiscent of Dye i3

Here is more information the new Profit Mask

There are some similarities to other google designs but they the improved details are the double straps which is a good innovation as a lot of people use double straps and currently only Sly has this. The lenses kinda look like i4s but they work with a quick release system which looks pretty slick.


I asked SLY poster boy Shane (on the left) if they were going to do a photoshoot with him and the Profit mask and he told me that he did the photo shoot with the mask for the catalog back then but it was not used.

Friday, February 5, 2010


In the midlde of 2009 Patrick Tan of ProPaintball spoke to to me about his plans of staging an International paintball tournament in Thailand and asked my opinion about it. I told him that it was a great idea and I would be happy to support the project. I definitely will be keen to go up to Thailand to play paintball.

It was really good to see the progress of the marketing and the response for the inaugural Pattaya International Paintball Championship. The popularity of the tournament is evident where we the Red Sevens have requests from paintballers all the way from Korea, Japan and Europe to guest on our team. Paintballers want to come all the way to sunny Pattaya to experience Thailand and get play paintball at the same time.

I for one think that its great that Patrick has organised this event and I also hope we will see the revival of the PALS Series. It is great to see another Malaysian again leading the way for Paintball in Asia.

I have the pleasure of asking Patrick a couple of questions about the Pattaya International Paintball.

Hi Patrick - I am happy for you that the response for the tournament has been good so far. Can you tell us how and when did the idea to stage a tournament in Pattaya come about?

Hi Arthur, Thank you for the intro. As you know, the last international event (PALS) there was back in 2006 and since then, Thailand was bogged down with a string of internal problems that made it impossible to host such an event there.
In the meantime Pro Paintball has been actively involved in the distribution and infrastructure assistance to the Thai National league for the past one and a half year. We felt that the time was right and we had the confidence to push ahead to finally make a comeback for Thailand this year. Pattaya was a venue that was sponsored to us from the Government and the local council of Patttaya.

How has the response been like so far from teams outside of Thailand and Malaysia? How many more teams are you hoping for with the extention of the registration deadline?
The response has honestly been good, a big thank you to companies like DYE PRECISION, PLANET ECLISPE and MAXS INTERNATIONAL (JT) for all the assistance in marketing this event internationally either thru their Websites, Blogs and FB pages. A major deterrent from allowing teams out of the Asian region to participate was actually due to the high travelling costs. With the extension on the dateline, we are sincerely hoping for teams that has been considering this and that are still in correspondence with us to actually push thru and take up this opportunity to be part of this event. 

What can the traveling teams expect to see in Pattaya that will be unique to Thailand?
Pattaya has traditionally been a beach resort town – they have much to offer aside from water sports to shopping and cultural shows. In general it would be pretty much of a vacation cum paintball tournament for those who have never been before. The official hotel is a stone's throw away from the beach. The standard of living there is generally low so do expect good food and bargains for a very reasonable price.

Tell us a bit about the venue and infrastructure planned. Is the playing field on the beach or near the official hotel?
Pattaya being a beach resort town - there are some people guessing that we'll be playing on the beach ala Huntington Beach style, can you comment on that?
The venue is unfortunately on a playing field in a sports complex area and not as per the rumours and gossip ala HB style. LOL, sorry if there are disappointed parties out there. The playing field however is a great grass field and at this time of the year – please expect it to be slightly hot. There will be a clinic from Oliver Lang (Thank you Dye Precision inc), a opening dinner cum captains meeting (which includes all team members and crew) and a good players party.

Pattaya is trying to clean up its sleazy image- and bringing this international paintball tournament would be a good positive image for them. Amazing Thailand must have been really supportive of the project?

The government is pretty supportive towards the idea of ‘sports tourism’ which is generally great for the whole sporting community. The Government and local council has been really supportive even though many still don’t understand what the sport of PB for which also without their support would have not made this event possible.

Can you tell us about about the Paintball Scene in Thailand? I know you are active in promoting paintball in Thailand - you brought Davey Williamson and Yosh Rau from Dynasty up there for a clinic in 2008 and we tried to get XSV over too. How has the response been like since you started working in Thailand.

The Thais have every year, their own local league (3 Legs) and some stand alone tournaments which has a pretty decent number of team following.
Yes I brought Davey and Yosh there awhile ago to promote and increase the participation of paintball players. I have definitely seen a growth since then but unfortunately not in the numbers I wanted it to be.
You see in comparison to Malaysia (as the hub), There is more difficulty in promoting paintball in Thailand as airsoft or bb guns are the more common playing option. Though we cannot compare apple for apple – Many seek playing the other primarily because of cost.

You have recently set up a ProPaintball in Thailand? Can you tell us about it? Where is it in Bangkok?

Yes, it is actually located in Bangkok. I hope you don’t mind me writing the address: 11/401 Kaset – Navamintr Rd, Kwang Lad Prow; Khet Lad Prow; Bangkok 10230. I wanted to give the Thai players a wider selection of products, a one stop centre – coupled together with tech support and parts; as many still were buying over the internet and some falling victims to scam sites.

You have scored a big coup getting Ollie Lang to come over to Pattaya for the tournament his presence would certainly add prestige to the tournament. Can you tell is what Ollie will be doing in Pattaya?

The credit should go entirely to DYE PRECISION for their support on this event; I cannot disclose what Ollie will be sharing with you in Pattaya for now.

Thank you for your time Patrick all the best to you and your team at ProPaintball and I'll see you in Pattaya.
Thank you for yours too.

PS apart from Ollie Lang coming to Pattaya - our friends from the World Cup Asia
Eric Prum from Virtue/DC Arsenal and Phillip José Steinfatt of TANKED/Instinct will also be making an appearence.

For more information please log on to Pattaya International Paintball Championship's Face Book here.

Hotel Website-
Look for Pattaya Orchid - Garden wing.

Chris -

Tom -

Please email Chris for Entry forms


Thursday, February 4, 2010


Lets have a look at the field plans for last weekends Red Dynasty Rookie Challenge. I worked on something simple rookie players can follow bearing in mind that it will be a quick game and everyone is shooting mechanical house markers.

The break for me is always very important because it was all about getting into the right bunkers to control the game from the start.

I knew that most teams were going to go for the 50s car wash and I was confident that the dorito guy could catch their guy entering the car wash. My game plan was to send somebody straight into the Dorito to cut off the guy running into the car wash. I was right and on the day, there were so many clean shots going into the car wash. Shooting the Car wash is an easy kill and a must do - it was frustrating to see people missing the free kill on the way in.

There were 2 lanes from the back line and they were not far to get out to shoot the lane. I didn't really see anyone getting shot from these lanes but the feed back was the shots were effective going from baseline to baseline.

Lane 1 was aiming for the guy going into the can and Lane 2 was aiming to cut the guy running to the doritos. There was a huge blind spot around Lane 1 - our guy could squat in there and neither corners can see him.

If we missed the lanes on the break - the zones would be Dorito guy in 1 has to kill the car wash and look across at the can. A lot of guys kept worrying about their mirror and missed easy kills in the car wash and cross can. He didnt have to worry about his mirror because no dorito made across to bunker because the Can at 2 or the Can at 3 would protect Dorito 1.

If we made it into the snake - the snake's first job was to blow away the car wash and then look across at the can.

The main game plan was based on setting up crosses. The best cross is the ones in black the Left Can crossing up with the Dorito. And the yellow lines form the secondary cross. Some teams didnt see these cross zones and kept switched guns around in reaction to the opposition's positions. If a team was disciplined and maitained these crosses there was no way they were going to get through.

My Obsevations on the day
It was annoying to see guys getting into the doritor and then yelling "carwash!" IF you can see him SHOOT HIM- if you were running with your gun up all you had to do was to pull the trigger. And then instead of concentrating on killing the CW and the Can on the cross- the dorito guy switches around to his mirror or start to look for things to shoot at. This is a Big rookie mistake- his immediate job is to shoot the CW and the Can which is right there for him to shoot out NOT look around for things to shoot at.

There were times when "snake 1" was called out and NO ONE bothered to check the snake guy. It was incredible that everyone just did whatever they liked and let their snake just go up and killed everyone. Everyone was busy shooting and looking out on their strong hands- right side. There has to be someone looking at the snake and shooting the snake at all times until he walks out.

80% of the teams were breaking out shooting on their strong hands their right hand- which meant half the team were using their wrong hand from the start. Those who were running to the left side were shooting with their wrong hand.

Most of the guys who got into the carwash didnt know what to do this happens alot in D3 in MPOC too. They weren't really effective as killing machines but more slowed the other side's advance.

If you're going to get into the Car Wash or the M in the 50s your primary job is to cut out their dorito or snake. The 50s guy's lifespan is short- once they figure out you're there they have several options and all the time to to nail you- while you're a sitting duck in there. So either you shoot their forwards out as soon as you get there or you're the first turkey on the field.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Congratulations HeartBreakers

Congratulations to the HeartBreakers who won the Red Dynasty Rookie Challenge (for non tournament players).

There were 6 teams participating in this mini 4 man tournament organsied by Red Dynasty and reff duties by The Red Sevens and Fuzz. The finals went down to a 1 on 1 in which Ben Jr prevailed over the very impressive Black Aces.

Some of you have asked me about this - it wasn't any import from Malaysian D1 Champions XFox but just one of my jerseys I lent to the team which looked pretty good on Jordan.


With Ollie and Mikko being in Taiwan at the moment and Ollie having said that he played with some of the Taiwanese teams over the weekend....

I guessed that one of our very own Red Sevens Arthur Chang would have gotten a couple of games with the Ironmen.

So I asked him this morning about it and Arthur confirmed that he did play with Ollie, Mikko and Devon against some of the Taiwanese teams.

"It was easy to play with them - they laid down so much paint you can do anything you want"

Great quote lucky 'tard.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Palm Beach Vipers have got new sponsors for 2010 and thus new jersey by TNKD. My friends at announced this even before TNKD's Facebook.' KM stays on as a sponsor.

With new sponsors - MacDev markers and Guerilla Air systems and Draxxus paints. Out went Proto/DM, CP air and XO paint.

Seburo's rating for this jersey 7/10.
I like the blue with the green trims and I'm so glad they dumped the snake skin scales from last year.

2009 custom jersey by then sponsors Proto. Now you know why Brittany has been trying to sell her Proto Jersey cos the new one is much better.