Saturday, September 12, 2009


Silly Season Exhibit A: JT's countdown

Well its a little over 4 weeks to the World Cup and this means the 'silly season' has truly begun with JT (last week) and Planet Eclipse coming out with teasers for their 2010 line up.

The World Cup is normally THE time when most companies come out with new products and markers for the 2010. Dye werethe early bird who scored lots of worms last year by getting the Ironmen to Shoot Kill and (Repeat) Win the 2008 World Cup while shooting the then all new DM9. That was a huge marketing boost for a new product leading straight to the Christmas season.

However JT will be the early bird this year as they will launch their new gear this weekend at the Paintball Extravaganza in Atlanta.

Silly Season Exhibit B: Planet Eclipse > This is interesting AHEM

With Mr William Wing having spent a huge chunk of time in Taiwan in the last month finalising the "product" I am sure we'll be seeing the new DMX (DM10) in 4 weeks time. Quite possibly ahead of other marker manufacturers.

Which leads me to wonder what are the exhibitors going to throw out this weekend in Atlanta at the Paintball Extravaganza - which is only a month short of the World Cup. JT will be launching this weekend ahead of the World Cup to get a jump start on the rest. Now when I say jump start- I'm referring to orders by dealers and not necessary to the ballers in the fields - not just yet. For now it's all about sales and orders and getting the products to the dealers and pro shops.

Even Smart Parts who are going through a tough time with the recent lay offs are rocking up at PBX. They have to - they have to get those orders in to stay alive. Do show your support- if you're a Luxe shooter or a Ion or Impulse kinda person- go get another one to keep them alive. :P


Junior said...

Check out the teaser of Dye NT here:

SEBURO said...

Thanks- check out my dissection of the video