Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I finally got my hands on a HK Army jersey. This one is a bit more special as its made by my favourite jersey maker Tanked. In a previous post, I first spotted the new HK Army jerseys that were made by Tanked because of the distinct white strip on the back of the jersey. Now we can have a good look at the HK Army jersey in detail.

The new trend in jerseys will be lots of padding on the upper chest- Dye has also have a lot of padding in the same area. (I will talk about this tomorrow). I like the split front which is giving and will expand a bit for comfort.

On the back is the distinct white panel which has the words
"Paintball & The Street" on top. The Team Germany TNKD jersey also has the same panel on the top with the same words.

There are HK Skulls everywhere on the main HK logo and even on the small HK logos.
HK proudly printed logos of Paintball fields they used to sneak into and get kicked out from.

The wrist wrap at the end of the sleeves which has two loops; one for the thumb and the one in the picture is there your little finger goes into to give it a more secure hold. There is padding where the HK logo is and underneath is a smooth plastic like material that will glide real easy on turf.

The detailing is very nice- this is the bottom corner of the jersey- again little HK Skulls are employed.

Shoulder pads with 'Tanked' motifs printed on it.

The jersey is very well made with a lot of thought put into it. There are paddings on the underarms as well as the whole upper body. And sides are made of football jersey mesh which helps to cool the player.

To top it off the jersey has Scotchguard protection and is made from polyester from 3m which helps to wicks away moisture, is stain resistant and "remains soft and breathable".

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