Sunday, September 20, 2009


It was Stockholm Joy vs Budapest Bullets for third place. The game was a slug fest - it was 2-2 then 3-3 and then sudden death at 4-4.

In the 7th point tied at 3-3 both teams took 141 penalties and it went down to 1 vs 1 with Viktor Zemen on Bullets.

Here is the commentary that followed:

> 1 vs 1 now
> VIKTOR on DORITO vs a JOY on BACK corner ...1 on 1
>crazy 1 on 1
VIKTOR is in a 1 on 1 from 2 min now
> no paint ..... they only have few paints on their hopper
> they are at 10 meter each other
> snapshoot ///snapshoot
>10 marshall are around
> none have paint anymore ( only a few)
> coach are crying
>both team want the point
> we have erection on the tower

> 4 minute left
> VIKTOR tried a move .......but he slide and JOY shot him on the arm

It was 3-4 and Bullets tied the next point to make it 4-4 but lost the deciding point.
Videos will be up next week - I cant wait to watch this match.

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