Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2010 XSV Jersey

Junior Brown finally post up the 2010 XSV jersey on his Ballers Cafe much to the relief all XSV fans who have been waiting to see the new jersey. XSV's jerseys would be the most anticipated uniform in sports as XSVs legion of fans make it highly desirable and most talked about piece of team clothing.

For sponsors, getting their logos on the XSV jersey is a big benefit as it does get a serious number of attention on the internet and paintball media. I myself always notice a big spike in web hits when I put 'new XSV Jersey' on my blog.

They have replaced the traditional XSV yellow with khaki dessert storm style dessert camo. The Bear and star stays but everything else is pretty much new to the team.

This years jersey was designed by clothing sponsors Understood and made by Animal Paintball. The sponsors line up are all most all new with

Alien Markers, Ninja air systems, Empire, RPS Paint, Ballers Cafe and Animal Paintball.
Big noticeable changes are JT and Velocity and of course long time gun sponsors Planet Eclipse.

This version is a "PSP" which means there would be other version coming out later n during the year.

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