Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Special Guest for SPNS

We will be hosting a special guest for the SPNS. "Junior" will be coming all the way to Singapore to help out with the team with a private session with the Red Fraction and Red Sevens on the day before the SPNS.

He will be walking the field with the guys in Red Fraction which I think will be a real invaluable session for them. I'm pretty stokked to have Junior come all the way to Singapore to help out and work on some things with us.

See you soon Junior - don't forget to bring the jersey.

Monday, September 29, 2008

TRAINING + Paddock Passed

Today was quiet with no other teams around so we set up the field to work on team ICONs set plays. We shot about 3 cases of new proto paint which performed pretty well. Having a barrel kit helps too - with the heat the ball gauge had to be tested but once i got the right barrel match - ball flight was consistent. Shot decently well with Jon Richardson's infamous sly barrels.

We did 5 man break outs by the senior team vs 3 man breaks by the junior team which was quite a good set up. The back guys used the emarkers to shoot the zones - forcing the runners on the 3 man team to really run for their bunkers and to be creative and vary their break outs.

We wanted to check out the sweet spots Cyril pointed out to us on their game plan. We had to adjust due to the size of field 3 so the sweet spots are smaller. Some suited our game and some didn't so we ironed those out.

The 3 man team gained much from running and watching ball flight paths - they had to adjust on the run so its not just a fix route every game. We also worked on the 3 man game plans and how to play certain teams in the SPNS. And co ordinated team movement to close out games. That's the only thing I think I have never watched other teams practice which is closing.

Went to watch the F1 courtesy of Diageo who are McLaren sponsors. They put up a pretty good spread for their guests in their sky box. After being in a few races in Adelaide, Sepang and now Singapore I quite enjoyed the convenience of going to the race and then going home to sleep in my own bed. Got to the race in time for the safety car going out and got back from the race just after midnight- by train no less.

My host managed to 'borrow' a couple of paddock passes so we went down to hang out in the Mclaren hospitality for a while. Most of the teams were in their garages so didn't see any team members. I must say that the Singapore paddock is much more impressive/bigger/taller than the Sepang paddock. Was nice surprise to meet Alex Wurz on the way back - I think I was the only person in the whole aero bridge who knew who he was.

Walked past some of the F1 legends like Keke and Nikki whom I met at Sepang a couple of years ago. Was wondering who'd I'd bump into at the GP Saw a few models Stephanie Chai who played paintball at MPOC before and Zaki from IS magazine also said hi. And it was a nice surprise to bump into Linz all the way from Penang who came down to watch the race too.

I picked Aloso to win and should have put money on it.

Not a bad weekend in all. Plus all the team sponsored gear finally arrived on Sat so we'll be in full team gear for the 2nd time at MPOC5.

And to top it off #46 is World Champion again and Liverpool beat Everton 2-0 with Torres scoring a pair. Sweet.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Well its looks like I was WRONG and D4 is going to happen at MPOC 5.

Since apparently I lack humility I might as well go ahead and tell you that I SEBURO was the one who came up with the idea of having a rookie division with rental markers provided in MPOC5 JB for the benefit of players in Singapore who don't have markers.

Ben Seow took that idea and pitched it to Paul who came up with D4 "for the first time" in MPOC.

So no need to thank me - really. It was all Ben who pitched the idea to Paul.

Just seeing you guys turning up at MPOC 5 will warm my heart.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I should clarify that the reason why I wrote the piece about the Red Sevens was for the benefit of the "Authorities" in efforts to show them that the Red Sevens have done a lot to promote the sport of paintball in Singapore.

It is not meant to demand respect from my peers. I did not wish to come across as arrogant and demanding.

Since some have totally missed the point - and have gone off on a "respect is earned" tangent and now name calling. I have to clarify the whole point for all who clearly cannot read and comprehend.

I am sorry to aggravate anyone indirectly.

I thank those who have taken the time to write and make their points.

I do apologise now that the comments section has descended into a name calling fest.


I would also like to remind those idiots who are narrow one track minded "minders" who keep going down 'the respect is earned' path - that you need to either go back to school or don't post your shit-for-brains crap in my comments section.

Again I reiterate - all anonymous posts will be deleted and I will also delete comments from people who don't get it. Otherwise I'll (any everyone else) be repeating myself.

If you don't get it - you wont get it and that just too bad, no big loss to the world. However I don't need you to affirm that you're an idiot in my comments section and waste everybody's time trying to help you figure it out.

So if you feel the need to shoot your mouth off - well don't be a coward and come say it to me face to face.


If you really hate me - when why come back to read my blog? If you want to be a thieving bastard - just read take whatever you want and go away. Don't post your one liner and name calling in here. If you don't have anything constructive to contribute don't waste everybody's time having to read your drivel and reply you.

Quotes for Paintball - For My Teammates

"When I go home people'll ask me, 'Hey Hoot, why do you do it man? Why? You some kinda war junkie?' I won't say a goddamn word. Why? They won't understand. They won't understand why we do it. They won't understand that it's about the men next to you, and that's it. That's all it is."

– Master Sergeant "Hoot" Gibson, Delta Force
Blackhawk Down

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

BTO - Basic Tournament Orientation

The BTO - Basic Tournament Orientation is something, which all tournament players have to go though in Singapore to be allowed to play on a field without the centerline. This is because the current Singapore Police regulations state that a paintball field must have a line running through the center of which the players may not cross to the other side. This is to prevent injury and any altercations that may result from close range shooting.

This rule of course does not allow speedball to be played in its proper way. To enable people to play speedball – the members of the PBAS and Red Sevens went to speak to the Police and came to an agreement that the players that wish to play on a speedball field without the center line and play in tournaments - should be ‘certified tournament players’.

Thus the BTO was created to show the police that an effort to educate and register tournament players. This is nothing new because in Singapore, if you want to play golf, you also need to be certified. You need to at least have a handicap or greens license from a Golf Pro. This to ensure that all players know the proper rules and etiquette of golf.

The BTO started off as a half hour lecture on the rules, the history of the game and basic tournament play. After the theory there is a 2-3 game practical. This also happens in Golf here in Singapore - you are required to play 2-3 holes with a Golf Pro before he/she will certify you as a player fit to play in any golf course in Singapore.

Now I personally prefer that we don’t have to put all the new players through the BTO. Because I wish everyone can just walk in and play without having to sit and listen to really basic things. And I find it hard to tell my NPPL D2 player that he has to sit though a basic course on paintball in order to play speedball in Singapore.

However, I do find it is better to have new player go through the BTO because they learn something. And even after the theory session - we find that some people still don’t know what they’re doing on the field. Imagine not having the BTO - things would be worse and people could get injured.

Another thing I want to clear is that the BTO was not created by the Red Sevens for the sake of creating a BTO. I rather not have to stay late to assess new players again and again. But the BTO it is a necessity even though it seems like an unnecessary process. Without it the field would not allow you to play and risk getting into trouble with the Singapore Police.

I know that there are many people who readily ridicule and criticise the BTO - I think that’s most unfair. It is easy for you to shoot your mouth off but you don’t appreciate the amount of work that has gone into the process of getting players like you to play without the centerline.

If you can come up with an alternative idea to be legally allowed to play without the center line - by all means please go ahead and do it. Don’t talk about it in the comments section because talk is cheap. Go and do it so we can all stop having to run the BTO and you can feel justified in getting rid of the BTO.

I think the three people who have organized and run the BTOs deserve some respect for getting you the opportunity to play without the centerline.

It’s unfair to criticize and ridicule the people who have done all the hard work to set up and run the BTO. They met and worked with the police to came up with a solution to playing without the centerline. Without all this hard work - you wouldn’t be playing speedball in Singapore. There wouldn’t be a speedball feild in Singapore.

Respect should also go to the person who conducts the BTO course and takes time out to run though the BTO lecture time and time again with different groups. Every tournament player in Singapore has gone through his lecture. He doesn’t get paid for his time- he does it to help the promotion of the sport in Singapore.

I don’t see anyone else – coming up with another way to allow players to play without the centerline. I do know that there are people who ridicule and criticize the whole BTO process. If the BTO was stopped (because you think its stupid) – then the development of the sport in Singapore will effectively cease in its tracks. Do you critics have an alternate solution to this?

So if you claim to want to help promote paintball in Singapore - wouldn’t it be a great help to the cause if you didn’t shoot your mouth about the BTO and the people who created and run it?

Monday, September 22, 2008

moving right along....

Ok this morning's post cause quite a stir. I have a lot of hits so far. I usually get about 280 to 300 hits on average per day and by noon I was topping at 280 plus hits already.

If you missed the big show - well lets just say that the original piece wasn't just a PR Piece on the Red Sevens.

Anyway moving right along I will find something else to talk about and post later tonight.

Nice to know that a lot of people read and write comments.

The History of the Red Sevens and Paintball In Singapore

The Red Sevens is a big part of the history of paintball and particularly speedball in Singapore. The team is one way or other involved in many firsts in the history of speedball in Singapore. First team to play in the MPOC, first speedball field, the first speedball tournament in Singapore, the first team to play in the World Cup Asia, the first team invited to the prestigous NPPL ASIAN INVITATIONAL. To sum it up the Red Sevens has brought paintball to Singapore like no other person nor team has done before.

A year ago there was only one tournament team and 6 tournament players with no speedball field in the whole country. In a mere 8 months there are now about 15 teams with over 100 registered tournament players. Speedball is played regularly, every weekend at the field there are groups of people coming to play paintball.

Some of the members of the Red Sevens have set up the first paintball arena in Singapore with 3 fields; one with air bunkers and thus for the first time a speedball field is available to aspiring speedball players in Singapore. These members of the team have dedicated their lives to promoting paintball in Singapore as a sport. They set up a place for people to come and play speedball and they facilitated the process of certifying tournaments players in order to conform with the regulations adn requirements set my the authoritues.

Apart from setting up a field and facilities- the Red Sevens actively go out to promote the sport in the community, in schools and tertiary Institutions. The Red Sevens participate in forums on sport organised by the sports authorities. Recently the Red Sevens were called upon to be involved in to the Youth Oylimpics which Singapore is set to host. The Red Sevens also conduct regular clinics and introduction to Paintball as a sport to the community.

The members of the Red Sevens organised the first ever paintball tournament in Singapore with the SPNS - Singapore Paintball Novice Series. The SPNS is not a mere one off tournament but it has 3 legs in a calendar year with proper player certification and international standard mashalling.

The Red Sevens and the PBAS worked to create a certification course called the BTO Basic Tournament Oritentation to ensure that all players in Singapore who intend to play in a local tournament, know all the rules and etiquette of the sport. To date the Red Sevens have helped to certify over 100 tournament players through the BTO.

Apart from certifying players - the Red Sevens have also worked on writing the Rules of Singapore's first local tournament in the SPNS Singapore Paintball Novice Series. The Red Sevens set up a body of marshalls and wrote a standards of marshalling in line with international leagues such as the Millennium Series in Europe to the NPPL In America and collaborated with the well established and respected Malaysian Marshalls.

The Red Sevens have played in over 15 tournaments in the last 2 years. Below is the list of tournaments that the Team has played in WITHOUT any help from the sports authorities. All these tournaments have been self funded.

The Red Sevens is well known and respected as the only team from Singapore. The Red Sevens represent Singapore with their dedication, professionalism, fair play, respect for the game and respect for fellow players of the sport. The Red Sevens carry the Singapore flag to every tournament despite not getting any funding, recognition nor publicty from anyone in Singapore.

Rookie Competitions (2007):
• Rookie Category 3 on 3 Werdnahol Cup 2007 Leg1, KL
• Rookie Category 3 on 3 Werdnahol Cup 2007 Leg2, KL
• No Mercy 3 on 3 Paintball Tournament, Johor Bahru

MPOC (2007):
• Overall 12th out of 60 teams
• Novice/Amateur MPOC, Leg2, KL
• Novice/Amateur MPOC, Leg3, Penang
• Novice/Amateur MPOC, Leg4, KL
• Novice/Amateur MPOC, Leg5, Johor Bahru

Other Division 3 Competitions:
• Johor Bahru Paintball Fitness Challenge 2007, Johor Bahru

Other Events (2007):
• Command and Conquer Scenario Paintball 2007. KL
• Paintball Awareness @ Singapore Management University (SMU)
• Paintball Workshops @ JB Octville Golf and Country Club

International Events:
• Paintball Asia League Series (PALS), World Cup Asia 2007, KL
• NPPL Asian Invitational 2008, Desaru

MPOC (2008):
• Novice/Amateur MPOC, Leg1, KL
• Novice/Amateur MPOC, Leg2, KL
• Novice/Amateur MPOC, Leg3, Penang
• Novice/Amateur MPOC, Leg4, Gombak

Other Events (2008):
• Port Dickson Paintball Challenge - 3rd Place
• Singapore Paintball Novice Series (Key Organiser)
• NUS Sports Bazaar (Paintball Awareness)

The Red Sevens have many friends in the paintball community across the world. We have played hosts to many regional players and professional players. In June members of the 2 top professional paintball teams San diego Dynasty and Oaklan d Infamous in the US NPPL league expressed their interest to visit Singapore and the Red Sevens took time out and organised 2 cars to show them around Singapore.

The name Red Sevens is now synonymous with Singapore in the professional ranks in the paintball fraternity. Other players like Ollie Lang of the famous Ironmen Team has expressed interest to come and visit Singapore and no doubt the Red Sevens will play host to the best paintball player in the world.

As I mentioned before The Red Sevens was invited to represent Singapore in the NPPL Asian Invitational, the team has also received invitations to represent Singapore in other international tournaments in Taiwan and in Indonesia.

I would dare say that the Red Sevens have done a lot to bring, promote and nurture the sport in Singapore despite not receiving any help. Almost everything has been self funded or done for the love of the sport. The Red Sevens are the authority on paintball in Singapore. And I would also say that the Red Sevens deserve some respect because without the Red Sevens there would be no paintball, no speedball and no paintball teams in Singapore.


We were playing today- Jon WALKED up to bunker their snake guy while slowly pulling the trigger - like a damn Chow Yuen Fatt movie. So I call that move a "Chow Yuen Fatt" move. IT was reckless because he got blown away and cost us the game but funny to see.

Ok this one has a more asian context because Chow Yuen Fatt is a Hong Kong Action hero actor but I'm sure most of you have seen one of his movies like A Better tomorrow etc where is holds and walks and shoots while bullets seem to miss him.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Furious Paintball's New 1100mAh 9v Battery

Matthew from Furious Paintball just told me that he has released a high amperage 9v battery designed specifically for paintball. It's called the Furious Powercell and it packs a 1100 mAh into it which would be great to power those eloaders while still keeping at the safe threshold of 9 volts.


TEAM ICON's PLAN FOR MPOC5 and WCA Millennium Field

If you haven't figured it out - the Millennium field from Germany 2 weeks ago will be used for MPOC5 Johore Cup and the WCA.

I wrote to my good friend and Captain of Team Icon and he has give us Team Icon's game plans and he also gave me some tips on how to play the field. He describes the field as "Actually it’s a very complicated field..." to quote him.

Icon finished in a credible 4th place at the German Masters. It is the highest they have scored this year losing only to Ollie Lang and the Budapest bullets in the 3rd and 4th place play offs.

Thank you Merci Cyril

WCA SURVEY - Can The Pros Play in D1?

This email came from Paul Lam this morning, he is asking for opinions from those in D1 if its ok to let the pros play in Division 1 at the WCA. I'm not playing in D1 but I'm going to post my opinion here anyway. The pro teams that will be coming are Joy Division and Bad Company and Ollie Lang has emailed (to someone I know) to say that he is "trying to make it to Malaysia" for WCA since he missed out on PALS Bangkok.

I think it would be GREAT for the pros to play D1 because we will all get to watch them really play their A Games (plural) and not just 2-3 exhibition game. I'm sure may Joy and Paintball Fans would love to watch the boys in leopard prints in full flight. We hardly get to watch any team flash their Angels and this would be a great slight.

Plus it'll make it worth their while to come all the way to KL. Most of the pros who came in the past would sit around for 3 days and play 2-3 games. I think they would be really bored and they rather be playing for something rather than just play 2-3 exhibition games.

In the future it would also give other pro teams an incentive to some all the way to KL - who knows if more teams come we can even have a pro division in WCA!

So my answer from a fan's point of view would be an emphatic YES- let the pros play in D1.

On the other hand - it won't be fair to the other D1 teams. They would not be too happy because they have to play against the pros and stand to lose out on prize money. I hope most of the D1 teams would gladly accept the challenge as Paul said in his email- this would be the only chance they have to pit themselves against the pros as these divisions are all locked in - in the Millenium and NPPL leagues.

Paul will have to work out some arrangement with the pro teams in regards of the prize money. The pros shouldn't take away all the money - maybe if they win they should split half with the 2nd 3rd and 4th teams.


Bros...I have a request by the pros.Can they be allowed to compete against us in the Div 1?They will then be playing for the prizemoney too but will not be taking any ranking points that will affect our invitation to the Intercontinental Cup.

Opinion Needed from Div 1 Teams

There are pros in this proposal in that we can be sure that they will give us their best game and we can try out against some of the best in the sport...an opportunity we would never get in the PSP ,NPPL or the Millennium as they are in a closed division reserved for the best.

The cons are that we will have to be at the very top of our game to win the prizes.

So my question is .....are we all game??

Please pm ...sms or email me your answers bros..

Email: paul@palseries.org
SMS: +6012 2184333

Thursday, September 18, 2008

WATCH AND LEARN- Ollie Lang's "Control".

We are all familiar with Ollie Lang pulling the big moves and the runs down field shooting their whole team out. But what also makes Ollie a great player is his self-control.

This video of a game in last years NPPL Commanders Cup between the Ironmenn and The Russians. As you watch Ollie play this game he would only shoot ONE SINGLE POD in this game. He doesn’t just go up and shoot everything in front of him. He exercises a lot of control of his game and he uses it to control the whole game by bumping up and making the play calls. Ollie only shoots ONE pod in this whole game.

As you watch Ollie in play here – (he’s wearing Nicky Cuba’s jersey) note how he doesn’t shoot much in each bunker - instead he bumps up and looks and feeds information to his back line. He is in control if his game – he’s not shooting unnecessarily – he not giving his position up. Instead he’s up there making the calls to his team.

It takes a lot of self control not to be tempted to blast away when you're way up there. All noobs will be shooting everything they see and don't see. They will give their position away and sooner or later the other side will counter his move and pick him off.

At the start of the game, Ollie breaks into the tombstone - Sean McDonald is on his left in the big door and Billy Wing is in front in the dorito. You can clearly hear Ollie calling out the bunkers. When Billy Wing get shot – Ollie stands up and shoots a few bunkers to open a lane for himself and bumps into the same dorito Billy was in.

At the dorito you’ll see that he doesn’t shoot at all but he is constantly looking around. He again shoots a lane for himself and bumps up to the 50D.

At the same time Sean moves up into the car wash to follow Ollie. You have to follow your team mate - can't be a damn turkey. Or he'll be with out back up and he'll get picked off.

At the 50D is where Ollie is playing in his ‘control’ game. He head checks and head checks and rolls his gun but doesn’t shoot. He’s calling Brandon Short to shoot Kosta Federov in the car wash on his left who is pinning him down. He doesn’t shot at all and has a huge check in when Federov in the car wash shoots at him. He’s at the 50D for about a minute and doesn’t shoot at all.

At the same time there is a Russian way back in the right corner tombstone- he’s looking cross the field at Ollie’s dorito – he should be 100% guarding this lane now with 2 Ironmen up this side but at a split second of bad decision he looks tape side and Seam bumps into the 40 can.

At that same split second the Russian back right is not looking - Ollie makes his move and runs on the inside to bunker Federov in the car wash. At the same time Sean comes out on the outside and anticipates that Kosta in the car wash will either get hit by Ollie or try to get away on the outside down the tape. Sean guesses correctly and shots Kosta as he comes out tape side.

This is an awesome team move by Sean reading Ollie’s play and anticipating the Kosta’s move to the outside of the car wash. This is why these guys are playing in the Pro division.

After Sean gets shot out- you’ll see John Paxton come up to the 40 can and snaps shoot with their back left by tapping his bunker to bait him out and nails him to finish the game.


This year the Red Sevens will have the privilege of playing in 4 stadium venues including the NPPL Asian Invitational. The MPOC have bought the games from Paintball Fields into Stadium Venues.

The final leg will be played in the infamous Larkin Stadium which is a bit of a shame because I like playing at the old venue at the Dataran that over looks the Straits of Johore and Singapore in the distance.

But I guess a stadium venue means better facilities and better playing field. And there will be plenty of seats for the SPNS teams from Singapore to sit on and watch the games since D4 is probably not going to happen.

This would also mean having to book a hotel room and having to stay in JB for that weekend.

Perhaps next year we could be playing on turf indoors in air con? There are lots of convention centers and expo halls around we could throw an MPOC or PALS in.

WATCH AND LEARN- Ollie Lang and Dynasty.

This video is from when Ollie Lang was still playing in dynasty and you can see why this team was one of the greatest. Alex Fraige, Ollie Lang and Ryan Greenspan all make big moves and these moves were well coordinated. These guys have played together so much they don’t need to tell each other what to do. One guy plays off the other guys play and doubles up on the play action to make the kills. It so hard to defend against a double play.

This is what I call a “play switch” and its one of Ollie Lang’s unknown trademark move. What he does is to make his move as his team mate is making his move- or gets shot out. He replaces that guys bunker or he makes a move to another bunker as all the attention is momentarily on the guy who moves just before him. Timing and anticipation is the key to making this play.

In the video- Alex Fraige runs from the hammer to bunker the car wash which is Ollie’s mirror. At the same time Ollie makes is “play switch” and switches over to snake one. And in the hammer - the Dog’s Tyler McLusky’s attention is on Fraige’s run through- he loses Ollie in the Fraige play action.

Ollie sets himself up in the snake and nails the Mclusky at the first look. That is awersome play on his knees.

After that Ollie stands up shoots down a couple of bunkers and goes off and runs diagonally across the whole field and bunkers the Dogs 40 can and ties to get their right corner.

At this time – Ryan Greenspan follows Ollie’s run on the right tape and shoots out the Dogs who are all trying to shoot Ollie out.

Game over Doggies

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


XSV pays homage to what I dubbed the "holy Grail of jerseys - the 06 PSP digi camo jersey. I still feel that the 06 one is still the best design ever.

This Special Edition Jersey was made my Animal Paintball for the recently cancelled NPPL Houston and will probably be available for a limited time only. It probabaly supposed to be for one off event like its predecessor the original 06 digi camo one.

I have yet to find out from where. I'll ask Juju and see what he says.

What do you think?


Before you run out and get yourself a carbon barrel- there are some points to consider:-
Carbon Barrels are light which is a plus but there is also a minus. If you’re shooting a heavy marker esp the lower end types- the light weight carbon tube will throw the balance of your rig out of whack. Don’t forget to consider the weight of your tank on the other end.


These are actual warnings from Sly and Stiffi on their products.

Sly Equipment warning:-

Stiffi MFG:-
This warranty is invalid if this product is:
Cleaned with anything other than a rubber or silicone squeegee. (Never use a battle swab or other fibrous material.)

Carbon barrels are notoriously hard to clean - you can’t just clean it with the traditional swab or you’ll end up getting loose fibers from the swab caught in it. If you’re not careful and you scratch the lining, you end up throwing accuracy out the window. Although some of the guys shooting Death Stixs have claimed to use the swab with normal results.

However it must be said that the DeathStix dont seem to mind getting swabbed. It can be cleaned with the cotton swap without any fibres getting caught inside.

Carbon barrels are more fragile than aluminum barrels. Carbon fibre is technically stronger than stainless steel however it is more brittle if you stress it from “normal use”. Meaning - if you’re the type of noob nut who has to pick out bits of grass and dirt from your barrel after diving into a bunker - you might want to reconsider getting a CF barrel.


After using a 16 inch barrel in practice games - I have decided to stick to using 14 inch barrels with my main rig because of a coupe of reasons:-

First - having the 2 extra inches doesn’t really help much in accuracy. Get the tube dirty and the balls will fly all over the place and this applies to 12, 14, 16 and 18 inch tubes.

Which leads to the matter of swabbing it in the field- most field swabs are not long enough to clean 16 inches. So if you’re playing with 16 inches you’d probably be able to only clean 12-14 inches and hope you can shoot out* the rest of the gunk.

So now you (and I) know why almost all the pros shoot with 14 inches. I know all the Ironmen and all the Dynasty guys shoot 14”. I did see one or two Aftermath guys using a 16 inch barrel, but I think 14” is the most versatile and logical compromise. The 2 inches doesn’t really make that big a difference to me. Its just an extra 2 inches to have to clean.

The third reason would be the ability to play tighter in the bunker with a 14 compared to a 16 or longer barrel. With the extra length you either have 2 inches extra sticking out or you have to play a little bit deeper to snap back in. Obviously if you're a snake or forward player you would prefer to have a 14 inch barrel than have a longer one get caught up in the snake. I have played with a 12 inch and that shoots just as well from anywhere and I'd recommend snake players use a 12 inch barrel.


Now there are those who swear by 16 inches – ironically my snake player used a 16 inch freak and he get majority of the kills. Another of our players - Slow Poke plays exclusively with his 16 inch MatchStik. He can take out 3-4 guys playing from the back. His belief in his Cyborg and the belief of having the 2 extra inches helps him to make those ”long bow” kills. My point is that it’s also a psychological thing – Slow Poke’s supreme confidence in his marker and 16” barrel allows him to make those kills all the way from the back. In other words he can walk the talk and all the way from the back too.

Right now in my barrel kit I have the 14” Matchstik, A 14” Infamous Sly Dual Carbon Barrel I picked up from Jon Richardson and the Ego Barrel also 14” that came with my Ego. They all have cocker backs and I can switch them around. I haven't tried the Sly on the ego but I used Azlan's 14” Sly at the XSV Clinic and that shot pretty decent. The stock Ego barrel shoots great and I think even the MacDev MatchStik is reliable although there is a slight curve in the ball flight.

My conclusion would be to say that the stock barrel is good enough. I'd say the advantages of having a carbon fibre would mainly be psychological. I would rather have a 14 inch aluminum tube to swab than a Carbon Tube that I have to baby.

I know one ex player who sprays his barrel with Rain X so when he gets a ball break the Rain X helps the paint to flow out when he shoots to clear the barrel. According to him - it clears after a couple of ramps.

How he shoots his tube to clear with the Rain X is his trade secret – that one I’m not revealing.


Wrote this more than a month ago - didn't get a chance to polish it until now.

Everyone has been talking about the new Death Stix barrels from Australia. At first I thought it was just another milled aluminum tube, however I was wrong in my guess.

Curiosity got a hold of me and the Death Stix banner on PbNation sucked me into their website and wow – I was impressed with that I saw. Turns out its not just an aluminum tube but they are carbon fiber works of art. Now carbon barrels are not new to pantball with Stiffi and the Sly Equipment producing Carbon fibre barrels for almost 2 years .

What the DeathStix has to offer is simpler and better colours and designs. I have been after a white barrel for the longest time so when I saw their pure white barrel I was stokked. They even have a limited edition white skull design which is just as enticing. At USD$150 for a 4 bore barrel kit- the price is cheaper than Sly’s Dual Carbon kit ($190) and Stiff is being the most expensive at $209 with their Switch Kit.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


With the Cancellation of PALS Bangkok next month due to political unrest this has been a bad month for paintball. Mother nature has also effected another big tournament with the announcement yesterday of the cancellation of NPPL HOUSTON because of hurricane Ike.

This is a big blow to fans like me who were looking forward to this weekend's NPPL Houston and watching in on NPPL LIVe- I was jsut about to post up the fields and coverage information when I got the news that Houston has been canceled.

This is also a big blow to those who are entering the 5-Man for the first time which is something new that the NPPL has introduced for Houston.

EDIT- I think its a good move that the NPPL has canceled the tournament because of the disaster and out of respect for the people who have lost their lives and homes. I wish everyone effected a speedy recovery and my thoughts are with you. Sacrificing a paintball tournament is nothing compared to the losses of the good people of Houston.

Monday, September 15, 2008


This is a reality check for the Singaporeans who dream of playing in the MPOC League in JB in October who haven't quite figured it out.

If you read Paul's email carefully. There will be a Division 4 ONLY IF there are 20 teams registered.

At the current rate there are only 2 maybe 3 teams from Singapore going for D4 with some people forming coalition teams because they cant get enough people to make up their own teams.

It is in your interest to enter your own teams thus enter as many teams as possible to make D4 happen. Forming coalition teams isn't going to make up enough numbers to make the 20 team quota.

You guys have to rethink it again if you're hoping there are 17 other teams from elsewhere to make up the 20 team quota at this rate.

If you haven't read the email here it is again.


Final Leg of the MPOC - JOHORE - MPOC Div 4 (First Ever for the MPOC)

Semi Auto markers only(House Markers Available)
-Open to all teams with team members who only started playing in 2008.
-Minimum of 20 teams required to have this division
-Registration: $200
-Paintballs : $185

1st Prize - RM 2000
2nd Prize - RM 1000
3rd Prize - RM 500

Please send me the name of your team to express your interest to take part.This will only take place if enough teams are keen to have it..cheers!!!

+6012 2184333

Friday, September 12, 2008


This is to the mother fucker who wrote the crap below in my "for sale" post. Wonder no more because I DO HAVE the things I said were for sale.
So here you go asshole - FUCK YOU AND YOUR MOTHER.

EDIT> Posted this up late cos I forgot to take a photo of it the other day- anyway here is proof that I have the XSV pack and the Infamous gloves. This pic is for me to shove it further up that idiots asshole so he can use it for brains.

You "know for sure" that I cut and paste "most of the stuffs for sale from PBNation"?
FUCK YOU MAN - if you can find anything I cut and paste I will GIVE the damn mask to you. Assuming that you have the balls to come and get it from me.

Anonymous said...
lemme guess, if i e-mailed you and place order, you'll definately give me the same old lame excuse " oh sorry sold out!" Sometimes i wonder whether you actually have those stuff that you are selling? I know for sure that you copy and paste most of the stuffs for sale from PBnation!Get real dude!Stop fantasizing!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Yep its the middle of the week - I woke up next to Keely and I AM GOING BALLIN' THIS AFTERNOON.

This is for Ben and Jane

You guys recognise this?


Junior Brown called for XSV fans to come up with their own t shirt esigns for the team. They intend to come out with about 5 t shirt designs for next year and they will pick a winning design from the fans.

"The winner will get one of every t-shirt and other things we come out with.. "- Juju

I'm guessing the winner would also get a 09 jersey and be only the second person after Jon to get an 09 jersye from Juju.

BTW the 09 XSV jersey has already been designed - by Junior Brown himself this came from the horse's mouth. Im going to ask him to let us have a peek at is as soon as he is happy with the design.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Here we go this is the beginning of the end of the Ego 8. As I mentioned last month with the release of the 'new colours' - this is what the industry is calling the 'end of the Ego 8'. Planet Eclipse has released the final colours and at even lower pricing.

This if course signals the advent of the Ego9. Dye has already beaten Planet Eclipse by releasing images and a video of their DM9 way before the Ego9. Hopefully we'll get to see them by the World Cup Asia in KL.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I will get to see the DM9 in Bangkok.


Propaintball and Napshot will be googling "Laysick" after reading this post.

Euro brand Laysick have announced their arrival into the paintball world by launching their new paintball pants line called SUBVERT.

Fraking nice.

And LAYSICK CUSTOM DESIGN LAB also do FN (fraking nice) custom jerseys too.

These are for London Shock of the CPL. The Jerseys are made from a 36 panel construction, heavy weight polyester body, lightweight hip panels, under arm mesh venting & elbow pads venting, elbow padding, shoulder padding, neck stretch & cuffs, thumb holes, piping and branding laysick.

The detailing is really superb.

Version 1. Check out the detailing on the elbow pad and the brand label.

Version 2. They came up with a second version after a change of sponsors and new team members like Bobby Aviles here who is a guest from the New England Hurricanes.

This dispels the dye myth. Just because you're a Dye team - doesn't mean than you have to wear C8s. This is for team Somanc

All jersey were designed by Sam Smith.

And they got some sick t shirts too.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


A "turkey" is what I call a player that is always the last guy left alive on his team. He is the type of player WHO NEVER MOVES up and by the time we shoot out all his team mates and go bunker him - it'll be a damn turkey shoot.

I love shooting "turkeys" because you know they will never move from their bunker - you just clean up the rest and save the turkey for last. If you know the "turkey" guy is in the back right corner - you'll find him in the back right corner at the end of the game and everyone in your team will know it and be rushing to roast his ass.


I have a pair of JON RICHARDSON's Gloves for sale. Brand new never used. Size XL
Retails for USD$45 I'm selling USD40/SGD$60/RM144 OBO


Ok I am selling a few things on behalf of a friend ; )
I have these items on hand with me for sale:
1. Black Pro-flex - as seen in these pictures.
Black is like impossible to get now in S.E.A.
Sold out in Europe - Sold out in Malaysia - you wont be able to get a Black Proflex till Christmas. NEW

2. 2008 REDZ XSV Edition Pants - these cool team pants as modeled by my friend here. Brand new never worn.

3. 2008 REDZ XSV Edition Packs
I have a 4+3+2 - this one is hard to get as the guys in the team will usually not sell them. They usually sell the 3+2 packs. All New as well.

I will be in KL this weekend for Napshot Nick's wedding - so you can have these items by Sunday

EMAIL ME FOR PRICE - click on the Mail icon below.

Monday, September 8, 2008

JR's "New" EGO

Mystery solved - LB's 'New Gun' turned out to be JR's old gun.
Instead of LB it was JR - Jon Richardson and it wasn't a 'new' ego but an 07 ego which he put his own JR/Conan/Infamous stickers on last year when he was bored at NPPL Kansas. It's still a slick looking gun though.

Originally Posted by JR3
Ya that is me and my '07 Ego. It is coverd in stickers that I heated up with a hair dryer so that they are on super tight. And if you were wondering I did it last year in Kansas city NPPL when I had nothing to do at night time except a 12 pack to keep me company.
- Jon Richardson

Thanks to WCK for the pic of the gun.


I'm writing this for the benfit of the guys who came to the field to snoop around and gather information about setting up and running a paintball field. If you do find my blog - well I hope you'll learn something from here.


1. Do your own fucking research
C'mon - if you are going to pump in money into a field project the least you got to know is abit about markers and paintballs. Do your own research so you wont give yourselves away and make a fool out of yourselves. Don't come asking about markers and how we get them in and what are the goverment reguations and how to set up things.
Here is a tip: Most 'normal' people don't ask these things for the hell of it its a frakking dead giveaway.

2. Play paintball - play speedball

Because if you dont play the sport- you won't know how to run the field and serve people who play the sport.

3. You gotta be in it.
Paintball is more than just a game- more than just a sport- it's also a culture. People build teams and come and mix and play. If you're not in the sport- you won't know the culture - you won't understand paintballers.

4. You gotta really love the sport
You have to know what speedball and paintball is all about. If you can read and follow my blog and come back for more- you might stand a chance. But if you don't get my blog the you're screwed.

5. You gotta really love the game
Yes paintball the game and paintball the sport- both realated but not the same. You have to figure this out to make it work.

6. At least come and play
Buy some paints and get some of you friends to come and play so you can try and figure it all out. Hanging around the fence all afternoon is like a bunch of vultures hanging around a carcass - we all know what you're doing out there and what you're looking for.

7. An alternative suggestion

If you have a lot of money say about a minimum of $50,000 - may I suggest you don't set up a paintball field. Instead I would suggest that you invest in setting up and sponsoring and running a professional paintball team. Now this is something I have a great business plan for and I would be glad to share, run and manage. Imagine having your own pro extreme sport team that travels and plays with your name logo and plays in tournaments.

8. Work on the acting and lying and cook a decent fake story.

Seriously...."I'm asking for a friend", "My uncle wants to know..." is really frakking stupid. we get it all the time. Especially over the phone. We have our lies to lie back you to to bust your miserable excuse for a cover story.

You can be your own Roman Abramovitch and own your own pro extreme sport team. Get in touch with me if you have $50,000 to spend and don't want to flush you money down the toilet doing something you have no clue about.

Ah but I know- you businessmen want a challenge- you have made your money and you think you can score with paintball too. Oh well you have been warned.

Anyway I believe in paintball, if you're in it only for pure profit - its going to come around and bite you in the ass. You're better off setting up a boutique or cafe for your girlfriend, son or daughter.


Sunday, September 7, 2008



Well in my final predictions I was TOTALLY WRONG

The dogs beat Joy 5:3 and Bullets beat Icon in a close match 5:4

1st Philly Dogs
2nd Joy Stockholm
3rd Budapest Bullets
4th Marseille Icon

MILLENIUM SERIES - Phily Dogs and Joy in the Final


Phily Dogs beat Maseille Icon 5:3

And Stockholm Joy Beat Budapest Bullets 5:1

Philly Dogs vs Joy Stockholm

3rd and 4th
Marseille Icon vs Budapest Bullets.

My final standing prediction:-
1st Joy
2nd Dogs
3rd Icon
4th Bullets

MILLENIUM SERIES - Quarter Finals Results

Group A
Philly Dogs 5: Copenhagen Ducks 3

Group B
Joy Stockholm 5 : London Nexus 2

Group C
Marseille Icon 5: Moscow Phoenix 3

Group D
Budapest Bullets 5: Chilli Peppers Riga 2

My final 4 predictions were right on for the Semi finals its:-
Dogs vs Icon
Joy vs Bullets

RUMOUR MILL: Unknown Soldiers For PALS Bangkok

One of the UKS guys is looking for a guest spot for PALS Bangkok.

Paul-> get the whole team to come and play.

MILLENIUM SERIES - Phily Dogs Beat Bullets


The two top teams in Group A went head to head with Phily Pulling a surprise 5:3 win over the Bullets. The Dogs finish on top of Group A with a 3-0 win/loss record.

In the other crucial Group B game Syndicate did manage to beat Joy 5-2 in a game they needed to win to make it to the final 8. However they miss out on points to Marseille Icon who finished in 2nd spot with a 2/4 point total while Syndicate had 2/3 point.
Syndicate lost out by a single Elimination Difference point!

This is a knock out stage

Group A
Copenhagen Ducks
Philly Dogs

Group B
London Nexus
Joy Stockholm

Group C

Marseille Icon
Moscow Phoenix

Group D
Budapest Bullets
Chilli Peppers Riga

My picks for the final 4:


Its 1am Singapore time and 6pm Central Europe- Groups C and D have finished with resuts as I predicted. In Group A the big match between Bullets and the Dogs have yet to be played and in Group B Syndicate will be playing in a do or die match against Joy.


Ok here are some scores from this afternoon (Singapore Malaysia time)

Group A
Bullets 5 Menace 1
Dogs 5 Shock 1
Bullets 5 Shock 0
Dogs 5 Menace 1
Menace 5 Shock 1
Dogs 5 Bullets 3

FINAL Standings (WIN- LOSS)
1 Philly Dogs 3-0 Points 3/10
2 Budapest Bullets 2-1 Points 2/7

3 Oslo Menace 1-2 Points 1/-4
4 London Shock 0-3 Points 0/-13
Last game to come and its the big one in the group- Bullets and Dogs. Bullets were dominant in their two wins only giving up 1 game to Menance. Menace also managed to score 1 win against a helpless London shock who got whacked by the three top teams in the group.

Group B
Joy 5 Consilium 1
Marseille Icon 5 Syndicate 1
Syndicate 5 Consilium Dei 1
Joy 5 Icon 2
Last game is between Joy vs Syndicate. Its do and die for Syndicate- if they win they might go through in Icons place.

Joy 2 Syndicate 5

FINAL Standings
1 Joy Stockholm 2-1 Points 2/4
2 Marseille Icon 2-1 Points 2/4
3 Frankfurt Syndicate 2-1 Points 2/3

4 Consilium Dei Zurich 0-3 Points 0/-11

Group C
Phoenix 5 Influence 0
Nexus 5 Vision 0
Phoenix 5 Vision 3
Nexus 5 Influence 1
Phoenix 5 Vision 4
Nexus 5 Influence 5

Final Standings
1 Moscow Phoenix 3-0 Points 3/8
2 London Nexus 2-1 Points 2/8
3 Montpellier Influence 1-2 Points 1/-8
4 Grenoble Vision 0-3 Points 0/-8

Group C is settled with Phoenix proving too strong for the other 3 teams. London Nexus also goes though to Sunday as in my prediction.

Group D
Peppers 4 Castle 5
Ducks 5 Ignition 1
Castle 3 ducks 5
Ingnition 1 Peppers 5
Peppers 5 Ducks 2
Castle 4 Ignition 5

1 Riga Chilli Peppers 2-1 Points 2/6
2 Copenhagen Ducks 2-1 Points 2/2
3 Moscow Castle 1-2 Points 1/-2
4 Stockholm Ignition 1-2 Points 1/-7

Peppers and Ducks go through but both teams drop a match each. Moscow Castle managing to beat Peppers but failed to qualify for Sunday I expected Ducks to finish top but a place on Sunday is a place on Sunday.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

DXS' Offer at Millenium Series

If you shoot Draxxus' paint at the MAXS German Masters this weekend - a case for DXS Bronze which is the cheapest of the DXS range will cost you 35Euros/SGD72/RM172.

However if you win 1st place - you paint will be FREE and 2nd place you get half off and 3rd you get 1/3 off your paint cost.

This a really good marketing ploy by DXS to get people to shoot their paints especially for teams who do not have a paint sponsor and also benefits the Millenium Series as more teams will be enticed to try their luck and shoot for the top 3 places.


The prelim games were played on Friday with each team playing 1 game and at the moment the tables look like this:

Group A
1 Budapest Bullets 5:1
1 Philly Dogs 5:1
3 Oslo Menace 1:5
4 London Shock 1:5
The 2 big games in this group have put up points on the score board - the Bullets and Dogs are expected to go through from this group. Its up to Menace and Shock to try and pinch some points and effect the final 8 standing and try to not let these guys just walk into the final 8. The Bullets and Dogs game would be the game to watch.

Group B
1 Marseille Icon 5:1
2 Joy Stockholm 5:1
3 Frankfurt Syndicate 1:5
4 Consilium Dei Zurich 1:5
This is the group of death with Icon topping it for the moment with Joy and Syndicate in the same group.This will be a tight group and every game and points scored will count to get through to Sunday.

Group C
1 Moscow Phoenix 5:0
2 London Nexus 5:0
3 Influence Montpellier 0:5
4 Vision PPC Grenoble 0:5
Round 2 winners Phoenix shouldn't have a problem going through to the final 8 from this group along with Nexus. There is room for an upset from the other two teams but they have to up their games to match the power of Phoenix's US imports in Chirs Lasoya and Glenn Takemoto and Nexus with their Ton Ton guests.

Group D
1 Copenhagen Ducks 5:1
2 Moscow Caste 5:4
3 Chilli Peppers Riga 4:5
4 Stockholm Ignition 1:5
Ducks are long due for a big win- they have bought in a couple of pros from Edmonton to boost this team although Josh Davies wouldnt have recovered from his broken foot to play this event. Peppers are the team to watch from this team - I think should pip Moscow to Sunday.

My Final 8 picks for Sunday:
Naughty Dogs
Chili Peppers

DM9 New Dye Marker Official Launch Video

Looks like the only new major selling point is the restyled body which is lighter than the DM8.
It comes with the same Hyper 3 (not 4) and Ultra light Barrels (not titanium UL).

It has the same one piece eye pipe dents and internal self cleaning eyes- which I'm still skeptical of. It had better be reliable as not having eye and dent plates will make it a hassle to get into them to clean it. The trigger is the same as DM8's. Oh yeah and 6 "new" colours.


Well here it is- the guy who posted the Pic of Ollie using the DM9 has posted a clear pic of the marker in question.

It wasnt a PMR.

Friday, September 5, 2008


As I mentioned- the XSV posting on Wed has shot my web stats through the roof for Thursday. Proving that XSV is still a big name in paintball. I also had a lot of referals from PbNation and Pbreserve and the Irish paintball site where I linked Ollie's DM9 from. I guess the "Olline Lang DM9" also contributed to the record breaking 407 hits in one day. - "Dye DM9" gathered 29 hits 27% of word searches that leads to this blog)

Thursday's page loads actually doubled that of Wednesday's. By 10.30 Friday morning I'm already getting half the hits I got on whole of Wednesday.

Day/Page Loads/First Time Visitors
Wednesday 232 / 44
Thursday 407 / 71
Friday 119 / 14 (at 10.30am)


I finally achieved my goal to get more American readers - they have overtaken the number of Singaporeans. I am surprised to get 21 readers from a country like Bosnia and Herzegovina and an amazing 60 from Portugal.



I'm posting this because most Singaporean teams seem to have a hard time picking a good team name - you know who you are. You should check out the list below.

Newbies get no respect- especially in PBnation. This guy 'empire29' was asking for suggestions for a team name and what he got was not what he expected (and rather funny results)

empire29: looking for idea for a new good team not currently being used if you got any ideas leave em here

REPLIES - some of my fav picks
The cock gobblers.
the mcgriddles
Big cockadoodledo's
The un-originals
the poopydicks
butt goblins
turd burgalurs
Girl hunters
Team Tippmann(to show off your PURE TALENT!) * this one beeped the Sarcasm meter*

Mad Division
Good Dogs
or u could go with dynasty I dont think thats taken yet

Needless to say this thread has been closed and one of the guys got banned.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

XSV Label Tanks

I saw this on Junior's rig back at the XSV clinic and he had a prototype on. He couldn't sell it (or I would have bought it)

Its an XSV Label tank made by The Seventh element - the pictures are not even up at Seventh element's site. So here it is.

They are sponsoring Dynasty too so I guess the Dynasty version will come out soon. With these team tanks you wouldn't want to be covering this up - you'd have to go get a tank butt from black star. (and guess which pro shop has them?- check the comments box)

(This XSV XSV XSV post is gonna drive the web stats thru the roof)


This picture has become the most highly talked about and searched in Paintball online on Wed. Its a pic of Ollie Lang shooting what most think its the DM9. It looks a bit like a SLG but there is subtle differences in the back.

I wasn't going to post this because I'd assume that most of you would have seen it on some site or other - but since it was up on PBNation this morning and now its been taken down... here it is for those of you who missed it.

Oh yeah and Ollie was berated online for being a bad example for shooting without a mask on in front of kids.


"When you are not practicing, remember, someone somewhere is practicing, and when you meet him, he will win." - Ed Macauley

Don't get on the Short Bus

We watched this DVD in the hotel during MPOC4- and it was frakking funny Todd just cracked me up. These are just sample clips here.

This has my fav clips and Todd just goes off.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Shane Howe for SBen

Ben incase you missed it in PbNation.

Hey Art What up? Great blog by the way. Yes that is Dave Fason. I believe it was the Bushwacker game he was the last guy alive in the back corner and they were coming for him. He was playing so tight for a big guy! Lol! He shot all his paint then stood up and said "Im out of paint Sweet Tits! You didnt shoot me!" Hilarious! Say Hi to Ben for me please. Myself and everyone that went to Singapore for the day appreciate what all of you did for us and especially Bens MOM AKA TAXI. Thanks Again! Until the next time. Peace!
Shane Howe

Infamous #13

Eric Prum's Ego on Sale at PBNation

My friend Eric is selling his custom etched Ego8 which I featured about a month ago in my blog.

I wanted to support him by posting the picture from my blog on Eric's PbNation Ad - but turns out he already found the pic and linked it.

Nice to know that the pros read my blog :)

Anyway I have seen and held this Ego - (thats my hand in the pic). Please support Eric and get this gun. Its really an awesome piece of art and I would have gotten it if I didnt get Thomas Taylors Ego earlier.

While I'm here I might as well plug Glenn's custom 07 Ego which is also for sale on PBnation.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

PGi and Welt goes bust

Here is a reality check for those who are aspiring publishers- one of the biggest and popular Paintball magazines- print and online have announced that they will cease publication- PGi- Paintball Games International and its sister online mag WELT will be gone.

And I was just about to subscribe to PGi...

Thomas Taylor on Xtreme Paintball

This episode featuring Thomas Taylor aired last week on FSN in the states. When I bought the Ego from Thomas he told me "this is the gun you'll see on Xtreme Paintball". Well here it is.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Coming Up This weekend. Millenium Series MAXS German Masters

I almost forgot that we have got a Millenium Series happening this weekend. The Millennium Series is played later in the year that the MPOC and US tournaments. In MPOC we've played 4 rounds and same goes for most of the US series but over in Europe we're only up to round 3 this time near the legendary Nürburgring castle and mountain race track.

CPL ranking going into this weekend.
The bullet boys with 2 big US imports are sitting up top- they have been consistant this season but still yet to score the win.

Joy is in second place because they won in Malaga and have finished top 5 so far. Moscow took London but were 10th in Toulouse- they need to show that they arent flashes in the pan. Ducks are in 4th and are in the last QF place for next years Intercontinental Cup.

1 248 Budapest Bullets
2 244 Joy Stockholm
3 184 Moscow Phoenix
4 160 Copenhagen Ducks
5 160 Chilli Peppers Riga
6 144 London Nexus
7 136 Frankfurt Syndicate
8 132 Philly Dogs
9 124 London Shock
10 120 Marseille Icon
11 116 Vision PPC Grenoble
12 108 Moscow Caste
13 96 Stockholm Ignition
14 36 Influence Montpellier
15 36 Consilium Dei Zurich
16 32 Oslo Menace

My pick is the Bullets to score their first win this weekend. Although Joy would be staging a come back- with no distractions across the pond this year. Frankfurt Syndicate would fancy their chances too playing in their home tournament.

The bottom 5 teams Ignition, Castle, Influence and Consilium Dei and Menace have to pull themselves out of the relegation zone. All need to score a top 10 finish to secure a place in the CPL next year.


For winning every game including the Super Sevens over the weekend.

Frak I wish I went to watch

Who Borrowed my MWAG Heroes for a Day

Whoever has borrowed my copy of Heroes For a Day - can you please return it to me?


A New Feeder?

First came the Speed Feed - then the Feed Fast and Viture’s crown was the next step in feed designs. This one seems to be a different step in the feed evolution.

Virtue's Speed Feed

I am using the Speed Feed on my Vlocity and it works fine just that it doesn't offer much protection when it rains. The Speed Feed holds the balls more securely compared to the Ultra soft Crown. The crown feeds a lot faster with less force- the balls drop into the hopper with better speed and ease.

Virtue Crown the flavor of the moment.

However the silicone material of the crown is more fragile and prone to wear and tearing. Two of the triangle tabs on my crown are already tearing off. The Crown is also less secure as its just a ring that wraps and secures it. I had it blown right off a Spyder during a game. Granted the Spyder has a really hard 'reverse' kick that goes up through the hopper.

The new feed- looks interesting- but again less coverage from rain. I haven't seen it in real life so cannot comment on how soft the tabs are. I think it'll feed a bit better than the Speed Feed as you can pod in from different angles- where as with the Speed Feed you have to come in from pretty much the same angle to get (most of) the balls in.