Wednesday, September 30, 2009


What the _____ do you call this??

Where is the Rotor? On the side. I guess this set up gives you a better view.

Love the green jersey and Rotor though.

From JeffryPhotograpy at USPL DC challenge


The Warp Feed is the worlds first pressure feed system for paintball markers. Instead of relying on gravity to feed your paint, the Warp positively and gently pushes a steady stream of paintballs up and into your breach! The system is a friction drive utilizing soft urethane disks in the feed wheel. The disks actually grip the paintballs on their sides and will allow the balls to slip when they are finished feeding a ball. In this way the system can not jam or crush paint. The mounting bracket provided bolts to the bottom of the grip frame and will allow the Warp to swivel to the most comfortable position.

The Warp has two main benefits, first is reliably feeds paintballs faster than you can possibly pull the trigger and second it removes that large blimp from the top of your marker!! The Warp can be activated just by the adjustable vibration sensor when the marker fires or can be directly interfaced to your Emag or other electronic marker.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I finally got my hands on a HK Army jersey. This one is a bit more special as its made by my favourite jersey maker Tanked. In a previous post, I first spotted the new HK Army jerseys that were made by Tanked because of the distinct white strip on the back of the jersey. Now we can have a good look at the HK Army jersey in detail.

The new trend in jerseys will be lots of padding on the upper chest- Dye has also have a lot of padding in the same area. (I will talk about this tomorrow). I like the split front which is giving and will expand a bit for comfort.

On the back is the distinct white panel which has the words
"Paintball & The Street" on top. The Team Germany TNKD jersey also has the same panel on the top with the same words.

There are HK Skulls everywhere on the main HK logo and even on the small HK logos.
HK proudly printed logos of Paintball fields they used to sneak into and get kicked out from.

The wrist wrap at the end of the sleeves which has two loops; one for the thumb and the one in the picture is there your little finger goes into to give it a more secure hold. There is padding where the HK logo is and underneath is a smooth plastic like material that will glide real easy on turf.

The detailing is very nice- this is the bottom corner of the jersey- again little HK Skulls are employed.

Shoulder pads with 'Tanked' motifs printed on it.

The jersey is very well made with a lot of thought put into it. There are paddings on the underarms as well as the whole upper body. And sides are made of football jersey mesh which helps to cool the player.

To top it off the jersey has Scotchguard protection and is made from polyester from 3m which helps to wicks away moisture, is stain resistant and "remains soft and breathable".

Sunday, September 27, 2009


On facebook chat the other night after I pimped Shane Howe for WCA

'sup Pimp?

Me: 'sup Ho(we)?

Saturday, September 26, 2009


The Red Sevens are extremely proud and excited to announce that Singaporean sports apparel brand THORB is be the Red Sevens' Official Apparel Supplier. This is an exciting partnership between 2 Singaporean brands for the sport of paintball in Singapore.

“We are very happy and proud to have THORB which is a Singaporean brand on board as a partner. It is very important to the Red Sevens that we are representing not only Singapore but also a Singaporean brand when we play at the World Cup Asia and in other tournaments”.


The Red Sevens will be wearing THORB polo tshirts and tracksuits when they travel and for semi-formal occasions.


On the field the Red Sevens will be wearing THORB's performance wear training tops and shorts under their paintball jerseys and pants. The training tops are designed to be comfortable and light weight. This is the most ideal apparel to wear under paintball jerseys to keep paintballers cool and dry at the same time.

THORB is the apparel line specially designed and developed by Sport360 which is a Singaporean company. Thorb believes that a local sporting brand can achieve international design and quality. The best athletes should be dressed to perform and THORB aims to be the apparel of choice to enable athletes to achieve their best.

THORB generously supports other sports and teams like the Singaporean Dragon Boat team pictured here, Singapore Hockey Federation, the atheletes going to the World Disability Games and the Tug of War Federation.

THORB's Website on

The Red Sevens are Singapore's first tournament paintball team that competes in the Malaysian MPOC League. After finishing in the top 3 in Division 3 for 2009, the Red Sevens will be promoted to Division 2 for 2010.

The Red Sevens have represented Singapore in 2 World Cup Asia tournaments, the NPPL Asian Invitational and also in the 2009 Kaohsiung World Games. Awarded “Best Performing International Team” in the MPOC league for 2009 - The Red Sevens will be representing Singapore in the up coming World Cup Asia in November.

Red Sevens Website



I spoke to a few people online last night. Shane Howe told me that he will be flying up to San Diego for practice with AFTERMATH. They will be playing at Camp Pendleton against none other than his old team INFAMOUS! LB is jetting on the redeye from Chicago and I think Todd Martinez will also be practicing with INFAMOUS for the first time.

XSV will be scrimming at at CEPP Critical Edge Paintball Park this weekend.

Patrick Tan of Propaintball in KL told me that they have been appointed as official dealers for TANKED and are getting lots of TANKED stuff in for the World Cup Asia. The Bushwacker and HK Army jerseys are on the way. Propaintball already have new stock in fresh from PBX Atlanta. So if you're in KL, do drop in and check out the 2010 Dye range, new KM Straps etc.

I was at PBW Paintballers World yesterday evening- checked out my HK Army jersey, Jane's new Red Sevens jersey and picked up a few items thanks to Ben. BTW If you're thinking of getting anything - you'd have to be fast because a few people were there yesterday and bought a whole lot of good shit. TNKD head bands are going and there are a few nice TNKD tshirts, HATER t shirts and the very cool XSV belts.

Ken Tsuda of OAKLAND BLAST will be in town next weekend and he's agreed to give a clinic on the 11th - more details to come later.

Tonight is the SG Ballers gaming night at PBW. We will be playing NPPL Championship on the PS3 at Paintballers World. And there might be a special guest making an appearance.

See some of you guys tonight. Have a good weekend in Paintball

PROPAINTBALL REVEALS 2010 DYNASTY JERSEY featured an exclusive on DYNASTY's 2010 jersey which will be used at this years World Cup and USPL World Championships. This is about the first time in ages that KEE/Empire has released their sponsored team's jerseys this early so as to not fall behind the likes of Dye and the Ironmen. I supposed KEE should be capitalising on Dynasty's brand name and milk some marketing milage out of them which has been lacking.

I think if KEE/Empire wanted to really cash in on Dynasty jersey it- they would make these it available to the fans. I'm sure they'd sell a few if it was available but that would mean that the likes of Ryan, Alex, The Yosh and *ahem* Davey would be denied making a "bit" of extra cash on the side.

Friday, September 25, 2009

PIMP MY PRO - Shane Howe

I have a special request to Pimp my Pro™ - Shane Howe of San Francisco EXPLICIT and San Diego AFTERMATH 2.

Shane wants to come to Malaysia for the World Cup Asia and is looking for a co-sponsor who will be willing to bring him back to Malaysia.

He is a Luxe (Aftermath) / Ego (EXPLIXIT) sponsored player so is suitable for Skirmish or Napshot. Mr Howe is also SLY's Poster boy so Andrew from is your man.


I would (come to KL) if someone invited and paid half my flight. Lol!


haha i will ask arthur to pimp u on his blog



Just post my pic and maybe some hot chic will pay half my way and let me stay at her house! That would be nice!


Ok for all you "hot chicks" out there - here is a picture of Shane and I have said it before that Shane could be a male model....

Does this picture look familiar?


CHECK IT - all the new gear available now at PBW - Paintballers World.
Lots of TNKD head bands, tshirts, pants, jerseys. XSV tshirts and belt. [Sorry that TNKD HK jersey is mine- I called first dibs on it last week at PBX.] Gold i4, Red i4 lens, DERDER head bands, HATER micro fibre cloth and Hater belts. Straps straps straps.

To view all the new products click here


Holy shit Junior just dropped a bomb on us- I just got this 2 mins ago on XSV's Facebook. It is a special edition jersey for the World Cup. Add XSV on your Facebook to get all the latest news and inside information on XSV.

To find out how you can get one of these at the World Cup - click here to go to Ballers Cafe.

[Hows that for a double plug Junior? See how many hits you get from my blog today. Cut n paste blog will repost this as well so even more hits coming your way]

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Propaintball World?

“yeah after work straight down to Propaintball World.”

– a Red Dynasty staff (who will remain unnamed) when asked if he is going to the SG Ballers' Gaming Night at Paintballers World this Saturday.

In terms of branding, Patrick Tan's "Pro Paintball" branding is one-nil up over Ben Seow's "Paintballer 's World" when his own staff can't even remember his own company's brand.


All the way from Tahiti- Phoenix Authority wins 1st place in the French Polynesia Paintball Championship with Furious Barrels. Everyone on the team shot 17 inch Furious Barrels!



When I saw this picture from last weekend's Millenium Series in London - I immediately recognised it as Fabian Deitz of Ramstein Insinct from the hair and the pink Virtue Crown and the pink CP barrel. I cleaned that gun more than a few times in Taiwan while crewing for Team Germany. And he is wearing his team mate Jose "Dos Rios" Steinfatt's jersey.

Fabian Deitz is on my left and Jose Steinfatt is on my right and the third is Tobias Breuer who is the owner of Tanked.

In another Tanked related picture is former Infamous pro G-no Benedicto who recently uploaded a picture his Facebook of him playing in his Phoenix United jersey made by Tanked.

This is what the Phoenix United jersey looks like. It is quite nice actually.

Why am I plugging Tanked Jerseys?
Stay tuned to find out.


According to Wikipedia the origin of the word "three-peat" was coined by Byron Scott of the LA Lakers when they tried to "three-peat" in the NBA in 1989. The word "Three peat" in fact was patented by then Lakers coach Pat Riley. So any one else wanting to use that term for any commercial use would have to play royalties to Pat Riley's company as did the Chicago Bulls who three peated twice in the 90s.

Why am I talking about this? Its because the Los Angeles Ironmen are sitting on a possible three peat. In English football terms its referred to as being "on a hat trick". I hope I dont jinx the Ironmen by talking about it but Brandon Short has been talking about it when he practices for the World Cup.

The motivation is there they have been there and repeated. Dye's lean and mean xball machine have the skills and experience to three-peat. Standing in their way are the Boston Region will feature some of the Russians who came away with the win last weekend at the Millenium Series. And Red's pet peeve the All Americans who have been playing so well this year and I think would be desperate to win it for the folks at Smart Parts.

So the big question going to the PSP World Cup next month is:

“Can the Ironmen Three-peat?”

I think they can.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Just when I posted a quote from Todd about playing on X-Factor at the USPL Championship this morning. News came through from this afternoon that Todd announced that he will be playing on Infamous at the PSP World Cup.

Wow- I didnt see that coming at all. But its a match made in heaven as you’ll read, he is reuniting with team mates from Avalanche - Rusty, LB and Glenn etc. I think its a great move and I really hope it works out.

Infamous is a team that doesnt take itself too seriously and likes to have fun and I think a character like Todd would just blend right into the team.

Plus the other side of the story is that Todd is sponsored by Empire and LB happens to work for KEE Sports who owns Empire.

I am really happy to hear that one of my favourite players is hooking up with one of my favourite teams.


“I just got done working out and wow I stink”

– Davey Williamson this morning.


That was fast- the NT from PBX last week has already been completed and these are actual photos of the NT that belongs to somebody on the Red Sevens. Look out for it at the WCA.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Thomas Taylor is on the cover of the latest SPLAT XD. The September issue is filled with great features- we get an insight into the infamous cult team HK Army and most importantly we hear Todd Martinez's story about getting cut from Dynasty on page 30. And Todd's pet peeve - HK Army feature is pretty funny.


Guerrilla's carbon wrap tanks with a very cool and distinct Gorrilla logo on the black tank.

You must be familiar with Guerrilas' Mryth Regulator by now. They are the shortest regs around and everyone apart from everyone else is using it. Guerrilla Air also manufactures a few other products such as tanks etc and they have produced team edition tanks. This morning Facefull website featured Guerrilla's special event edition tank for the Oahu Open.

Limited edition of 50 units only - team tanks for long time partners the LA Hitmen, Russian Legion and Dynasty.

The special Oahu Open Paintball Festival Guerrilla tank which comes in a nice white finish.


Once in a while I'd find something that bit more special- well this is a lot more than that. I'm speechless - Kohn's work is fracking amazing. His website is just an art gallery of beautiful artwork.

Ben introduced me to his work because they met him at PBX. And somebody is going to get a very special Kohn -job on their new NTs.

Some of the stock designs available.

I have a lot of respect for him because to maintain exclusivity and integrity - Kohn will not resell custom designs and he has retired a couple of the stock designs.

Anyway please go to his website and spend time particularly on the "customs" which are not for sale so we can only appreciate them on his website.

Hail to The King Baby

Kohn Sports

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I wonder if cut n paste blog will steal this post too...

SK Moscow cames back from the dead to win the Campaign Cup at Bastildon.

SK started out badly- losing 4 straight points and faced championship point 4 times. They pulled the comeback of the year by stringing back 5 points in a row to beat the Chili Peppers to take the Campaign Cup.

The matches were tight games with the last 4 points going down to 3 v 3.

The final point went right down to 1 vs 1 with the crowd, the commentary team and 21,500 viewers online across the world going crazy.

SOPTV commentary on SK Moscow being "on fire" after winning 4 points in a row:
Im on fire as well
( i eat indian yesterday)”


I had literally written SK Moscow off. I started this post when the Chili Peppers were 4 points up and were sitting on game and championship point. "My headline read: Chili Peppers Sweeps SK 5-0 to win".

I had to rewrite my headline and the first paragraph when SK stunned everyone including the Peppers to come back from the dead to win it. It was truly an amazing weekend and I wish i was there to watch it. The videos will be out next week and I think the DVD of the Campaign Cup weekend will be something to look forward to.


It was Stockholm Joy vs Budapest Bullets for third place. The game was a slug fest - it was 2-2 then 3-3 and then sudden death at 4-4.

In the 7th point tied at 3-3 both teams took 141 penalties and it went down to 1 vs 1 with Viktor Zemen on Bullets.

Here is the commentary that followed:

> 1 vs 1 now
> VIKTOR on DORITO vs a JOY on BACK corner ...1 on 1
>crazy 1 on 1
VIKTOR is in a 1 on 1 from 2 min now
> no paint ..... they only have few paints on their hopper
> they are at 10 meter each other
> snapshoot ///snapshoot
>10 marshall are around
> none have paint anymore ( only a few)
> coach are crying
>both team want the point
> we have erection on the tower

> 4 minute left
> VIKTOR tried a move .......but he slide and JOY shot him on the arm

It was 3-4 and Bullets tied the next point to make it 4-4 but lost the deciding point.
Videos will be up next week - I cant wait to watch this match.


Tommy Pemberton and his Nexus boys are shooting the new NT at the Campaign Cup this weekend. Here are some photos from Dye's Facebook. The NT looks very compact - almost looks like a SLG from a distance.

Nexus are doing well in their home tournament - trashing Syndicate 5:0, edging out Joy 5:4 and dominating Grenoble 5:1 in the prelims and will be facing the Chili Peppers on Sunday.


Nice shot of the Bullets jersey and Sben> check out who's the guy on the Offenbach team on the left... *yeeahhhhh*

Tonton were hot today they make it to Sunday easily.

Ok the Elite Eight

Group A


Group B
Sk Moscow

Group C
Budapest Bullets
Offenbach Comin At Ya

Group D
Dynasty Arsenal
Chili Peppers

Sunday Quarter Final Match Ups
TonTon vs Bullets

Sk Moskow vs Offenbach Comin At Ya

London Nexus vs Riga Chili Peppers

DC Arsenal Dynasty vs Stockholm Joy

Saturday, September 19, 2009


This is a photo of the Dye booth at the Campaign Cup Millenium Sereis London. What is the significance of this picture you may ask? Well Daniel -> THEY ARE SELLING NEXUS JERSEYS

Nick 'Monkey Magic' Wong is over there playing M5 this weekend...


This a a piece of paintball accessory - equipment if you like, that you wont find at PBX- however it is very important if you want to use it with this...

"That" is available for only USD209 from here

Thanks to Erno in Finland for this.

Billy Wing on the NT at the PBX

One nifty thing I like on the NT is the quarter turn ON/OFF which would please my good friend Mr Gary Lee from Team X Fox who can now ditch his quarter turn CK ON/OFF.

Gary has been using a quarter turn ON/OFF for a couple of years now. It is so much easier faster to take tanks off especially when you're between points in an XBall game.

Friday, September 18, 2009


I hate to do this to Mikko because he is such a nice guy, but I can't help noticing the similarities between Derek Zoolander's "Blue Steel" pose and Mikko Huttunen's "The Mikko"

Exhibit A

Yes the classic "Mikko" with lips pursed and deep look

Exhibit B

A variation with the hands

Exhibit C

Not so much with the lips in this one but the eyes...

Exhibit D

Side profile of "The Mikko"

Photos from PBX Part 2

More photos from Ben at Paintball Extravaganza

Redemption is all set for halloween

Ego10s in very bright colours.

Here is something I saw much earlier in i4 lenses.

Are you going to steal these pictures too Mr Cut and Paste blog guy? I see techpb has sharper Ego10 pictures which you already have.