Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Not many people came in on the chat after 2am- so I went online to PBNation and posted results and a running commentary on the final games there. You can check it out on this thread.

I had a nice surprise this morning when I found an email from J Stein of the NE Hurricanes management to tell me the correct spelling for 2 of their players and and offer to send me their new logo for use on my blog. I feel honored that someone from a pro team came and read my posts in PbNation and checked out my blog.

Personally I was really happy that the Ironmen made it to the finals and my favorite player Nicky Cuba basically won Buffalo and the Championship for the Ironmen.

Coming back from injury and sitting out at HB - Nicky upped his game and took control of the crucial games with Ollie. When Ollie got shot out - it was Nicky took over and made the game winning moves.

In the finals vs the NE Hurricanes Game 2 went down to the last minute 1 v 1 Nicky vs Son Dabilis - who manged to beat Davey Williamson of Dynasty in Game 1 of the Semi finals. Nicky single handedly saved the Ironmen from elimination by beating Son Dabilis and runing in the flag in with 4 seconds to spare bringing the finals to a sudden death game 3.

When the Ironmen got bogged down in Game 3 - Nicky bust the big move on the inside to take out Son Babilis in the car wash and opened up the game and eventually tipped the game over to the Ironmen's side. Lest we forget the the rest of the team - the solid backs B Wing Mike Paxton B Short and Marchello playing the Snake all who put together a great championship run.

Congratulations to the Ironmen for winning NPPL3 and the 2008 NPPL Super 7 Championship.

Also congratulations to The New England Hurricanes who beat Dynasty to make it to their first finals.

And Congratulations to Rich Telford and XSV for coming back into the top 4 with a good 4th place finish. And Thomas Taylor who had a solid tournament- apparently he was the only guy left alive but somehow he managed to kill off 4 and score the win. I didn't watch this game but Bea Youngs mentioned it on NPPL LIVE.

Thanks to NickyT and Maddy Marshall for a good time and for the shout out at 5am.

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