Thursday, March 13, 2008

Army shit heads

Some of the replies to my Challenge post - shows the army shit that some morons (who cannot read and comprehend what my point is) guys bring into the PB field. This is proof that army types bring their arrogant moronic and narrow minded army-know-it-all attitudes to the PB field and into my blog. They shoot their mouths off without reading and getting the point.

I said that all this army shit- its worthless in the Paintball field. Again I remind you that I have coached a bunch of high school kids who whacked a bunch of army officers in not one but in at least 4 games.

To accuse me of being 'irresponsible' is you being a moron because you missed my point. I never told you to try any PB stuff in the army "field" when you're doing army shit. I said that PB skills will make you a better army twit. Evidently the army doesn't make you any smarter. *I will elaborate in this later.

I said that we paintballers will kick any Army, Commando, SWAT or STAR guys ass in the PB field. Because paintball skills are better than army skills in the paintball field. And their "I-know-army-shit" mentality will be their big downfall too.

I appreciate some good points like anon said that you can't run and shoot because the shots will go every where. BUT I'd dare say with modern fire arms these days the gun designers are designing rifles with less kick and have better handling - shooting while on the run shouldn't be that hard to achieve.

I also appreciate another point in that you cannot see your shots because bullets are smaller and faster. Point taken but if you're using the gun sights and shooting at something further than 100m away how will you 'see' or know you're making a hit anyway?

You don't have to point out that "markers are different from rifles" to paintballers we knew that before you did. However you have to point that out army shit heads who time and time complain and moan about zero-ing and shots dropping.

*I will add that paintballers are smarter than most army guys.

Because we get army trained guys who come and do stupid things like:

1. Forget fundamental SAFETY rules like keeping their mask on despite being told numerous times.
They teach you to take your helmets and goggles off during a battle?

2. Forget to put the safety on despite being told to
Im sure you guys walk around with your safeties 'off' and finger on the trigger all the time in camp...

3. Point their barrels at their team mates
Seriously? I have to tell you why not to do this?

4. During a game they stick their barrels into sand and dirt
Didnt they teach you to keep your rifle CLEAN??

5. Shooting without looking
Really? You do this shit in the army?

6. Shooting with one hand
the same guy who complained about accuracy shot his marker with one hand.

7. Playing individually instead of working as a team
Yeah - can always pick apart an bunch of army guys - they tunnel vision and just shoot at one thing.

8. Act the monkey and dry fire or shoot people after the game is over when everyone guard is down
This was a master sergeant who disregarded safety of his men

Every time we get a group from the military we have to be extra careful and baby them. Because army guys think they know it all and act the fool. They are dangerous - they can't remember BASIC SAFETY rules like keeping their mask on putting the safety on. And they on the other hand go and do stupid things and endanger everyone in the field.

It'll be a bloody miracle if these people don't kill their own platoon mates.

After typing out all these points - I'd dare say that a paintballer will be SAFER in the army field with a rifle than an army guy who has no respect for their rifles.

Why don't you army guys challenge us in the field rather than just sit there and shoot your mouths off with a keyboard?


CALGAR said...

i agree 100 fucking percent.

SEBURO said...



Thank you


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more.

And to add a neutral point-of-view, have some decency to use an identity when you're making your point cos' reading posts made by Anonymous is boring.

Darlie said...

mmm, pop corn anyone?

SEBURO said...
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Daniel (Junior) said...

Bwahahahah... I couldn't help but enjoy Seburo's sarcasm. But hell yeah, I agree w/ what he said.

Darlie: Bring some popcorn over... how about beer? Say... Heineken? :D

SEBURO said...

Don't tell me to 'tone down' in my own blog man. I know who you are and I don't go and tell you what to say in your blog.