Thursday, November 27, 2008


Black Friday is traditionally the day after Thankgiving when they have major sales in the States. Some brands/stores are giving big discounts on Pb gear. From Planet Eclipse to DSS and even macroline guy- check out PBn for links.

Anyway today is thanksgiving- I want to wish all my 2 American team mates Ryan and Zach and my other American friends Thomas and Shane and readers of my blog - Happy Thankgiving and save some turkey for me!


Jason, Ben, Corey and Daryl at the NPPL Asian Invitational

Everyone knows that the Bornstein brothers are pretty tight. They both joined the Bushwackers because they could play together on the same team.

So why the sudden move to Oakland Blast just before the Commanders Cup? PN Reserve puts Jason Bornstein's departure from The Bushwackers was because of Ryan Podesa busting Jason for using a non-sponsored gear.

The Bushwackers have a team rule that if you get caught using non-sponsor's gear - you'd get cut by team owner Ron Kilbourne. (Good thing the tank we lent him at the NPPL Asian Invitational was a DXS tank)

Ryan and Jason aren't really buddies - so when Jason's Ego went down, (they had to buy their own Egos and loaders) he borrowed someone's Timmy. And Ryan took the opportunity to get at Jason by taking photos of Jason playing with the Timmy.

Thus Jason was pushed out of the Wackers and went over to Uncle Bob's Blast team.

Jason -> we wish you all the best from Me and sBen and the Red Sevens

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Rockstar PLs out for EGOs and GEOS
Available from www.www.dlxpaintball both models at USD1450

Monday, November 24, 2008


Im très heureux pour les garçons en vert qui sont en vedette dans la nouvelle équipe Facefull profil
Im pretty stokked for the boys in green who are featured in the latest Facefull team profile

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Empire Prophecy Loader

EMPIRE released a new loader caled PHROPHERCY last week at the C Cup fueling rumours that the Loader B will be discontinued. But judging from the lack of interest in the Magna - and with the lease of over 10 shell colours for the Loader B- I think its here to stay.

The Prophercy was demo-ed on NPPL Live and I was impressed with the huge sized front extention in with you can put 280 paintballs- that is 2 full pods of paint into the loader.

Based on the legendary HALO platform and improved with today's standard tool-less disassembly and sound or radio activation. The front of the loader is a one piece monocoque design which is stronger and saves you from having to clean paint off screw holes.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

WCA Report.

Ok I've taken sometime to write this sorry for the delay. But I'm trying to be really careful so my words will not be taken out of context and or insult something unintentionally.


The Red Sevens had a great World Cup this year with a lot of good games scoring wins from stronger teams like the D'Mercy Kids and DemonsX whom I rate highly.

With 7 wins, 3 losses and one draw with PPS - the Red Sevens qualified in 6th place going into Sunday which is a big improvement from last year when we could only manage 4 wins and did not qualify.

In the group stages we had a good chance as we were in the same group as D'Mercy Kids, Goober and new comers from Sarawak PPS Syndrome. We were optimistic and hoping to bring in the same form we had on Friday. But we lost to the Kids- in a good fight- taking 3 of them before going down. We needed a win against goober because PPS took the Kids by surprise and scored what I thought was a brilliant victory.

So Kids, PPS and us all had 1 loss each going into our second game. We needed to beat Goober but we lost and we were out of the tournament. We played PPS in our last game and it went down to a draw.

The Red Sevens had a good time with good wins and close fights - there were highs and there were lows over the weekend. I think the two Kids who came with us also had a great time and scored a couple of crucial last man wins against DemonsX and PPS Headhunters.

Ryan has a good time playing with all the different guns from Egos, GEOS and PMR to DM8s and the Ollie Lang DM8. His verdict - the DM8 over the Ego.

Big shout out to Zach who came out with us for the first time - bagged us at least 3-4 victories and generally being a great kid with easy going and positive attitude.

Big Ben had a couple of big games with his Ollie Lang gun - it was exciting to watch him play with that DM8.

Jane was the crowd favourite - easily recognisable on the field – especially when playing Palti whom she shot out.

And lastly great friend AND someone whom I am very proud to call my teammate - Azlan who has the most drive and determination and always the stalwart of the team. You will be very missed by all of us you will always be a red in our hearts.

My highlight of the weekend was meeting up and making friends especially with Palti the Goober guys and "Coach" Rony from Java Genies and props to Reuben from Hoodlums who went to the quarters for their first time. You guys did great Reuben don’t let that one point take anything away from your achievement.

It was really good to have a friend in Kiko who came around to cheer us up and talk to us. Palti really moved me when he said to his team that the Red Sevens are Goober's Brothers.

Warmest congratulations to Kiko and Real Pinoys for taking 1st place in D2. You guys lost "that game" but you won the bigger prize - so Kiko your positive attitude went true for you guys too.

Congratulations also to the Sarawakian teams and marshalls. It was REALLY GOOD to see 4 teams from my home state of Sarawak AND not forgetting the two guys also who came over to marshall MAHA POWER :) Congratulations to PPS Syndrome who made it into the second Round in their first major tournament and even managing to take a game away from D'Mercy Kids. You guys did awersomely well.


The Marshalling was excellent - not many hard calls- firm but fair was the policy on the Dye field and I think all the D3 teams had good games with not too many disputes. I for one found it much easier to play compared to previous world cups when the marshalling was a bit too strict and less experienced teams were heavily penalised.

There is also one obvious factor in this tournament, which was PLAYER SAFETY - I felt that the playing field at the WCA was much safer with the standard of marshalling that was on hand. I would like to thank the Australian head ref who make the tournament all that much more fun to play in. Thank yous to Junaidi and Ulrich and all the Refs for all your hard work.

The vendors' support was great- the best ever- I guess it had to make up for the absence of some of the Pros. All the big shops turned up and set up big tents and there were lots to see and buy. Tech support from Dye, Eclipse and MacDev was superb and I thank all the factory guys who came all the way from San Diego (Dye) and Sydney (MacDev) to help us out.

Thank you to Magued from bringing your legendary Joy team to Malaysia - I watched almost all the Joy games and they were brilliant to watch in full flight.

Congratulations to Infernal of Thailand for taking D1. I had a great time watching them play - they are an awesome team. And also my congratulations to Alan Lian, Terry and the rest of Team Ronin too- you guys did really well - you guys carried the Malaysian flag well in D1.

My only beef was the mud - which was to be expected at this time of the year. And I'd like to give the food vendors a break by not charging them an arm and a leg so more food vendors would come next time with more variety and not having to charge RM2.50 for a drink.

Thank you to the pros who traveled all the way from Europe - Patrick Wrobel from Syndicate and Stephane Brun from the TonTons ;) it was great to see you guys again.

I want to thank the tech guys- Airman- who despite having problems on Friday - you did a great job to keep the queues at the air station down.

Also like to thank Badman! - For always being around at the right time to put in a good word and also for listening to my suggestion to put a table in the chrono tent so we didn't have to put our markers in the mud after we chronoed.

Thanks to MR Allan ‘Ping Pong' Phang who ran around getting things sorted and getting our photos on our ID cards and lending his jersey to a certain TonTon so I did have the pleasure of watching him play a game.

Finally thanks to Paul Lam who grew a couple more white hairs over the weekend but I'd like to say your efforts, your hard work and your perseverance were very much appreciated by this humble D3 team who had a great time at the World Cup Asia.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


If you think the photo on your ID tag sucks... 
Here is one of a multiple World Champion Professional Player

Monday, November 17, 2008


I was BLOWN AWAY when Patrick of Pro Paintball gave me his Syndicate Pro Jersey. 
Till today I'm still stunned- anyway THANK YOU Pat.

I got the jersey signed by Patrick Wrobel who was at the WCA and Pat told me that he's on the new issue of FACEFULL. The inside scoop story of the FACEFULL cover is that he had just been overshot by one of the JOY players and he got a one for one for shooting Pat. The regular Syndicate Jersey has LOVE/HATE on the shoulders but Patrick's is special -his has HATE/HATE

I just so happen to have an 06 issue of FACEFULL which featured Frankfurt Syndicate so I got that page signed.

Thanks to Pro Paintball Patrick for the jersey
Thanks to Partick Wrobel for signing it.


Please help a friend of mine who is doing a research for the Phd. Fannie a really cool biker ballerina hot babe type who has acted on a couple of TV shows and was last seen as the Milo Ballerina girl on bus stops.

The test is like an arcade game- all you need is to do it for about half an hour. It's really easy - just have to work on your reflexes. Please contact her if you can spare half an hour of your time.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

TEAM ICON EGO8s for Sale

Icon are selling their personal Icon PL custom Egos.
Prices are "about 800 euros plus shipping". Not a bad price considering its the same price as ex pro Egos from stateside.

Monday, November 10, 2008



Shane Howe (who used to be in LTZ) just told me that LTZ is fielding a team in Semi-Pro in this weekend's Commanders Cup. They practiced over the weekend with the Ironmen at Victorville Fairgrounds in California as they are both Dye sponsored teams and Ironmen John Paxon was LTZ's Captain.

This is for the R7 guys - Shane wishes the team luck. They (Infamous) are playing commanders cup this weekend.

Good luck to your team in Asia!
Shane Howe
Infamous #13

Thursday, November 6, 2008


G-No at The World Cup

There is speculation as to what the 09 Infamous jersey will look like.
They played the World Cup wearing the new 09 Limited Edition Pinstripe Jerseys.

I did a bit of cut and paste and colouring to see what the new Infamous jersey could look like.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Ironmen (and Dye) Gear at the World Cup

Captain Billy employing the new DM9 - customised with his signature splatter feedneck, barrel tip and ASA and yep - he's still using that old drop forward and also check this - he's gone and somehow stuck a i3 visor onto the i4! Old School Props!

Nicky Cuba shooting a DM9 with his Pinokio as he is a Pinoko sponsored player. Nice colour scheme DM9 - all black with just the Red Boomstick back. I spy a crossfire tank here....

Nicky is using the new 09 Attack pack. A change from using the old Proto tube packs.

Ollie opted for his trusty signature DM8 however is using the new Rotor but with a slight modification - the "glued on" Virtue Crown. That's another crossfire I spy. The world wide shortage of Throttles must have hit the Ironmen too. Dye omitted the thumb holes on the sleeves for the C9 thus Ollie's sleeve has slid right up his arm.
Love that pbfashion headband.

Larry Bird - oops I meant Marchello Margott using the i4 mask and another Virtue Crown on the purple Rotor. His crown seems to sit better in the Rotor without looking "glued on" ala like Ollie's.

Xalo here with another 'solution' he's slipped a FeedFast into his Rotor.

Monday, November 3, 2008

DYE ROTOR's "Speed Feed"

B Short was seen using the Dye Rotor with the 'Speed Feed' and here is what it really looks like.

EDIT > This is from Jon who found this on pbn- its Ollie using the Crown on his rotor. I guess you could squeeze the silicon part into the mouth.... He would have to use the Crown since he is a Virtue sponsored player.


JT's "new" Proflex Revolution has lower narrower profile. It comes with soft moulded ear pieces and its got CUT lines for you to customise it.
I just want the white one for the white frames.


I just spoke to Stephane Brun of the Tontons - he told me that he is trying to come for the WCA but he hasn't booked his ticket – yet. As for the new Tonton's jersey - the team hasn't gotten their new Jerseys from Dye.

The Tonton's Junior team Kidz Marseille just won a 3 man tournament in Bordeaux - they wore Protos for this tournament.

In the meantime the other French team, Grenoble Vision have launched their new C9 jersey and it is.... rather sweet.