Sunday, April 5, 2009


Ollie Lang playting for DC Arsenal.
EDIT: more importantly he is using the new Virtue Crown for the Rotor.

Here are the rankings after the prelim games. Each team played 7 prelim games and there are many surprises in the results. The names in the top 3 are unexpected Blast, Arsenal and Avalanche winning 6 games and dropping 1. Dynasty dropped 2 to go 4th and the Bushwackers are holding up well on 5th spot also dropping only 2 games

Oakland Blast are back- and in style. With our friend the Bornstein brothers in the line up- its 6certainly great to see them at the top of the pile.

And It is great to see Infamous making the cut after is dismal outing at PSP PHX. With Rusty and LB in the line up would certainly make a big difference.

On the wrong end of the table XSV who are 14th and going home early. They finished 3 places below their 'junior' team Explict who got 3 wins - 1 more than XSV. Explicit, Legend and United did pretty well with wins in their first pro event.

No Ironmen and no Joy thus Nicky Cuba is hosting the live webcast. Ollie is guesting for Arsenal

1 Oakland Blast
2 DC Arsenal
3 St. Louis Avalanche
5 OC Bushwackers
6 Tampa Bay Damage
7 Edmonton Impact
8 Los Angeles Infamous
9 X-Factor
10 Legend
11 San Francisco EXPLICIT
12 Phoenix United
13 Miami Rage
14 Sacramento XSV
15 Indianapolis Mutiny
16 Scottsdale Elevation

Over is D1 Arsenals Junior team finished in 2nd place with D1 favorites Vicious in a respectable 3rd place. HK Holloywood didnt make the cut finishing in 10th place. Also to note is the Stoned Assassins coming back from the dead to come and play in D1 and making Sunday.

1 Rockstar Factory
2 Arsenal Evolution
4 DYNASTY Entourage
5 California Dream Team
6 Stoned Assassins
8 The Outfit

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