Thursday, July 31, 2008


I SCORED big time - I wrote to Cyril for some advice on how to play Malaga and he sent me TEAM ICONs entire strategy and play book and explained to me how to read their plays.

Now I know all the sweet spots to lane and where all the shooting lanes are and which bunkers to control.

Fuck I'm so stokked I cant wait to walk and play this field at MPOC4.

Maintenant je vais à trouver une personne à traduire du français vers l'Anglais

Merci merci Cyril!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Stupid Mouth - John Mayer

My stupid mouth

Discover John Mayer!

My stupid mouth,
Has got me in trouble.
I said too much again.
To a date over dinner yesterday
And I could see she was offended.
She said well anyway...
Just dying for a subject change.

Oh, its another social casualty
Score one more for me
How could I forget?
Mama said think before speaking
No filter in my head.
Oh, whats a boy to do?
I guess he better find one soon

We bit our lips. she looked out the window
Rolling tiny balls of napkin paper
I played a quick game of chess with the
Salt and pepper shaker.
And I could see clearly
An indelible line was drawn
Between what was good, what just
Slipped out and what went wrong.

Oh, the way she feels about me has changed.
Thanks for playing, try again.

How could I forget?

Mama said think before speaking
No filter in my head.
Oh, whats a boy to do?
I guess he better find one.

Im never speaking up again. it only hurts me.
Id rather be a mystery than she desert me.

Oh Im never speaking up again.
Starting now

One more thing.
Why is it my fault?
So maybe I try too hard
But its all because of this desire
I just wanna be liked, I just wanna be funny.
Looks like the jokes on me
So call me captain backfire

Its a Wednesday....

Its Wednesday of the week before the tournament, after getting an email from Rusty Glaze this morning then it really hit me.

WOW in 3 days I’ll be playing in the Asian Invitational and we’ll be meeting all the pros like Rusty, Glenn Takemoto, LB Fow and seeing Thomas Taylor, Junior Brown again and Davey Williamson and Josh Rau from Dynasty from the last WCA.

This weekend will be huge!It’ll be bigger than WCA We’re playing for free all expenses paid tournament- can’t beat that AND - we’re getting 4 big pro teams and I love Infamous. Last night I watched Planet Eclipse Ego TV's episode on Infamous on DVD and I cant wait to meet LB, Jon Richardson, "Cowboy" Roy and Kali who is like 17 years old.

It’ll be shit hell sweet to watch ex-XSV players like Rusty, Jon and Glenn who are now all in Infamous - play against XSV.

Next week the Red Sevens will host some of the Dynasty guys who are coming down to Singapore. There is a chance the Red Fraction guys will get to meet them. It’s all happening in the Red Sevens.

I’m wondering who the "local D3” player who is going to guest on XSV - that guy is one lucky MOFO. TT told me that he had to reserve a jersey for a "local guy in D3" who is going to play for them


Daryl - you wanted to know "who/how the f*** can Moscow Phoenix can win Millenium Series 2?"

Its because Allan Phang is guesting for them!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

THE NICEST DM8 EVER - nicer than Billy Wing's

This one of just beat Billy Wings DM8 until 2nd place.
This is super sick its the nicest DM8 in this blog and if I bought it- I'd keep it and never shoot it...

All hail to Chris Corcino!

For sale at USD$1600

Monday, July 28, 2008


Where were you when XSV came to town?

Two Sundays ago - XSV was playing Dynasty for 3rd place at Buffalo and I watched Thomas Taylor duking it out with Angel Fragoza in the snake on my screen and I thought to myself then “fuck this is awesome and I'm going to meet this guy next week”. One week later Thomas Taylor is on the right corner and I'm in the center and we’re snap shooting each other Jon and I just missed laning him. Unreal.

Well those people who didn’t write to me will kick themselves for missing out on an awesome clinic.

First of all thank you to the Malaysian Paintball Association because the clinic turned out to be free.

Because there wasn’t many tournament players there - we basically had one on one lessons with TT and JB. We knew what we wanted to learn and we asked all the questions we wanted to know.

I was pretty excited at knowing that my snake player was given a private lesson on how to play in the snake - by the best snake player in the world - it cant get any better than that. And TT taught us how to ‘superman dive’ properly without getting jammed into the ground.

As it turns out Junior Brown plays the same position as me, so I got him to teach Jon and I how to play center back and how to shoot the break. How to play the whole team, how to put your players into bunkers where you want them to be in and how the corners work with the snake guy. And he also taught us how to contain and pinch the opposite team.

We had 2 'personal tutors' who basically taught us anything we asked and told us how to play and how to practice for it. Further more they taught us things and ways of thinking during a game - how to control the other side and what to do to gain as much advantage as possible in as many way as possible to beat the other side.

After the clinic we sat around chilled and just talked and asked questions. I took the opportunity to probe into the world of a professional paintballer and I asked questions about how the pros get sponsors and gear and how they travel and play tournaments etc. All this I will compile in a special exclusive interview.

We came away with XSV stickers, a 08 jersey, TT goggle straps, even an awesome PB DVD, posters and a Flora Fest mini banner all signed (Azlan even got his tool box signed!).

READ THIS — the first person to write a something in the comments thread will get a signed Thomas Taylor poster.

PLUS I am arranging for one the lucky guys - a spot as a crew for XSV during the Asian Invitational. Fuck man that will be an awesome gig.

Junior (who is charge of team sales) gave me his card and he told me "if you want anything come directly to me - don't go thru ebay anymore. I saw some stuff that is not out on the market yet - XSV tanks look really really sweet. Not everyone on the team has the new XSV tanks. Thomas uses a 45/4500 white tiny crossfire which makes his Ego 8 feel as light and thin as like you're holding a clothes hangar upside down.

It was a trip that cost each of us about less than a hundred Ringgit travel (RM33) and hotel (RM57) but a million bucks worth of knowledge and experience and we came away with two great guys as new friends.

So where were hell were you?

MPOC 4 Fields.

Looks like somebody had been reading my blog and took note of my annoyance at the MPOC fields always coming out late. Well this is a nice surprise abelit- its taken form previous pro events- Malaga this year and PSP Chicago Open in 2005.

Better early than nothing till late.

R7s team field plans will be sent out to everyone on the roster tonight.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


If you want any XSV staps email me asap. USD$25 each

BeatDown City Straps

Troll Straps

Buffalo Guns

Here is a look at what some of the pros were shooting at Buffalo

Team XSV shot mainly blue 08 egos. No sign on a custom nor a PL ego for them this year

TT shot a brown 08 ego - yucks

The Hurricanes are one of only 2 teams who got PL SL8Rs

Ryan Greenspan shot a Luxe while the other Dynasty guys shot their usual Dynasty Shockers. Cult team HK is so popular that even guys on the best team in the universe are wearing HK Army headbands.

XFactor shot their PL 08 Ego - nice.

DC Monstars were shooting MacDevs- here we have a gorgeous Gold Cyborg

Sunset Cyborg - looks familair ;)

This looks like a custom 'wrapped' Droid. Looks nice.

WAIT A MINUTE!?!? Russian Legion shooting a Luxe!?!?!

Friday, July 25, 2008

#17's DM, KM8 and MH DM7

Ol' Number Seventeen has got a special edition DM8. On sale for a whopping USD$1600

You should be familiar with this KM8 - for sale at the same price as Ollie's for USD$1600. But it has better value because it comes with Hand Polished Billy Wing Bolt, NuSkool Tricknowledge Edition Hater Board, 0.692 14" Dye Ultra Lite Barrel and Nicky's KM NuSkool Goggle Strap.
This is a real "Limited Edition" with edition number 13 engraved.

This is a Mikko Huttunen special blue MH editon DM7 - although I have never seen him shoot a blue DM7. For USD$800 which is rather cheap.

The KM8 is way much better but also way much more expensive.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Field Dialogue

Everybody knows that Communication on the field is important. Every one will tell you that you 'have to communicate on the field'. They will tell you to shout but they don’t tell you want to shout about. Newbies will be reluctant to say anything because they don’t know what is going on and they probably are inexperienced to make any calls. They would also be caught up in a gun fight to think about the rest of the team. But it is essential they get used to shouting and communicating to the rest of the team at an early stage.

Now the word is “communication”- not "shouting" whatever that comes to mind. Some of the local teams get into the game and just shout the bunkers the other side have occupied. There is one guy who is very good at yelling out the opposite bunkers – but he just yells the same thing over and over and over during the game. It is a one way communication with this guy – no one can get back to him. He doesn’t stop long enough to know if his team is responding to him or they’re all dead around him.

Communicating on the field is not just about shouting the bunkers at the top of your voice. You have to make it work for your team. This is where game experience comes into play- when I make my calls I am also thinking tactically- like what can my right corner or my front dorito guy see. I try to play the front guy to see if he can work an angle to get my mirror. Or when I see that the left tape is being pinned down by a guy in the right dorito- then I have to get the guys on the right to move up and shoot that dorito out. Because I know they will be busy shooting my guy on the left – there is a chance my right tape can bunker them.

The best game the Red Sevens ever played was a drawn game with Vendetta in the first MPOC1 is KL this year. We all stayed alive and the most satisfying part of the game was that we had great communication across the field- every play was countered by us we talked throughout the whole 5 mins and kept each other in touch. The left corner knew what the right corner was trying to achieve. I played the middle and related the information from side to side when one couldn’t get through to the other.

My philosophy in game communication is to have a dialogue between players. Not just yelling for the sake of yelling or giving a running commentary of who’s in what’s bunker like an auctioneer – that alone is useless. If you keep yelling the same thing in the same tone, after a while people will tune out and get caught up in their own gun fight. I want my team to have a dialogue- if I want Ben in the 30 Dorito to shoot snake 1- then I’ll yell his name and tell him what I want him to do. Ben will know I’m talking to him and I specifically want him to check snake 1. And with this - we will avoid having all 5 guns all looking tape at the same time.

Feedback is also important- if Jane in the front is being pinned by the back corner- she has to tell me which corner and I’ll organise someone to shoot that corner to give Jane some space to work on snake 1. Hearing the forwards its hard and for the forwards -yelling back is the hardest thing to do because you have to turn you head back and away from the time- but sometimes it’s important to stop shooting – turn back and make sure your message gets back to the back row.

It is very satisfying when it all comes together when everything and everyone works in synch. The pros play together so much- that they know exactly what each other is going to do- so they work to achieve the same move. When you watch Ollie and Nicky play side by side its like a watching 2 synchonised killing machines at work its pure poetry in speedball.

Ultimately- you want to play to a level that you and your teammates know you so well that a small thins like a hand gesture or a look will tell them what you intend to do.

When Nicky Cuba made up his mind to pull the game move on Son Dabilis in the carwash in game 2 of the finals- all he did was to wave his left hand over his right shoulder to tell Billy Wing who was his back that he was going to move and not to shoot him as he went around on the inside to bunker Dabilis. IT was a little hand wave that basically said “yeah yeah ok I’m handing this - don’t worry about it- just don’t shoot me when I’m moving up”

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Archie Montemayor is selling his 1 of 1 08 X-Faxtor Ego "only one with black parts and grip". USD1100

It's agro cold blue steel- cool. Like the chinese characters on the ends.


I have been talking to Thomas Taylor and Junior Brown almost everyday and managed to get a few places for their XSV clinic this Sunday 27th in Melaka.

I have a couple of places to spare specially for for readers of my blog.
So if you're interested in going for the XSV Clinic send me an email at: And tell me why I should bring you along.

– This is on a First-come-first-serve basis
– I reserve the right to refuse anyone I (dont) like.
– Subject to requirements, terms and conditions.


My friends over at ProPaintbal are going to have their NEW shop opening this Saturday in - KELANA JAYA (sorry for the mistake).

Rumoured to make a special apprearence will be Patrick Wobel from Frankfurt Syndicate - who is the Euro JT rep - and Thomas Taylor who is a JT sponsored player- Its going to be a big JT bash - and I've already got my JT door gift all hooked up.

Anyway - all the best to you Patrick and Ben Todo!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Coming Up Tomorrow Tues 4.30pm - Xtreme Paintball Beyond the Paint

If you're living stateside and you get FSN- Xtreme Paintball is airing the first ever NPPL Super 7 ALL-STAR game filmed at JAX last May.
The All-Star game report on Seburo.


Not many people came in on the chat after 2am- so I went online to PBNation and posted results and a running commentary on the final games there. You can check it out on this thread.

I had a nice surprise this morning when I found an email from J Stein of the NE Hurricanes management to tell me the correct spelling for 2 of their players and and offer to send me their new logo for use on my blog. I feel honored that someone from a pro team came and read my posts in PbNation and checked out my blog.

Personally I was really happy that the Ironmen made it to the finals and my favorite player Nicky Cuba basically won Buffalo and the Championship for the Ironmen.

Coming back from injury and sitting out at HB - Nicky upped his game and took control of the crucial games with Ollie. When Ollie got shot out - it was Nicky took over and made the game winning moves.

In the finals vs the NE Hurricanes Game 2 went down to the last minute 1 v 1 Nicky vs Son Dabilis - who manged to beat Davey Williamson of Dynasty in Game 1 of the Semi finals. Nicky single handedly saved the Ironmen from elimination by beating Son Dabilis and runing in the flag in with 4 seconds to spare bringing the finals to a sudden death game 3.

When the Ironmen got bogged down in Game 3 - Nicky bust the big move on the inside to take out Son Babilis in the car wash and opened up the game and eventually tipped the game over to the Ironmen's side. Lest we forget the the rest of the team - the solid backs B Wing Mike Paxton B Short and Marchello playing the Snake all who put together a great championship run.

Congratulations to the Ironmen for winning NPPL3 and the 2008 NPPL Super 7 Championship.

Also congratulations to The New England Hurricanes who beat Dynasty to make it to their first finals.

And Congratulations to Rich Telford and XSV for coming back into the top 4 with a good 4th place finish. And Thomas Taylor who had a solid tournament- apparently he was the only guy left alive but somehow he managed to kill off 4 and score the win. I didn't watch this game but Bea Youngs mentioned it on NPPL LIVE.

Thanks to NickyT and Maddy Marshall for a good time and for the shout out at 5am.

Monday, July 21, 2008


They're throwing their gear and jerseys into the crowd!
The crowd is going wild.


ITS 526am this was my commentary on PBNation the last game final game 3
I refreshed the post every 30 seconds to give the guys a running commentary.

Here we go... Ironmen taking the field now
both teams on the field

10 seconds.
GAME ON - canes in dorito 2 - canes g2 2 out
630 canes g2, men 7
600 canes g3 son out b short up into red zone
530 canes g4 men still have 7 men
500 canes g4 men g1 b short out in snake 3-6
440 lang in 50 dorito cuba in car wash
430 ironmen in control
400 3 canes left. lang out! 5-3 men up
330 4 ironmen in red zone - only B wing at back canes G5
300 nicky cuba runs through and takes out the last 2




Dynasty lose 2 straight games that went down to 1 vs 1. Davey Williamson lost to Son Dabillis in Game One and Yosh Rau lost to Dave Savoy in Game Two to send the Hurricanes into their first(?) Final.


The Ironmen were too strong for XSV - killing them in game 2 dropping one guy only. They killed TT at the start of both games- thus killing XSV's attack.

Hurricanes beat Dynasty in game 1 of their semis. It went down to 1 vs 1 Davy Williamson and Son Dabillis went 1 on 1 down to 30 seconds. Dabillis made the agressive move and beat Davey and scored a win for the Canes.

We might get a Ironmen vs Dynasty final but if the Hurricanes beat Dynasty again - then the (other) boys in blue will be out.


ITS 1AM and the Final four teams in the semis are

Ironmen vs

Dynasty Vs

They play best of 3 games
Ironmen just beat XSV is game one.

Really chumped that Impact blew it.And X Factor too.
Ironmen won all their prelim games. Dynasty 2-1. Ironmen BEAT Dynasty in the morning Prelims

In Semi Pro
Arsenal Evolution vs

Phoenix United vs
Dynasty Entourage

DC Monstars
New England Express

Arsenal Kidz
Aftermath 2

Miami Rage
DC Arsenal Predators

Go 4 Broke

C.S. Union
Paintball Authority Kids

Crims Factory

Sunday, July 20, 2008


XSV make it to Sunday!

X factor,

Impact lived up to their potential and dropped only 2 games to score the highest total points of all the Pro teams they finished the day trashing Arsenal and XSV with 7 guys alive. Impact is my super hot fav to go thru to the finals as they have stamped their dominance on 2 teams in their group.

X-Factor started with 2 losses and then put a 6 game winning streak - they will be the 2nd fav from this group along with Impact to go to the semis.

DC Arsenal made a strong showing- winning 6 of their games and unexpectedly making it into the final 8.

And the big surprise is that Mr Franchise and his XSV boys made it to Sunday for the first time this year.


Dynasty started out with a 6 game winning streak losing their final 2 to Damage and Hurricanes

The Hurricanes vs Dynasty game will the the grudge match to watch. I think who ever wins between these two till go to the semis because I say the Ironmen will be taking the other semi final spot.

Ironmen came out angry with a point to prove- they won their first 3 straight games playing with 6 guys. Dropping their 4th game to Damage losing their power match to Dynasty and eventually ending up with 5 wins out of 8 games.

Infamous also scrapped through with 5 wins to make it into group 2 with the Ironmen and Dynasty - this is the group of death with 3 Cali power house teams along with the 'Canes from the east.

Who did not make it - Aftermath, Damage and Jersey Authority.

SEMI PRO (Top 8 Advance)
Arsenal Evolution
Dynasty Entourage
Phoenix United
Avalanche Army
Method of Destruction
SF Design

DIVISION I (Top 8 Advance)
DC Monstars
Red Devilz
Splat Kids
Aftermath II
RNT Allstarz
Arsenal Kidz
New England Xpress (NeX)
Chop Shop

(HK Hollywood missed the cut)

Miami Rage
L.A. Endurance
Go 4 Broke
D.C. Arsenal Predators


Thanks to John for staying up all night watching the games and helping with the scores.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Due to a technical problem- I cannot use to log into msn.

I created
so add my hotmail to your MSN.

I'm really stokked to find out that John all the way from Toronto Canada reads my blog and he came on the chat.
Props to you John - you made my day.

Pro games start tonight at 11AM Buffalo time = 11PM Singapore/Malaysia time. I should be online by then.

Ok here is what you'll need if you want to watch or follow the games:
Watch the games live

Get your NPPL3 Buffalo field plans here:
Spyder Field / JT Field

Game Schedules:
Pro Division Preliminary Games Schedule.
Sunday Finals Schedule

Selected Pro team game schedules

NOTE: that all times listed below in US Time is the opposite to Singapore/Malaysia
so games starting at 11AM their time is 11PM in SIN/MAL.

Infamous plays the first two games against a team that won the last PSP and the Ironmen who won the first NPPL of the season. Then they have to face the hot Hurricanes who finished top 4 in JAX and Aftermath who is the hot team at the moment coming from their win in JAX.
11:20 AM Tampa Bay Damage
12:10 PM Golden State Ironmen
12:50 PM New England Hurricanes
2:10 PM San Diego Dynasty
2:10 PM Escondido Aftermath
2:40 PM Chicago Aftershock
3:20 PM Pittsburgh All Americans
4:40 PM Oakland Blast

The big news is that Ironmen will have to play their first 6 games with one man short. 12 They incurred a penalty (which is a bit of a controversy) - we're not too clear that exactly that is. But the Ironmen offered to play with 1 man short and the NPPL accepted it as a penalty.

Ironmen have a tough tough line up- they will face their arch-rivals Dynasty at 3:20PM with the days best line up. And they will go against former Captin Bob Long's Blast team at 12:40. After that is a tough line up they play PSP winners Damage who are on a hot roll. Then the Hurricanes who I think can beat them- then they play Dynasty and then Aftermath. Its going to be a long day for the 'men and it'll have a big test for the team to get through to Sunday. I wont be surprised if they either not get through or just barely scrape thru to Sunday.

11:30pm Pittsburgh All Americans
12:10 PM Los Angeles Infamous
12:40 PM Oakland Blast
1:20 PM Tampa Bay Damage
2:40 PM New England Hurricanes
3:20 PM San Diego Dynasty
4:10 PM Escondido Aftermath
4:50 PM Chicago Aftershock

Dynasty should make it to the final rounds with no problems. They have one of THE best snake players around in Angel Fragoza and he will do a lot of damage. Dynasty's first game will be a hoot against the previous winners Aftermath. The big game will be against former Captain Ollie Lang's Ironmen at 3:20.
Dynasty also picked up big names like Damage, Hurricanes and Aftermath. This weekend is full of big name match ups.

Dynasty fans will have a good time- better than Ironmen fans

11:20 AM Escondido Aftermath
12:00 PM Chicago Aftershock
12:50 PM Pittsburgh All Americans
1:30 PM Los Angeles Infamous
3:20 PM Golden State Ironmen
2:10 PM Oakland Blast
2:50 PM Tampa Bay Damage
4:00 PM New England Hurricanes

more line ups when i wake up.

147am Friday NPPL3 Buffalo

Its 147pm Buffalo time - Matty Marshall is on- he's chatting with Terry Newmaster of JT- they talked about the Vlocity loaders. The Dynasty loader is 30% more energy efficent compared to the other models and the XSV model is the most power chomping one - that's why it comes with it own rechargable Lithium Ion batt.

We're halfway through Fridays schedule watched a few D2 games- their standard is pretty high with slide dives and run thrus.

Having some problems with the chat line- might have to change my email. Will post it up when I settle that.

Ok I have created a new MSN for the live chat-

Thursday, July 17, 2008


NPPL fields are always set up for max entertainment value- one dorito side and one snake side. The snake side is set up with 'spikes' and cakes and the maya smack in the midle- heck man it's like sucking players to go in there and play. Playing the snake is like another game all together- if both teams send players into the same snake- you'll have 2 games for the price of one- it'll be a huge snake battle.

There is nothing much at the back- they're gonna make you run if you want to secure those corners. This is a 7 man man field- count the bunkers you think you can make and place 7 guys on the break- NOT EASY. Watched the D2 guys played last night- if you're gg to take the 30 and even the 40 bunkers you're going to have to haul ass and DIVE into them. The center lanes are quite open so the opposite backs will be laning your ass down the centre.

For dorito fans- they put in 2 car washers on the dorito side. And at an angle- so you have to be careful where you play in the car wash- if you're in the wrong spot their 45 will have an angle on you. Last night there was some hot battles on the dorito side between the car washes- close up snap shooting action. Plus you have two big Ds on the 30s should you dare you go the highway side to shoot out their car wash guys. I cant wait to see Ollie and Nicky play this field.

Is SNAKE heaven- this will be THE field to watch in terms of game watchablity - dual snake tapes will be a heaven for teams with a few good snake players- Ironmen and Dynasty will be the ones who will play 'em snakes. Teams with great snake players like Angel (Dynasty) and Nicky (Ironmen) and Alex Goldman (Aftermath) will have a field day in the SPYDER field. Because you'll have a 3 factor game - 2 snake sides and the centre field. No one will be taking the 30s unless they can shoot out the snakes on the breaks. The centre zone will be a kill zone until both the tapes are taken care of.


Here we go its a Thursday night before game weekend.
Here are the Pro team rankings going to Buffalo

PRO Division.
1 Golden State Ironmen
2 St. Louis Avalanche
3 San Antonio X-Factor
4 Escondido Aftermath
5 New England Hurricanes
6 OC Bushwackers
7 Jersey Authority
8 San Diego Dynasty
9 Oakland Blast
10 DC Arsenal

11 Edmonton Impact
12 Chicago Aftershock
13 Los Angeles Infamous
14 Miami Rage
15 Sacramento Excessive
16 Pittsburgh All Americans
17 Tampa Bay Damage
18 Portland Naughty Dogs

Ironmen are solid at the top with big points from HB and JAX. The 'men with a fully fit team and a fit Nicky Cuba should be a big pick to make it to the finals on Sunday night.

My other picks to go top three will be the NE Hurricanes who came so close in JAX losing out by one on ones in the Semis - I think being closer to home this trip will be an advantage to the boys from Boston. Dynasty who are prevebial kings of the 7 man format could stage a comeback at mid season point.

Can X-factor live up to their potential? They showed that they can beat big teams like Dynasty- they need to string a few more big wins and get to the finals.

Semi-Pro and D2 and D3 games start on Friday night 730pm.


If you're a avid reader of my blog you would have picked up on the rumour that Joy will be coming to WCA this year. Well Magued has said it and FACEFULL put it in print. The whole Joy Division team will be coming to WCA this year.

The trip will be sponsored by Joy's sponsors... which are NXe WDP/ if you can figure out which other teams have the same sponsor and you might figure out who will rock up in Kuala Terrenganu too ;)


This weekend July 18-20 I will be online on MSN to bring you live coverage of the NPPL Super 7 series from Buffalo New York.

All Live Chat sessions will start at 11pm till the broadcast closes.

*I reserve the right to exclude, ban and block people from my Live chat.

All results and game reviews should be up in the morning- so NPPL tournament fan can check up to date results and game draws.

XSV's Thomas Taylor + Junior Brown Clinic

TT and Juju will conduct a clinic before The Asian Inviational.
Limited spaces available - Priority will be given to Red Sevens and Red Fraction players.

More details in and

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


1. NPPLLIVE IS NO LONGER FREE. You have to pay USD$10 for all 3 days. Boo.

2. The latest FACEFULL is in Singapore- won't tell you where - you'll have to go find it yourself.

The Prince of Sweden is on the cover with Joy coming back to America and an interview with Magued.

Team feature is the boys from Jersey Authority- which will have some familiar faces. And with some beautiful shots from Malaga.

3. For my Red Sevens' team mates> looks like we're playing Raskal (just back from Millenium Cup and Intercon cup Toulouse), Raja's El Burritos top it off Team Zealous in the Asian Invitational. (See banner on top)

More later after I watch some TV

Coming up >
Thomas Taylor and Junior Brown are conducting a Clinic
Dynasty boys at Red Dynasty?


Thomas Taylor's Limited Edition Style Points KM Straps

If you're a fan of TT- you would have probabaly come across these sometime. I promised TT that I'd help him sell his Style Points Straps by KM Straps- so here they are.

Prices are USD$25 and if you want one ( or a Beat down City t-shirt) - you'll have to order it - send me an email at You'll get your straps 2nd week of August after I get back from the Asian Invitational.

Models Left to right- Beatdown City, Red Troll, Blue Troll and Electro.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

1150pm still in the office

Its 1150pm and I'm still in the office...

I thought I'd blog before going home and not risking hooking up with the neighbour's woeful WIFI connection.

Well I missed the Red Dynasty dinner as expected.

Looks like there are heaps of secrets floating around the PB world- I thought I'd like mine slip since I can't tell Ben's big secret.