Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Happy 27th birthday man. (Yeah I know the age a big fat lie.)

Have a few on us up there in Japan - we hope to see you soon in Taiwan!

And save some of them kawaii girls for the rest of us.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks Arthur. Was I surprised to be going through the blogs and come upon this one with my big face glaring back at me. I also appreciate the age change, nice!

I had a great weekend here; phenomenal to be correct. Not only was it my bday weekend, we had the first 300fps tournament in Japan since the regulations change of 177fps went into effect (we played on the US base to make it legal). The tournament was point based due to the number of teams. And it came down to Team Ku and my team, Incarnate for first place in the very last official game to be played of the tournament. And it went down to a draw. Even though we beat them in our other match, we had another draw due to time expiration and Ku took first. Ku is a great team and friends of mine and congrats to them and the 2nd place team as well. We took home third but this says nothing of how my team played. both the first place team and 2nd place team couldn`t beat us. We simply got beat by time and slow run backs. My team was first all morning and we crushed the opposition. Congrats to my team too. After playing Ku my team was simply exhausted and just caved in the playoff for 2nd and 3rd but still retain 2nd place points for the saeson. I`ll send vids soon.

Oh yeah, by the way, found out I`ll be a father again on the weekend. My wife is pregnant with our second child but this is between us! Later