Saturday, March 22, 2008

This is one sweet 07 Cyborg. Love the anno work. Its a special edition for Swiss Champions Consilium Dei.

If I had a custom annoed cyborg... it'll be red and silver where the yellow/gold parts are. Can't wait to see what the new 08 borg will be like.

Monday, March 17, 2008


These two designs should be available at the SPNS Tournament on the 30th of March
Taking orders now- price SGD$25 each.

All proceeds goes into the team fund.

Please support the team by getting a tshirt.

I really like this one. Wrote the copy myself. Its quite clever - paintballers and non paintballers will get it differently.

Friday, March 14, 2008

"Sport" in Singapore

If you haven't heard- the center line will be removed for the SPNS tournament. They have finally agreed to officially let us play without a border for the first time in Singapore.

Thanks to the hard work of the PBAS President Jane Koh. Now its a matter of EVERYONE showing the authorities that paintball is a real sport and its safe and clean. I hope I don't see anymore monkey-ing around on the field during the tournament and after. Players have to follow the rules and play as fair and with as much sportsmanship as everyone will be under the spotlight.

It is important that we show paintball as a clean and real sport- because parents and everyone will come and watch. Even old pros like Bob Long tell you that they don't want any monkey-ing and attitudes in the field because parents come and watch the tournaments. By monkey-ing I also refer to especially the Army twats. (read my previous post)

Paintball in Singapore now needs a successful tournament to further show people that it is a real sport. The SPNS needs people to come and play and show the country that its a real sport and people form teams and play it.

It should not be like Formula 1 where they waited 10 years before they jumped on the bandwagon because Malaysia has it. They should take a chance on Paintball and come and have a look and see what it is.

Singapore is throwing money at sports and wants to be a major player in sports. They got the youth Oylmpics and they're building stadiums and racing tracks. But I'm my opinion they are going about it they 'kiasi' way. They only want to back sure winners and not take risks. Paintball is new and unknown and they don't really know what category is it under and its been a struggle to get it recognised as a "sport".

We had a local sports TV show who came and shot scenes at the park and despite us showing them what Paintball is and how its played as a sport. The producers used Paintball as side line and we had about 45 seconds of coverage out of a half hour show. To say I was disappointed was an understatement but I am amazed by the narrow mindedness of the producers to just overlook Paintball.

It would be great if Paintball got into the X games and X games Asia and be seen on TV. Then more people and more sponsors will come on board. Today I went to adidas and had a look around and one of the sales guys came up and offered to help. All I can think off was the contempt I was shown by adidas' marketing people when I approached them for sponsorship. I guess if this county who (until recently) couldn't get a shirt sponsor for their national football team - Paintball doesn't stand a chance to get anything for a while yet.

Maybe in 10 years time when they host the World Cup (the Disney one) in KL- Singapore will wake up and want a piece of the pie. But I think the better avenue is for ESPN to pick Paintball up for their X Games and when Singapore wants to host the Asian X Games- they cant deny that Paintball is a sport.

Maximus Lundqvist Part 2

This is another video of Maximus this time he's giving clinics. You can pick up a few tips from just watching what he teaches. If there is anyone I'd want to attend a clinic with it would be with The Prince of Sweden. Even over Ollie and I think Ollie is a pretty darn good teacher.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Army shit heads

Some of the replies to my Challenge post - shows the army shit that some morons (who cannot read and comprehend what my point is) guys bring into the PB field. This is proof that army types bring their arrogant moronic and narrow minded army-know-it-all attitudes to the PB field and into my blog. They shoot their mouths off without reading and getting the point.

I said that all this army shit- its worthless in the Paintball field. Again I remind you that I have coached a bunch of high school kids who whacked a bunch of army officers in not one but in at least 4 games.

To accuse me of being 'irresponsible' is you being a moron because you missed my point. I never told you to try any PB stuff in the army "field" when you're doing army shit. I said that PB skills will make you a better army twit. Evidently the army doesn't make you any smarter. *I will elaborate in this later.

I said that we paintballers will kick any Army, Commando, SWAT or STAR guys ass in the PB field. Because paintball skills are better than army skills in the paintball field. And their "I-know-army-shit" mentality will be their big downfall too.

I appreciate some good points like anon said that you can't run and shoot because the shots will go every where. BUT I'd dare say with modern fire arms these days the gun designers are designing rifles with less kick and have better handling - shooting while on the run shouldn't be that hard to achieve.

I also appreciate another point in that you cannot see your shots because bullets are smaller and faster. Point taken but if you're using the gun sights and shooting at something further than 100m away how will you 'see' or know you're making a hit anyway?

You don't have to point out that "markers are different from rifles" to paintballers we knew that before you did. However you have to point that out army shit heads who time and time complain and moan about zero-ing and shots dropping.

*I will add that paintballers are smarter than most army guys.

Because we get army trained guys who come and do stupid things like:

1. Forget fundamental SAFETY rules like keeping their mask on despite being told numerous times.
They teach you to take your helmets and goggles off during a battle?

2. Forget to put the safety on despite being told to
Im sure you guys walk around with your safeties 'off' and finger on the trigger all the time in camp...

3. Point their barrels at their team mates
Seriously? I have to tell you why not to do this?

4. During a game they stick their barrels into sand and dirt
Didnt they teach you to keep your rifle CLEAN??

5. Shooting without looking
Really? You do this shit in the army?

6. Shooting with one hand
the same guy who complained about accuracy shot his marker with one hand.

7. Playing individually instead of working as a team
Yeah - can always pick apart an bunch of army guys - they tunnel vision and just shoot at one thing.

8. Act the monkey and dry fire or shoot people after the game is over when everyone guard is down
This was a master sergeant who disregarded safety of his men

Every time we get a group from the military we have to be extra careful and baby them. Because army guys think they know it all and act the fool. They are dangerous - they can't remember BASIC SAFETY rules like keeping their mask on putting the safety on. And they on the other hand go and do stupid things and endanger everyone in the field.

It'll be a bloody miracle if these people don't kill their own platoon mates.

After typing out all these points - I'd dare say that a paintballer will be SAFER in the army field with a rifle than an army guy who has no respect for their rifles.

Why don't you army guys challenge us in the field rather than just sit there and shoot your mouths off with a keyboard?


The update is that Pro Paintball wants the man himself Ollie Lang to come and do the clinic. Ollie is unavailable for March so they are going to try and get him in for the last leg of the Pro Paintball Cup series in June.

Seburo tshirts

Quite cool. The back has the Seburo logo with the 3 dots in a triangle formation.


I've always had this idea that it'd be cool to stick one of those mirco cameras on pro player's a marker and see what he does...

Maximus of Joy division shot this video with the camera on the barrel and its quite good. You'll need to watch it a couple of times to figure out what he does.

You have to turn your volume down as his loader sounds friggin loud especially when he reloads!

He snap shoots- reloads- snap shoot- jump and snap shoot- run and shoot- and shoots about 3 guys out.


Get over it (the center line)

Since the announcement of the SPNS - everyone has been asking about the center line. Believe me we would love to play without the centre line but things are not 'ready' for the center line to be removed. While every effort is been made to get the authorities to accept the idea of playing without it - you guys will just have to be patient about it.

So all you big mouth noobs - shut up and give us a break and stop asking about the damn center line. Its not as if you are going to run all the way up and bunker anyone anyway. Its not as if it's going to change your game as it is.

If and when we're allowed to play without it- you'll be the first to know - if we aren't allowed to take it out - well tough- things remains the same. We're all going to have to live with it like having chewing gum banned etc.

Everyone is still going to play the same way - stay way back in the back bunkers. So quit yabbering about the line.

Maybe after getting bunkered a few times and geting shot in the head and back - you'd want the damn line put back up.


Seburo MilSpec Scenario Marker- out soon?
Maybe Posiedon Industries will make one for paintball.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A challenge and more...

My teammate Calgar has issued a challenge in the Red Dynasty forum to any team to skirmish with the Red Sevens.

I will take it further and issue a challenge to any SWAT STAR SPECIAL FORCES COMMANDO ARMY team to play speedball with us and I dare say that we will beat these guys.

My point is that speedball skills will make you a better cop/soldier SWAT. Whereas Army skills is worthless on the paintball field. I'd say that if you learning how to play speedball will make you a better SWAT/SOLDIER in the field.

In speedball you do things like slide- shoot with both hands and snap shoot. All these they don't teach you in the army. They tell you to shoot with your stronger hand and use your master eye. That is quite restrictive and narrows your options. In speedball you don't use your master eye- you use two eyes to trace your shots. One of the advantage of using both eyes is - you can see what else is around you or your target- you wont get tunnel vision and miss someting on the side what could counter you.

Snap shooting is a skill which can be applied to shooting with hand guns and rifles- further more in speedball you have to be able to shoot with both sides left and right handed. Snap shooting will increase your chances of survival and chances of beating th eguy who is shooing at you.

When I watched BlackHawk down recently- and in a street scene - Sgt Eversmann played by Josh Hartnett was engaging the enemy around a corner. Because he was shooting right handed around the a left corner he had to lean out to get his rifle out around the corner to get a shot. In speedball that'll be stupid. If he learnt how to snap shoot with his left hand he wouldn't have to be so exposed to the enemy.

I watched those guys run with their bodies almost upright into cover while under fire. If I were them I'd be sprinting while keeping my body super low and sliding into my cover.

Another thing army guys cant do- they cant shoot on the run. We can and we do it with both left and right hands and we can change hands while on the run.

I said it before- when you come to the paintball field- leave your army shit back home. Leave your no.4 camo pants at home too- they will tear in the crotch and knee areas. You will trip over your army boots. Forget about cover firing and etc etc- its all rubbish. I can train a bunch of high school kids to beat a bunch of army officers so army shit ain't worth crap on the PB field.

So the challenge is up- you and your special forces SWAT STAR or whatever Amry Commando shit can come and play us.

Monday, March 10, 2008


It seems that old Uncle Bob didn't cry for 'long' about losing Legacy.
He has snatched the Russians away from the 'evil' 'empire' that is - Smart Parts

(Thats a hattrick of three puns)

I have shot one of those Marq's before and they shoot sweeter than Shockers.


This is from their official website. Go and have a look if you don't believe me. Click on IRONMEN EVENTS.

The Ironmen is coming to KL supposedly to give a clinic in conjunction with the ProPaintball cup*. Nicky is definetly not coming- he's going to conduct a clinic with Marcello Margott in Tennessee on the same weekend. This poster is sick

This clinic is USD$199 which includes lunch and a CASE OF PAINT. At the Hybrid Clinic Raja only gave out a damn packet of paint for the whole weekend....

*Pro Paintball's website and Demons' forum and has no information on this.


Yo man check out my new EPS white frame and EPS* bottom
And the soft ears are also white

Recognise the t-shirt? It matches my mask.

Guess who is the person wearing my mask and I'll give the tshirt back to you.

*edited thanks to darlie

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Darlie sent me this piece he wrote a while ago. I apologise for the lateness.

Its a good piece about when you buy your first marker dont jump the gun (pardon the pun).

I'll edit this further when i have some time.

'Because Winning is More Fun' by Darlie

Alien Paintball has spearheaded the Interceptor campaign with the above moto since the Markers first release back in 2005. Correct me if I am wrong but perhaps Alien at that time had intended to say that 'Wins' would come easier, if one had shot an interceptor. I however, find the statement quite contradicting as during my course of using of using the 06 Ceptor (the 2nd and final release of the Interceptor range) winning was quite scarce indeed. Now, upon reading that probably the old saying 'only a poor workman blames his tools' might come to mind, but yes these are due to many many technical issues which the marker presented. This is my experience with the Alien Amarda.

I'll have to admit what attracted me to the marker in the First place was the price and the fact that it was uncommon, during that time period june-july ish, I was in search of my first marker, therefore I had my sights on cheaper guns, so yeah I did some research on the interceptor, was convinced it was the greatest, most bad ass, fastest cycling marker in the market. So I booked a 2nd hand one a whole month ahead, slaved the entire summer, and got it immediately after I got my paycheck. First Impressions, Ego's come in spiffy metal boxes, Invert Mini's come in bulletproof looking brief cases with acoustic foams inside (god knows what for) And the list goes on, these days many Paintball companies emphasize quite a fair bit in packaging and presentation, Alien Paintball on the other hand obviously lacked human resources in the Market research sector as they seemed to be convinced that people didn't give 2 craps on what their markers arrived in, be it in glad wrap, tin foil, a shoe box, or some other dodgy package, or in this case a plain white cardboard box.

The marker itself seemed flawless, the gold fade finish was superb and the overall build of the marker can be summarized into 1 word, solid. Really impressive indeed, and I remind you that the marker was 2nd hand. The gun comes stock with a 10.5 inch Invasion barrel, WAS Electronics tournament ready board, a sweet trigger, break beam eyes, and the option of either the stock regulator or a CP regulator, mine obviously the former. Upon gassing it up during my next visit to the field, problems immediately arised, when dry fired really inconsistent shots sound patterns could be heard, still that was not the worse to come, when shot with paint, the chrono results were off the chain! 367,220, 318, 119, 200 fps, after much contemplating with a couple of guys the problems shortlisted were, either the Battery or the Regulator. After changing the battery, and sending the regulator for service with the previous owner, my beloved Ceptor was fine..for a day..the next it started acting up once again. Countless of times, for months I attempted to troubleshoot the problems with many people, but sadly no solution could be found. Maybe the Quality Control ran a little off when my regulator was in production, who knows maybe I got a lemon Interceptor. After a while I just gave up and the only use for the marker was for display in my room, not until just recently the previous owner offered to buy it back. To be honest, it was no fun at all owning the Interceptor, only regret that I had rushed into a decision without much thought. But oh well that's life, I have absolutely no clue on what 'fun' Alien meant in their slogan, and I guess I never will ;)


You Homos are disrespecting punks - still want to mouth off in the Red Dynasty forum.

Who the fuck you think you are to talk back?

I hope my friends in Malaysia will teach these suckers a thing or two about respect. When you step on the field you you shits got nothing - you are a bunch of no nobodys until you earn some respect. Right now you're just a bunch of punks who only know how to mouth off in online forums.

This is not a forum for "updates" about Paintball in Singapore. Its my damn blog and I'll say whatever I bloody hell want. If you dont like what I say- please fuck off. Dont come in here and go mouth off elsewhere. I never invited you in here in the first place.

I'll slag you off or whoever and whenever I like until you earn my respect. Till then you're going to have to just suck it. You think you can go into your army and mouth off at your superiors? Or are you going to get your mommies complain when you get yelled at?

I've had people calling me from KL and as far north as Penang talking about the Homo Monkeys.

Thank you all for the calls and emails of support.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


No one likes to be told what to do or what to say especially ME. You may not like what I say - but tough- suck it. You're just going to have to put up with it. You don't get to tell me what to do or what to say - you earn my respect first.

I called you guys the homo monkeys because I don't like your team name. I wanted you guys to be our junior team with a reference to the Red Sevens. But no you were narrow minded and went with a another name which sucked and there is no link to the Red Sevens when it comes to sponsorships etc. You guys are on your own.

I can't be bothered to remember and I don't respect your team name thus I call you guys the homo monkeys and to me and everyone the name will stay.

Instead of earning my respect you've pissed me off.

I'm writing this here to make a point- that no one tells me what I can and cannot say- And no one can censor me in my fucking blog.

Good luck to you homo monkeys.