Thursday, April 30, 2009




WHOA- Thursdays Semi Pro is DONE and everyone has beaten everyone.
Trauma opens their come back with a win but loses the next game to RNT
Vicious who romped though the prelims at PHX also wins one and loses one.
Aftermath 2 beats favourites Vicious
PHX winners XSV lose their first game to Atlanta Edge

Thu 7:30 Palm Beach Vipers vs Trauma 6-7
Thu 8:20 VICIOUS vs Aftermath II 2-5
Thu 9:10 Sacramento XSV vs Team Atlanta Edge 3-7
Thu 10:00 RNT ALLSTARZ vs Trauma 7-3
Thu 10:50 VICIOUS vs Team Atlanta Edge 7-2


Fri 7:30 Sacramento XSV vs Palm Beach Vipers
Fri 8:20 RNT ALLSTARZ vs Aftermath II
Fri 9:10 Trauma vs Team Atlanta Edge
Fri 10:00 Palm Beach Vipers vs Aftermath II
Fri 10:50 Sacramento XSV vs VICIOUS


Sat 7:30 Palm Beach Vipers vs RNT ALLSTARZ
Sat 8:20 Aftermath II vs Team Atlanta Edge
Sat 9:10 Sacramento XSV vs Trauma


Junior Brown
Julian Duran
Jessie Lapid
Anthony Parsons
Kevin Parsons
Conrad Rangell
Matthew Robinson
Patrick Slattery
Thomas Taylor
Rich Telford
Dustin Watson

Thu 9:10AM Team Atlanta Edge LOST
Fri 7:30AM Palm Beach Vipers
Sat 9:10AM Trauma

Bryan Bortol
Ben Frederick
Christopher Hooker
Allan Moriarty
Greg Pauley
Parker Rosenthal
Zachary Sherman
Dalton Vanderbyl

Thu 8:20AM Aftermath II LOST
Thu 10:50AM Team Atlanta Edge
Fri 10:50SM Sacramento XSV

Lucian Blackburn
Thaddeus Cesari
Dave Fason
Tyler Humphrey
Stephen Porterfield
Robert Sink
Rob Staudinger
Brian Stewart
Justin Summers
John Tinker

Thu 7:30AM Palm Beach Vipers WON
Fri 9:10AM Team Atlanta Edge
Sat 9:10AM Sacramento XSV

Tristan Barner
Corey Bornstein
Jason Bornstein
James Ferguson
Ronnie Filippone
Lance Hardwick2
Tyler Howard
Patrick Hughes
Alexander Rimbach
Ethan Sillers

Fri 10:00AM Palm Beach Vipers
Sat 8:20AM Team Atlanta Edge


Pro RaceTo-7 (XBall)
Boston Red Legion 
Chicago Aftershock 
Edmonton Impact 
LA Infamous 
Los Angeles Ironmen
Philly Americans 
San Diego Aftermath 
Seattle Naughty Dogs 
Tampa Bay Damage 
X-Factor Roster 

Semi-Pro RaceTo-7 (XBall)

Aftermath II  
Palm Beach Vipers 
Sacramento XSV 
Team Atlanta Edge 
Trauma Roster 

I think THE division to watch is the Semi Pro- this time with Aftermath, II Atlanta Edge AND TRAUMA making a come back.
Will Vicious prevail and make it to the finals again? XSV definitely have more competition in this leg. This is the Division I will watch closely.

My picks for the finals four
XSV, Vicious, RNT and Aftermath 2

Mouse Trash Talks the Ironmen

This is the Aftermath promo for MAO and its pretty funny too. Mouse trashes the Ironmen in a funny way. If you didn't know, Mouse and Marchello were on the Ironmen in 07 and got cut last year.

Here are some classic lines from Mouse:

“JR – he’s too slow. I dont know, he’s too bulky”

“Short – you just look down the tape in the snake, you dont know about the highway. I’m coming inside on ya.”

“Billy Wing – take that visor off you’re gonna get some penalties not knowing you’re hit.”

I wish we could do this kind of promo here but we can't because everyone here takes themselves soo seriously. If Red West did it,  some of the other teams would be burning books.

Trauma Trash Talkin'

This promo for this weekend's PSP MAO is so ROTFLMAO friggin funny.

This also confirms the rumors that Baltimore Trauma is making a comeback this weekend in Semi Pro. If you watch and listen - they sound off a couple of big big names in pro paintball Lucien, Fason,  Saudinger and Humphrey - this team is not a rookie team.

*Dave Fason is the tall dude behind everyone in the Infamous pic up top.

Trauma Line up

Lucian Blackburn

Thaddeus Cesari

Dave Fason

Tyler Humphrey

Stephen Porterfield

Robert Sink

Rob Staudinger

Brian Stewart

Justin Summers

John Tinker


Thu 7:30 AM  Palm Beach Vipers  


Fri 9:10 AM  Team Atlanta Edge  

Sat 9:10 AM  Sacramento XSV

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Just so you know- if you're going to play SPNS and you're going to submit a dumbass pic or not submit at all for the ID tags. SBen is going to dig a replacement photo up from facebook or friendster that you might regret.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009


"DARK" Edition Egos from Warped sports are among the most expensive markers you can find at US$1750 which is more than double the retail price of a normal Ego9. This year the 'Dark' edition SL94s are available in 2 colours White/Red Gloss parts and Dust black with Gloss Black parts. Only 24 of each will be made.

The DARK SL series this year comes with the Warped Sportz Lucky 15.2 barrel kit. The Lucky 2 piece barrel kit comes with 3 backs (.686,.689,.692) and 1 -15' tip all annodized to match by Planet Eclipse. Like the past DARK SL's, this will also have the demon head logo milled on the upper body.


Wanna know how 'old skool' Rusty Glaze is?
Its 2009 and he's still rockin' that 07 Ego. While G-No is shooting a new GEO. Respect!
It shows that it doesn't matter which marker what year as long as you got the skills to pay the bills.

I almost bought that black 07 Ego from Rusty at a really good price. Sometimes I regret not getting it but right now I'm glad its still with him and that he is still shooting it.

I wonder if JR is willing to sell his custom stickered Ego 7 - I'm going to ask him.

Bornstein Brothers Reunite on AfterMath II has reported that our friends Jason Bornstein (left) has joined his brother Corey on Aftermath II's line up. They two brothers who are well known to be very close have teamed up once again after moving together from OC Bushwackers to Blast and now to a very hot Aftermath II team.

SBen will be hitting Jason up for an Aftermath jersey - fair trade for payment for the $120 worth of phone calls on Ben's mobile Jason made to his GF while in Desaru Malaysia during the NPPL Asian Invitational.

Millenium Serieis left hanging

Because of a severe storm - they didn't finish the second round of games for the SPL and CPL at Malaga. So everyone is waiting for them to announce how they going to finish it and declare a winner. Even the teams in division 2 are waiting for their results - London Shock 2 are waiting to see which position in the top 8 they will be ranked in.

London Shock 2 Finishes in The top 8 in Their First Millenium Tournament

I frakking love the jersey and it goes really well with the JT pants.

and yes thats his real name KYLE LOADER.

BTW check out the field in the background- its the new netting system using air filled pillars. They had 3 of those for the CPL SPL and Div 1. Its easier to set up, easy to transport and safer for players to run into.

Monday, April 27, 2009


Dean Apcar and his new London Shock 2 won 2 out of 3 prelim games to qualify for the last 16 on their first tournament in Division 2 in the Millenium Series.

They Beat Poison Ivy 4-0, Lost to Outrage Uk 1-4 and beat Monpellier Influence 4-0.

In the last 16 London Shock 2 met Supreme Athens and beat them 4-2 to advance tot eh quarterfinals for the first time in their first tournament.

In the quarter finals they were knocked out by Pau 2:4.

Congratulations to Dean and London Shock 2 for making it all the way to the quarters in the teams first Millennium Series outing.

Infamous PL Geo

Tako is asking USD$1500 for this Infamous GEO. Its not bad but I'm not a fan of GEOs.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I just found out this afternoon that chronos/chonometers are illegal in Singapore. Anything related to measuring a velocity or speed something is travelling in - is banned.

So a big wink wink nudge nudge too all the paintballes in Singapore who own markers.

Chief Wiggum- if you want to know what I am talking about I'd be happy to enlighten you. Please drop me an email at


Mr Cuba is selling 3 of his personal Contract Killer - DM9s on Pbnation. These Chris Corcino masterpieces have the "Panic is your Enemy" on the side with the CUBA skull logo.
The one on above is the Black/Red one with the 16 inch barrel which he used in their World Cup triumph last year. While the bottom one is a silver/Yankees Blue.

The a silver/navy blue finish on that one is really slick.

And lastly is a black/black version which is also quite nice.

If I had the money - I'd get the World Cup Winning Gun.

Whats the significance of him selling off these valuable CK etched beauties?
HIS CUSTOM NICKY CUBA EDITION DM9 is probably around the corner from getting released.


I had a GREAT time with the guys who work at Red Dynasty field tonight. Kiko and Gerald pulled a last min BBQ out of the hat and we all had a great time eating and drinking and.....

There was this tent in front of us and it there was nothing around it- no lights inside and no one saw anyone around it - it was weird because every family who had a tent would be lit and have kids and family running around- but this tent was dead silent.

Later on the guys we sitting on the bench and they noticed something and called me over. The whole tent was moving cos the occupants were having sex inside.

And they did it for a long time. During all that time families were talking around- there was this group of 8 Thai girls playing and running around the tent and they just kept hammering away.

Every smart ass in our group had ideas to prank the fuckers. The best was from Keith I think - "lets take the bike and ram the tent and say sorry"

Mine was "lets tie a rope to the top of the tent to the car and drive off" and Fuzz really went around looking for some rope.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Virtue Crown for the Rotor

This was the world's worst kept secret- that Virtue was going to make crowns for the rotor. We all saw pics of it at HB and Phoenix. This morning Virtue officially announced the release of the new Crown in 8 colours and improved material that is sag resistant and hopefully break resistant too.

The Dye quick feed has a sag problem and that always allows a few balls to spill out if you're not holding your gat the right way up. And its too deep inside the loader for the tabs to fold in when you're loading. Whereas the Virtue Crown sits on a frame that is outside the mouth - this it gives a bit more room for the flaps to fold down and not impede the last few balls on the top of the pile in your Rotor.


I brought 3 copies of the April issue of Facefull up to KL for friends. I would ask everyone to get a copy and read the article on Junadi. Yes there is like a 6 page interview with our own Malaysian Marshall ultimate. It is a good article on him and the history of marshalling in Malaysia.

I feel that it is important to understand where Junaidi come from and where he wants the game to go. It is because the way things are currently going down - things don't seem too rosy from my point of view. In the interview Junaidi expresses his frustration at players who cheat, argue and challenge the marshalls.

What we're getting are players going up and arguing and yelling at the marshalls after a bad game. I have had to wait for these guys to finish their argument before getting on with our games. And it is sad to listen to them because some of their case are really bull shit. It's plainly obvious they're pissed off at getting called but they haven't grasp the rules enough to argue their case. Most of the time they are just wasting every one's time.

I had a conversation with Junaidi on Saturday and he told me about what is going on - players are actively challenging the marshall's authority. Players trying to get away with cheating testing and pushing their luck with the marshalls on the field.

It has become a different ball game now- "its no longer players vs players- but players vs marshalls" to quote Junaidi. It is sad to hear this and I can understand his frustration at the state the game.

After reading Junaidi's article I did have a think and I bought up my thoughts on the matter to Junaidi. My thought are that that players of all Divisions should take a big step forward and "be more professional". Professional meaning playing the game with honesty and integrity and representing your team, your sport on a higher a standard.

If you watch professional golf - players like Gary Player, Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods are great sportsmen and great ambassadors of their sport. Everybody knows them and everybody respects them. This is because they represent themselves and their sponsors in the out most professional manner. They play the game with the out most respect for the rules and traditions. They dress appropriately, the behave appropriately on the field and to criticize another fellow player is frowned upon. They make sure they thank their sponsors and the tournament organisers in front of the media.

So cut out the cheating, the arguing, the tantrum throwing and marshall abuse. You represent your sport. You represent your league. There are stories from the other league about players fighting, cheating and shooting from the dead box etc. All these just bring down the reputation of the sport if not the reputation of the other league and I am equally sad to hear stories like these.

I was quite excited to hear that our friend Dan Perez from the USPL and the ex head ref at the NPPL will be coming to give a clinic in KL for the NPL Refs. GREAT WONDERFUL IDEA - to have Dan come and give them a clinic. We met Dan at the NPPL Asian Invitational last year and we got a taste of NPPL style marshaling. It is a different style that is closer to the MY NPL's style and I feel a bit more enjoyable and playable. But I feel that the players have taken advantage of it.

I hope with Dan's help - the marshalls there would gain more knowledge and insight and cut out the crap from those unruly players.

Again I implore all players in all Divisions in both (all) leagues to UP their game and play and act professionally. What you do, how you play and how you behave represents the sport - don't let it down. You have to respect yourselves, your team, the marshalls and the game.

As I said before "No Respect, No Referees, No Game"

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Congratulations S+S

Wow nice new jersey and nice Dye t shirts... congratulations on taking second place last weekend in Kaohsiung Taiwan. That looks like such a strong line up! Arthur, FG, Alan, Ryan etc

Look at that field XPOC players...FLAT, SHORT GRASS, DRY AND NO MUD. And the field is totally surrounded by 7-11 and other convenience stores.


Seriously - having a Dye factory tech be the tech guy on your team is unfair advantage

I want that jersey.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009




Happy Birthday Sunshine.
(Matahari means 'Sun' in Malay and thats his real name)

Matahari is going to California for college at the end of this year and next year I'm going to crash with him when I go over for Huntington Beach. :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


And I haven't washed my pants and my jerseys and socks from the weekend. I didn't wash the pants and jersey from the week before when I got my 3 and 4 kills in separate games. I guess the luck didn't come to KL with me.

I didn't blog last night because I ended up going to Lido Palace again which is one of the most expensive night clubs in Singapore. Again we sat at a $500 table and watched hot China girls sing and try to get tips. The hookers were out in force - lots of them really hot and even the mama san (she get girls for you) was hot. The "star of the night" girl who is my friends customer (they do her make up and dress etc) got around $22,600 after singing 5 songs and 3 costume changes.

Just to be clear - the singers sing for tips and they can get shit load of money they don't need to hook. They dress up in ball gowns and make up and look like princesses in hopes to get 'fans' to tip them. The hookers don't sing, they dress like hookers in short skanky skirts stand at the side and every time there is a new table or room the go line up and hope to get picked. It costs S$150 for a girl to sit and drink with you. Anything else you want is up to her to quote you.

The star of the night was upstaged by this young girl who came late - went on stage after all the singers had sung in the big finale - she sang her one song and got one sash that said $20,000!

While I was writing the earlier posts tonight - the $22,600 girl came to my friend's office to check out her photos from last night. She sat next to me while she viewed her photos and I had to help her burn a CD so I pinched a few of her pictures.

I like the dancer on the left- she was way cuter.


Happy 27th birthday man. (Yeah I know the age a big fat lie.)

Have a few on us up there in Japan - we hope to see you soon in Taiwan!

And save some of them kawaii girls for the rest of us.


There is a guy who doesn't like our team or rather I'm pretty sure its me he doesn't like. So what he usually does is, to come early in the morning of a tournament and swap around the team labels for the team tables. This dumbass will make sure that our table is the furthest from his team table and that his friends are the closest to him.

Sounds like kindergarten doesn't it?

We know who you are - you immature minder. Its because you always leave a chair with you muddy footprints right under the team labels. We can tell from your shoe size what your IQ is.

Grow up asshole.

BTW I am more than willing to tell everyone who this guy is. So if you ask me personally or write to me at - I'll tell you the "DUMBASS OF XPOC" is.


On Sun morning - Kiko and I got up and realised that we both didnt have any toothpaste. So I told Kiko to run next door to Zach and Ryan's room and "steal their toothpaste".

Kiko comes back with a white tube with weird chemical names on it. We thought it's probably an American brand of toothpaste. Kiko goes first and says that it tastes weird. I brush my teeth and it tastes bland - didn't froth like regular toothpaste and didn't have any minty taste etc. I spat most of it out.

Later on at the field Ryan asks "who used up all my acne cream?"

XPOC Leg 3

I will put my money and my foot in my mouth and say that I am really glad that I got the 60% cut off that I asked for. I didn't get to see the second round of the second round (yeah stupid) games but I hope the semi finals and finals were not played in the dark like in leg 2.

We had a bad tournament paintball-wise but I really enjoyed the company of my team and the guys from PPS Syndrome who were in the same tent with us. The parents who came up like Zach's dad Steven took us out for drinks on Sat night to try and fire us up to win the 2 games we have left for Sunday. We all had a great time at the sports bar at the hotel. Pity no other team rocked up. Kiko claimed that it was his birthday and he got the attention of the Filipino singers- I also go sucked into her 'charms'.

I throughly enjoyed the 2-3 games we scraped to get the wins. Those were the games we played as a team ran the game plan and scored the win. It was precious few wins - only 3 wins so I really enjoyed them. The 3 wins and a bye were not enough to get us through to the second round. Ironically the cut off was 12 teams as I had asked for in my blog and we were the 13th team. I still stand by it with no regrets because I think the 12 teams went though on merit- they deserved their spots. We were unworthy and were not up to par and even if they let in 16 teams it would have been a sour achievement and we'd probably spend more money on paint to get dumped out.

We all got back had showers and had a nice drive down south. I enjoyed taking my time going home- compared to the last leg where we left the field in the dark- rushed back to the hotel to shower- rushed to the bus station and caught a 11pm bus that got us back to Singapore at 5 am. That was miserable way to end a weekend. Thanks to Gerald's dad we had a nice lunch and got back before dark- I even had time to go to the field to chill out and help out a bit.

We all had a great time on this trip- apart from paintball. It didnt seem that important or it didnt bother us too much that we sucked and we crashed out for only the second time in the teams history- despite having a pretty strong line up.

By the way - I thought it was nice that Kiko said to me that he thought the team we had for XPOC 3 was stronger than his World Cup Asia Champion D2 team - with due respect to the Real Pinoys - I took it with a pinch of salt.

Monday, April 20, 2009


“Zachary Hagy is the only person in the world  who can bend both a cigarette and an Ego8 without breaking them”

Friday, April 17, 2009


Arthur, Pony, Ryan - good luck this weekend in Kaohsiung!

We'll be in KL playing in the XPOC. God I wish I was in Kaohsiung instead... niceee flat dry ground.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Dear Chief Wiggum,

If you are one of those 'investigating' us or me "selling markers" let me enlighten you on why there is no selling or markers in Singapore. There is simply not point in buying them unless you are a serious tournament player. We know every tournament player and every marker he or she owns in Singapore. No one can sell markers and keep it quiet. 

An Illegal marker would be the least 'cool' thing to keep in Singapore as it would most probably end up being an expensive piece of metal because:

1. There wont be anywhere for you to shoot it much less play a game. All the 3 paintball fields will not allow you to bring you illegal marker to their field and risk getting their licenses revoked. There is only one place to play speedball in Singapore. The other two fields will definitely wont allow you to shoot your marker there as their staff would be terrified.

2. There are no air compressors around and unless you order your own C02 - you will not have access to any propellant.

3. You won't have anything to shoot. Where would you get paint from? The paintball fields do don't sell paintballs for 'takeaway'.

A "paintball marker" is not like a toy gun or a replica gun where "enthusiasts" buy and keep at home and take it out once in a while to play with. A paintball maker is bigger - you'll need a tank and a loader to complete the set. 

Not only would you need to fork out a lot of money for a marker - you'd have to buy a loader and a tank that will cost about 400-500. So why would anyone waste money and buy a "paintball gun" to keep at home? Its not a cheap piece of gear to keep as cheap thrill.

So here is the answer. I am not selling paintball makers in Singapore. I know very well it is illegal so own an a marker without a fire arm license and it is also illegal to sell them.

End of story. 

If you're not going to play tournaments - don't even bother to get one. It'll be a fuck waste of money.


A few weeks ago this guy +6581580152 SMSed (text messaged) me out of the blue and asked if I was selling "paintball gun".

There has been a spat of incidents whereby some people got the impression that some of us are selling paintball markers illegally in Singapore. Some people have been snooping around and trying to check if we were really doing it. 

Unfortunately they were not very smart at going about trying to smoke us. Not that there was anything to smoke out.

+6581580152: Hi there are you selling paintball gun in sg.
WTF??! Where this is come from?

ME: I not selling anything in Singapore - how did you get my number?

+6581580152: Oh I saw it on street directory so are you selling a paintball gun?
Street directory?? That was such a lousy lie - this is starting to smell like bacon.

I tried to call his number but he didnt pick up.

+6581580152: sorry boss I can only reply messages I cannot answer my phone.
Yeah I know if I talk to you over the phone I would have blown your cover in a sec. You cannot use the net to dig for answers fast enough if you were talking to me over the phone. 

ME: I am not a dealer. I am selling my 07 Cyborg but its in Malaysia.

+6581580152: So are you selling a paintball gun?

ME: Obviously you don't know what a Cyborg is. I said I am selling my marker but not in Singapore. I will not sell it in Singapore nor will I bring it in to sell.

+6581580152: Why is that?

ME: Because you need a firearm licence to own a paintball marker in Singapore.

+6581580152: I see.

He loses interest and stops messaging me. I guess that the answer I gave him wasnt something he was looking for. If he was a cop - there would be nothing for him to go on because I read him the law.

I want till a week later and I decide to screw with him so I sent him a SMS

ME: Are you CID?
(Criminal Investigation Division)

+6581580152: Yes
I was about to tell him that no one in Singapore is dumb enough to sell markers to anonymous liars in Singapore he replies:

+6581580152: No la I am not CID really. Who is this by the way?

He's forgotten who I am. Nice I can screw with him.

ME: I think you are police.

+6581580152: Anyway I cannot reveal my identity but who are you?
He thinks I am a stupid as him - I never reply.

3 weeks later I use Starhub's (Telco) Web SMS from which you can send SMS from their website to a subscribers phone and it was free. I took a chance and hoped that his number was a StarHub number and turns out that it is.

BOB: You looking for a paintball gun? what is your budget?

+6581580152: But i was looking for one in sg

BOB: what type?
This was the big test

+6581580152: I dun really know about paintball guns but the the normal paintball gun which the one you use when you play in sg
Why would you want to spend a lot of money on "something you don't really know"? I know most kiasu Singaporeans would research a $250 camera to death before buying it

BOB:"Normal" is like saying I want to buy a "car". There are many models and types. Where did you play in Singapore - I will know the model you played with.
He takes a long time to reply. He doesn't know what type of marker, the name of the marker nor does he know where he played paintball. Obviously the guy has never even played paintball at all.

+6581580152: Ok i check the model then i tell you ok
Nice cop out standard answer. trying to not give away that he has never played paintball much less held a paintball marker.

BOB: why you want to buy one anyway? you cant use it anywhere in singapore no field will let you play. you wont have any access to air or c02

+6581580152: Ya true also but its really fun ah
spoken like a 10 year old.

+6581580152: Air or c02 is

BOB: the propellant. you have not told me where you play. name the field you played at.
He takes a long time to reply. Probably frantically searching online for names of paintball fields in Singapore.

BOB: you dont know anything about paintball do you?
I closed the SMS at that.

Ends. Tune in next week when I scew with him further.

In the mean time feel free to send him an SMS here - its free and untraceable. Just don't use the same BOB.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Furious Paintball Launches new Website

Furious Paintball has revamped their website. My review of the Lotus Barrel is up on the site as an "Independant Review' under "Media"

And The Red Sevens have been listed in the Sponsored Teams section.

NXe's New Tank Covers

NXe has redesigned their legendary tank covers. The new design gives players more options in the contact surface at the butt of the tank. One side is a 'custom-gel' for maximum grip and other other side is 'super-smooth' for players who like to switch tanks from side to side quickly.

The new design comes with a foam fitting neck, they also got rid of the zip and rely on tension to grip the tank into place along with anti-slip grips mounted internally. This eliminates the metal bits in zippers to minimise tank damage, minimises paint breaks and saves weight. There is a 'skid pad' along to the bottom to protect the tank during diving.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009



There are 18 teams in Division 3 in this weekend's XPOC. Now the contention is that out of 18 teams 16 will probably get to qualify for the second round. I hope I am wrong but I am making an assumption that 16 teams will go though which makes a mockery of having to play 10 qualifying games to "qualify" for the second round.

If 16 teams go though, it is not "qualifying" but more like "let's get 16 teams though to play more games to make more money". If 16 teams go though only 2 teams get cut. Every team would have to win only 4-5 games in the prelims to be almost guaranteed a spot on Sunday. So to "qualify" is meaningless - its just means more money for XPOC


That used to mean something big to most teams. Its a big achievement for team just to get though to Sunday. But with 16 out of 18 teams going though. Its meaningless- its a farce. You want to know how we feel about the XPOC?- well here is something I think its ridiculous. Making it to Sunday means jack in the XPOC.

I say make the "cut" a real cut. Make it something to play for - only the best - the top say 8 or 10 teams go through. Make the 10 preliminary games important - that you have to win games to make it to Sunday.


Lets take the top 60% - the top 10 teams go though in 2 groups of 5 teams. Have the balls to CUT 8 teams on Saturday.

The top 10 teams all play ONE set of round robin to determine the top 2 from each group to make the final four and they play best of 3 games to get to the finals.

This makes it one less dumb ass round to play as we currently have to play 2 round robin games.
I know the XPOC wants to make money but I want to get to the finals with as "reasonably shorter" amount of games as possible.

Because I have 2 good reasons:
1. Cut cost. You want to make it more "affordable" for us to play? Cut out the extra rounds which we all think its bull.

2. The Marshalls would have less games to ref and would be fresher less prone to mistakes during the most crucial games at the end of Sunday.

And end up having the Winners and Runners up etc decided my the REFs because its "too dark to Marshall". THAT WAS BULLSHIT.


I spoke to a good friend Dean Apcar from the UK last night and he had some news for me. He and the guys on his team have left Medway Halloween and hooked up with London Shock and will be playing as London Shock 2 in Division 2 the Millenium Seris this year.

"We left hpg at the end of last season, then we went on own own for one UK masters tournament, and because we played so well that day against London Shock, they asked me to create a 2nd team for them, so we our now London Shock 2"

This is a great story and exciting news and we wish Dean and all the guys on London Shock 2 all the best!

We have a new team to root for in the Millenium Series.


“They should rename it XPOC instead of MPOC”

– from a conversation I had with a good friend who found out that all 5 legs of the MPOC will be at the same old 'muck 'n mud' Xtion Paintball field. In the spirit of protest against smelling the same old mud at Xtion - I shall refer to it as XPOC from now on in my Blog.


It is interesting to note that in another upcoming tournament, the first second and third prizes offer Proto Matrix Rails which are decent markers.

But the PMRs would be redundant, since the tournament is open to emarkers and therefore the people most likely to win these prizes would be already shooting Ego9s and DM9s.

Perhaps another rethink?


Division 3 teams cannot play "7 man" in the ISSC tournament without jeopardising their Division 3 status.

In the upcoming  ISSC International 7-Man tournament, Division 3 or the “Novice Division”  is actually a 5 man competition.

So if a Division 3 team were to play in the 7 man category in Division 2 that would effectively void their status as a Division 3 team in MY-NPL’s eyes.

I can understand the intention is to make it easier and encourage more Division 3 teams to field a 5 man teams in the ISSC. However, my argument is that - isn’t the whole point of going to a "7 man tournament" – is to play 7 man? After all there is already an existing 5 man league for Division 3 teams to play in - why make have another 5 man tournament for Division 3. 

Its like opening a Baskin Robbins touting 31 flavours of ice cream and the telling D3 teams that they can only buy vanilla.

I don’t moving up to Division 2 for the sake of playing 7 man for just this one event. However it doesn’t make sense to void our status as a Division 3 team in MY NPL’s eyes for the sake of playing this one tournament.

There is a need of a rethink of this brobdingnagian snafu. 

So here lies the oxymoron - going to a “7 man” tournament and having to play 5 man. 

Monday, April 13, 2009


When your team mate asks you to photoshop his head on to a fat guy wearing a tutu- you gotta put it on the blog.

Zach - you're famous across 30 countries now.


Stranger things have happen - Dynasty is now wearing Empire....would we see Joy wearing Dye in 09/10?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Weekend Ballin'

I have had the pleasure of playing paintball every weekend for the last 4 weekends including 2 weeks ago at MY-NPL. Personally I really enjoy the casual weekend games we have at Red Dynasty more than playing in a tournament. I guess having to travel 600km to and from KL and getting up at 5-6am to play games at 8am are taking its toll.

I really don't mind not playing next weekend's tournament. I would prefer to be able to get up whenever I want - have breakfast and come in and play.

I am very much looking forward to playing in SPNS in May because (it wont be a 8am start) it would be a new venue and there would be more public viewing the games. The next leg of SPNS will be at Pasir Ris which is away from the field and in more of the public eye. I think the new venue makes it so much more exciting and interesting to play in.*

Having to play the same series 5 times at the same venue just sucks. The scheduling remains a lot to be desired as we have already crammed 3 legs into the first 4 months of the year. We would have played 3 legs even before the Europeans start their season.

If you look at it from a players point of view- the beginning of the year is when it rains the most. So we would be playing in the same muck and mud which we cut up only 4-6 weeks before. And we'd be doing the same thing and smelling the same mud pretty much soon. We have 12 months in a year and the organisers crammed 3 legs into the first 4 months of the year.

I am not surprised many players I know have lost interest in tournament paintball - including me.

[ *Let the whining begin.]

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Syndicate to Shoot Cyborgs

Wow- Frankfurt Syndicate has dumped Dye's DM for MacDev's Cyborg RX. Just when I was starting to wonder which pro teams have MacDev signed up for 2009 and to shoot their super light Rx Cyborgs. Syndicate's name came up on MacDev USA's website as well as Phoenix United.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

SL94 Colours

Jack Frost for me. Don't mind the all black one too

I edited out the sales talk for a more concise read:

Eclipse SL94 Technical Overview

Two Triggers
The SL comes standard with 2 different trigger combinations. The first style matches what has become the default Ego trigger shape of the last few seasons. A sleek, curved S-type trigger. The second could be considered more of a classic 2-finger design. Both come pre-installed into the dual-mounted roller bearing carrier complete with magnet and spring returns and all adjustment screws and pins. Simply unbolt one bearing carrier, pull out the trigger assembly, and drop in the next.

The New Zick2 kit
Has a 3-Stage damping effect on the rear stroke, utilizing an air cushion, a hollow-domed PU shock absorbing cushion and a solid final-stop PU bumper. This all combines to decelerate the rearward motion of the bolt and rammer in an even more controlled manner than the previous Zick. The new tail design of the rammer shaft further helps reduce initial drive force on the forward stroke to limit possible damage to the ball being loaded into the barrel.

The New Cure3 bolt.
Through observation of the interactions between balls in the feed stack using the very latest High Speed Video equipment we have been able to refine the design of the profiled surface on the top edge of the Bolt. We have managed to reduce the amount of crush placed on the ball stack in the feed tube during the firing cycle. This helps eliminate cracking of fragile paint and pre-loaded fractures in the stack when used with force-feed loaders.

New SL Barrels
SL2 Shaft barrel kit, complete with 2 lengths of tip and 3 different internal bore dimensioned backs. Everything that could be done to remove weight and leave a stunningly designed gun has been done.

SL2 Barrel Kit Specifications
* 1 x 14 " Front Section 0.700 " Bore
* 1 x 16 " Front Section 0.700 " Bore
* 1 x Rear Section - 0.685 " Bore
* 1 x Rear Section - 0.689 " Bore
* 1 x Rear Section - 0.693 " Bore

Monday, April 6, 2009

Furious Paintball Lotus Barrels

When Furious Paintball passed me a Lotus Barrel to try out - the first thing Matthew told me was that the barrel will shoot with better efficiency and it will be quieter.

The porting of the barrel tip is unique in that it has 3 lines of porting that are scalloped which aids scooping out of air as it travels down the barrel. Only the last 4 holes are slightly larger and have a normal straight cut. The porting only starts 8 inches from the back to maximising air efficiency in keeping as much air in the barrel until the very last moment

The other unique thing about these barrels are that they are hand horned out of high grade aluminium. It rare that you get things hand made these days.

Whenever you change barrels - it will change the velocity of the paintballs coming out of the new barrel. So you would most probably have to go and get it chronoed.

When I re chronored with the Furious Barrel on it increased the spped slight from 280-290 to slightly above 290. I didn't think much of it until later on when I chornoed for a game - it beeped it. My Cyborg and Ego have always been consistent that they hardly need readjustment but with the Furious Barrel on- it definitely increased the speed and needed to be tuned down. I am not sure if it quietened the notoriously loud Ego. I didn't notice it that much but I noticed that after shooting 3-4 pods per game I still had a bit more left in the tank.

The first time I used the Furious Barrel it was trial by fire - I took a chance and tried it during our second round. My first impression of the Furious barrel that it was a solid performer. I didn't know what to expect but it surprised me with its accuracy and more importantly consistency in roping the shots. I really liked the smooth delivery of the balls and even to this day after 3 tournaments shooting the Furious Barrel I haven't had a single ball break.

In the world of carbon fibre barrels I still think the aluminium tubes are slightly better as they have a bit of weight which hold better balance on the overall set up. Carbon Fibre tubes are light but I think they off set the balance of some set ups especially if you have a heavy tank.

The other thing I like about the Lotus Barrel is that the back is shorter than most other barrel backs. It is more compact and thus lighter.

The other major factor is that Lotus Barrel is lighter than the 2 major stock barrels namely Eclipse's barrels and Dye's Boomstick barrels.

Furious Lotus Barrel weighs in at 113 grams

Eclipse Barrel weighs 126 grams

Dye Boomstick with the Ultra Light back is 130.5 grams

And surprisingly Proto barrels are lighter than Dye at 118 grams

To compare the difference in weight of Carbon Fibre barrels
SLY Dual Carbon 98 grams
Deathstix 95 grams

Which is why I think Carbon Fiber barrels are still a bit too light to hold the balance of your marker. I think a aluminium barrel like the Lotus still has a big part to play in paintball. It is much more affordable than a Carbon Fibre barrel- the performance is good if not better than most other 'good' barrels plus you save money and it maintains just the right amount of weight of your rig.

On a personal note this review is long overdue - my sincerely apologies for the long delay to Matthew. With Team Vicious now shooting Furious Barrels this is an exciting time for Furious Paintball and I wish Matthew all the best in signing more teams on and growing the brand further.

For more information please check out
Furious Paintball.
And Furious Lotus Barrels on PbNation

Sunday, April 5, 2009


The best April Fools joke this year is this thread on

"Thomas Taylor moves teams 2 days before USPL

After years of turning down the big $$ Thomas Taylor walks out on long time friend Rich Telford and XSV. Thomas will be playing full time with Dynasty from 2009... Thomas and his girlfriend have been look for a new place to live in San Diego for a few months.

Rich Telford had this to say “I wish Thomas would have talked to me before this move but I’m very happy with the players I have and think we will just keep getting better and better this year"

And Junior Posts this
"I'm sorry guys! This is not a April fools... If it is thomas is playing a bad one on us all."

Which freaked a few people out.... including me for a moment.
Until I remembered seeing this pic...

All is well again and good one Thomas (and Junior)
BTW what the heck was Conrad laning at??

Eric Prum

Eric Prum (4th from the left in the photo above between Shane Howe and me) 'disappeared' off the face of the paintball planet since he left Infamous. I asked Chris Corcino if he knew where Eric disappeared to and Chris didn't know. Eric used to work for Todd Martinez's Raza company and was the guy who would run markers over to Chirs for custom jobs.

Anyway I am glad to hear from Eric that he is now living and working in New York for Virtue Paintball. Congratulations on the new job and new life in NY Eric and we wish you all the best!

God Giveth, God Taketh Away

God Giveth
We have been looking for players for the World Games in Taiwan and Dye Taiwan offered the services of Devon who played with the Ironmen in Kish. That bought a smile to our faces - to have a guy who played on the Ironmen on our team would be awersome.

God Taketh Away
We just found out that the team representing the USA in Taiwan will most probably be the WORLD CHAMPIONS IRONMEN themselves and we might have to play them.

Funny that...

I was having dinner with a head ref recently and we were talking about players etc. He made an astute comment that said "the biggest moaners about 'overshooting' are those who wear vests and body protection things".

We had a good laugh at that.


Ollie Lang playting for DC Arsenal.
EDIT: more importantly he is using the new Virtue Crown for the Rotor.

Here are the rankings after the prelim games. Each team played 7 prelim games and there are many surprises in the results. The names in the top 3 are unexpected Blast, Arsenal and Avalanche winning 6 games and dropping 1. Dynasty dropped 2 to go 4th and the Bushwackers are holding up well on 5th spot also dropping only 2 games

Oakland Blast are back- and in style. With our friend the Bornstein brothers in the line up- its 6certainly great to see them at the top of the pile.

And It is great to see Infamous making the cut after is dismal outing at PSP PHX. With Rusty and LB in the line up would certainly make a big difference.

On the wrong end of the table XSV who are 14th and going home early. They finished 3 places below their 'junior' team Explict who got 3 wins - 1 more than XSV. Explicit, Legend and United did pretty well with wins in their first pro event.

No Ironmen and no Joy thus Nicky Cuba is hosting the live webcast. Ollie is guesting for Arsenal

1 Oakland Blast
2 DC Arsenal
3 St. Louis Avalanche
5 OC Bushwackers
6 Tampa Bay Damage
7 Edmonton Impact
8 Los Angeles Infamous
9 X-Factor
10 Legend
11 San Francisco EXPLICIT
12 Phoenix United
13 Miami Rage
14 Sacramento XSV
15 Indianapolis Mutiny
16 Scottsdale Elevation

Over is D1 Arsenals Junior team finished in 2nd place with D1 favorites Vicious in a respectable 3rd place. HK Holloywood didnt make the cut finishing in 10th place. Also to note is the Stoned Assassins coming back from the dead to come and play in D1 and making Sunday.

1 Rockstar Factory
2 Arsenal Evolution
4 DYNASTY Entourage
5 California Dream Team
6 Stoned Assassins
8 The Outfit

Saturday, April 4, 2009

What a disappointment

USPL's webcast is not free thus that throws a damper in the works. There wont be many people watching it as compared to when it was free. I'm too tired from being at the field today to log in- But I might log in tomorrow to watch the finals.

Friday, April 3, 2009


One of my readers was asking me about the Ironmen DM9s on Monday- well here it is.
I really like the black one on top. With the World Games being in Taiwan there is a good opportunity to pick one up from Dye Taiwan while we're there next June.

Ok I just found out that there are only going to be 5 or 6 of these in Day Asia coming on Monday and 2 have been reserved. Shit.

It is lighter, comes with the Billy wing Bolt and as well as polished body and polished barrel. All the special edition DM9s will be polished as the stock DM9s will have a 'satin' matt finish. Dye has officially decided to stop making markers in polished finish but they have been polishing the special edition DM9s.

Official Dye Video Below

UPDATE: They are on sale on ebay for USD$1500


Everyone's favourite PSP rep / girl paintballer / Dye girl Keely Watson celebrates her birthday today.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


With the recent 'incidents' in which one of us got called 'out' for a tank cover falling off - we've been really careful about what we carry into the field and making sure things dont fall off ourselves and our gear.

After one of our games in the last tournament, I was picking up pods and I came across a tank butt which was on one of my team mates' tanks which had fallen off. He didnt get called out in this game but I'd bet if it was in the other league - he would have been called 'out'.

Which brings me to 2 thoughts on the matter.

I think refs should spend more time watching the balls and players and less time keeping their eyes on things falling off players. A tank butt, and a barrel sock on the field is NOT going to cause any injury if its left on the field.

The current rules only allow pods and squeegies to be left on the field. But as we all know - players have a myriad of things that can fall off like headbands, caps, headbands and tank butts. WHY bother policing all these? If the whole point is to prevent team mates from throwing pods of paint to each other or leaving pods for another team mate- SURELY that can be easily seen and policed. Rather than slam the door on everything and just allow empty pods a squeegies?

Instead of looking for more things to call people out on- why not make it easier on players and parties and amend this rule so its one less stupid thing to get called out on? Just make it a rule that 1. Players cannot throw pods of paints to another team mate. 2. Players may not leave full pods of paints for another team mate.

I just don't see the point in this rule. I find it annoying that they will pull you if you drop a barrel sock but they can't tell who shot who first on a run through on the sudden death semi final game.

AND if you didnt already know- YOU CANNOT PICK UP PAINT from the field to play- that is also grounds to call you out.We found that out the hard way.

Are a great idea. But due to the current rules, they CAN be a minus if it falls off your tank. Keep that in mind- along with all the new gadgets and tricks and nicks they sell out there. Before you put it on your gear- ask yourselves. "IS IT GOING TO FALL OFF DURING A GAME?" and "ARE THEY GOING TO CALL ME OUT IF IT FALLS OFF"

I propose that everyone go up to the Ultimate and ask him if its ok for each an every bit of gear you bring it- all the fancy head bands, nipple covers, teddy bears you stick on your mask or chains or rubber duckys. Go ask him if you'll be 'out' if that falls off- and why not? Is it considered not safe?" If everyone goes and ask him 200 times over a weekend MAYBE well get that stupid rule amended.

God forbid your headband falls off during a game and your team mate picks it up and puts it on and then goes on to kill everyone else. That would be an unfair advantage - outrageous!

"Who shot who first? I don't know, I didn't see - we were all watching if his barrel sock fell off. But its ok - we'll just make it easy for ourselves and call both guys out."


Vicious are the Cult team of the moment in my books. They have the coolest PL Egos and jerseys.
These Limited Edition GREEN vicious Jerseys WERE really dope but they are all gone! Damn! They were made to celebrate their D1 win in the '08 World Cup

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Dear friends of Shane- I set up Shane's very first 'fan club' on PBnation in the Bushwackers thread- please sign up and show your support!

This weekend SEUBUROs live chat will be online during Huntington Beach. We will be having "PB Drinks" and this tournament- we're going to finish a drink every time we hear "Shane Howe" mentioned on the live broadcast.

PB Drinks is derived from "footy Drinks" where you get a bunch of friends to watch an
Australian Rules Football game. You pick a name of a player from the hat and every time he makes a 'mark' in which he catches the football. You have to "skull"- finish your drink.

If he kicks a goal you have to have 2 drinks. So it gets pretty tough on people who draw names of forwards because they will jump sky high and take "speckys" (spectacular marks) and then have a free kick for goal. So not only do you have to drink for the mark and then 2 drinks if he scores the goal.

So have a drink on hand this weekend when you watch the USPL Live Webcast and remember if you hear "SHANE HOWE" you have to finish that drink!