Thursday, September 24, 2009


When I saw this picture from last weekend's Millenium Series in London - I immediately recognised it as Fabian Deitz of Ramstein Insinct from the hair and the pink Virtue Crown and the pink CP barrel. I cleaned that gun more than a few times in Taiwan while crewing for Team Germany. And he is wearing his team mate Jose "Dos Rios" Steinfatt's jersey.

Fabian Deitz is on my left and Jose Steinfatt is on my right and the third is Tobias Breuer who is the owner of Tanked.

In another Tanked related picture is former Infamous pro G-no Benedicto who recently uploaded a picture his Facebook of him playing in his Phoenix United jersey made by Tanked.

This is what the Phoenix United jersey looks like. It is quite nice actually.

Why am I plugging Tanked Jerseys?
Stay tuned to find out.

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