Saturday, September 26, 2009

PROPAINTBALL REVEALS 2010 DYNASTY JERSEY featured an exclusive on DYNASTY's 2010 jersey which will be used at this years World Cup and USPL World Championships. This is about the first time in ages that KEE/Empire has released their sponsored team's jerseys this early so as to not fall behind the likes of Dye and the Ironmen. I supposed KEE should be capitalising on Dynasty's brand name and milk some marketing milage out of them which has been lacking.

I think if KEE/Empire wanted to really cash in on Dynasty jersey it- they would make these it available to the fans. I'm sure they'd sell a few if it was available but that would mean that the likes of Ryan, Alex, The Yosh and *ahem* Davey would be denied making a "bit" of extra cash on the side.

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