Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Division 3 teams cannot play "7 man" in the ISSC tournament without jeopardising their Division 3 status.

In the upcoming  ISSC International 7-Man tournament, Division 3 or the “Novice Division”  is actually a 5 man competition.

So if a Division 3 team were to play in the 7 man category in Division 2 that would effectively void their status as a Division 3 team in MY-NPL’s eyes.

I can understand the intention is to make it easier and encourage more Division 3 teams to field a 5 man teams in the ISSC. However, my argument is that - isn’t the whole point of going to a "7 man tournament" – is to play 7 man? After all there is already an existing 5 man league for Division 3 teams to play in - why make have another 5 man tournament for Division 3. 

Its like opening a Baskin Robbins touting 31 flavours of ice cream and the telling D3 teams that they can only buy vanilla.

I don’t moving up to Division 2 for the sake of playing 7 man for just this one event. However it doesn’t make sense to void our status as a Division 3 team in MY NPL’s eyes for the sake of playing this one tournament.

There is a need of a rethink of this brobdingnagian snafu. 

So here lies the oxymoron - going to a “7 man” tournament and having to play 5 man. 


Anonymous said...

afaik,in MY-NPL once you go up to D2 then u can never play D3 anymore but you can always play in the Open Div without ever being worried on your status as a D3 player in MY-NPL.

SEBURO said...

How many D3 teams would go all the way up and play in the Open Division?

That doesn't make any sense too- wouldn't the Open Division be a D1 classification?

Anonymous said...

unless it is called a D1 div then it won't effect your status on any other div.

Make the jump to D2,you guys are good enough for it but just don't expect to see results immediately.

faizan said...

From what I know, I don't think it will effect any player status as ISSC is considered as a feeder game but players better double check again with the organisers.

Anonymous said...

Seburo, you have been in D3 for a long long time and I don't think that it is good for you to give comment to any other players/team as outsider might call you sandbags anyway.

Anyway in feeder tournaments it is fine to play in higher division and it doesn't effect your current status in D3 or D2. FYI!!

SEBURO said...

Yes we've been playing D3 for 3 years now and I wont be surprised if we'll be stuck in D3 again next year.

We've had to rebuild the team every year. And I am ready to retire from playing next year.

Maybe next year we should change our name to something else like the Red Sandbaggers!

I hope you're right about playing in feeder events and MYNPL doesn't throw the rule book at us later.

Anonymous said...

dont worry, they do change the rule in every dispute, every captain's meeting & every leg. then they will say, read and understand the rulebook. how to understand when u change it all the time??

Anonymous said...

I will take note on what you said today, and true infact that your teammates have been changing all the time. Maybe as a captain of the team you have failed to your responsibilities. I do hope that R7 can go further than staying in D3 at all time, and I wish you all the best since you are leaving paintball by next year.

SEBURO said...

I am no longer the Captain. I suck at being Captain.

Thank you for the best wishes.