Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Its a Wednesday....

Its Wednesday of the week before the tournament, after getting an email from Rusty Glaze this morning then it really hit me.

WOW in 3 days I’ll be playing in the Asian Invitational and we’ll be meeting all the pros like Rusty, Glenn Takemoto, LB Fow and seeing Thomas Taylor, Junior Brown again and Davey Williamson and Josh Rau from Dynasty from the last WCA.

This weekend will be huge!It’ll be bigger than WCA We’re playing for free all expenses paid tournament- can’t beat that AND - we’re getting 4 big pro teams and I love Infamous. Last night I watched Planet Eclipse Ego TV's episode on Infamous on DVD and I cant wait to meet LB, Jon Richardson, "Cowboy" Roy and Kali who is like 17 years old.

It’ll be shit hell sweet to watch ex-XSV players like Rusty, Jon and Glenn who are now all in Infamous - play against XSV.

Next week the Red Sevens will host some of the Dynasty guys who are coming down to Singapore. There is a chance the Red Fraction guys will get to meet them. It’s all happening in the Red Sevens.

I’m wondering who the "local D3” player who is going to guest on XSV - that guy is one lucky MOFO. TT told me that he had to reserve a jersey for a "local guy in D3" who is going to play for them


Daniel Goh @ Junior said...

That lucky f*ck :-P

Dragonboi said...

Arthur, you guys are really lucky to meet the pros and have soo much! Wld soo love to play and learn more.. Aniway, have loads of fun ae!

SEBURO said...

Yo Louis! - we had a great time in Melaka and this weekend will be a blast. Wish you were in town man. MPOC4 is in 2 weeks too.