Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Just when I posted a quote from Todd about playing on X-Factor at the USPL Championship this morning. News came through from this afternoon that Todd announced that he will be playing on Infamous at the PSP World Cup.

Wow- I didnt see that coming at all. But its a match made in heaven as you’ll read, he is reuniting with team mates from Avalanche - Rusty, LB and Glenn etc. I think its a great move and I really hope it works out.

Infamous is a team that doesnt take itself too seriously and likes to have fun and I think a character like Todd would just blend right into the team.

Plus the other side of the story is that Todd is sponsored by Empire and LB happens to work for KEE Sports who owns Empire.

I am really happy to hear that one of my favourite players is hooking up with one of my favourite teams.

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