Friday, September 25, 2009


Holy shit Junior just dropped a bomb on us- I just got this 2 mins ago on XSV's Facebook. It is a special edition jersey for the World Cup. Add XSV on your Facebook to get all the latest news and inside information on XSV.

To find out how you can get one of these at the World Cup - click here to go to Ballers Cafe.

[Hows that for a double plug Junior? See how many hits you get from my blog today. Cut n paste blog will repost this as well so even more hits coming your way]


Junior Brown said...

On the 5th October XSV will give one lucky facebook friend an XSV Pro jersey. So Join today! It could be you...

Don’t forget to Suggest XSV Paintball to your friends on facebook by:

- While you are logged in, go to
- To the far left there is a click button that says "Suggest to Friends"
- After you select that all your friends will come up in a box...Start clicking each friend.

And ask them to do the same...


Emailed from Junior said...

Sir you are the best!! Yes it did help and the more we can get the better... Ask all your friends to do the same.

Yes the jersey looks cool and only 12!!! I even have to pay for one... lol