Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I spoke to a good friend Dean Apcar from the UK last night and he had some news for me. He and the guys on his team have left Medway Halloween and hooked up with London Shock and will be playing as London Shock 2 in Division 2 the Millenium Seris this year.

"We left hpg at the end of last season, then we went on own own for one UK masters tournament, and because we played so well that day against London Shock, they asked me to create a 2nd team for them, so we our now London Shock 2"

This is a great story and exciting news and we wish Dean and all the guys on London Shock 2 all the best!

We have a new team to root for in the Millenium Series.

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Ion said...

Dean, if you are reading this, all the best with your new team. BBen