Monday, September 29, 2008

TRAINING + Paddock Passed

Today was quiet with no other teams around so we set up the field to work on team ICONs set plays. We shot about 3 cases of new proto paint which performed pretty well. Having a barrel kit helps too - with the heat the ball gauge had to be tested but once i got the right barrel match - ball flight was consistent. Shot decently well with Jon Richardson's infamous sly barrels.

We did 5 man break outs by the senior team vs 3 man breaks by the junior team which was quite a good set up. The back guys used the emarkers to shoot the zones - forcing the runners on the 3 man team to really run for their bunkers and to be creative and vary their break outs.

We wanted to check out the sweet spots Cyril pointed out to us on their game plan. We had to adjust due to the size of field 3 so the sweet spots are smaller. Some suited our game and some didn't so we ironed those out.

The 3 man team gained much from running and watching ball flight paths - they had to adjust on the run so its not just a fix route every game. We also worked on the 3 man game plans and how to play certain teams in the SPNS. And co ordinated team movement to close out games. That's the only thing I think I have never watched other teams practice which is closing.

Went to watch the F1 courtesy of Diageo who are McLaren sponsors. They put up a pretty good spread for their guests in their sky box. After being in a few races in Adelaide, Sepang and now Singapore I quite enjoyed the convenience of going to the race and then going home to sleep in my own bed. Got to the race in time for the safety car going out and got back from the race just after midnight- by train no less.

My host managed to 'borrow' a couple of paddock passes so we went down to hang out in the Mclaren hospitality for a while. Most of the teams were in their garages so didn't see any team members. I must say that the Singapore paddock is much more impressive/bigger/taller than the Sepang paddock. Was nice surprise to meet Alex Wurz on the way back - I think I was the only person in the whole aero bridge who knew who he was.

Walked past some of the F1 legends like Keke and Nikki whom I met at Sepang a couple of years ago. Was wondering who'd I'd bump into at the GP Saw a few models Stephanie Chai who played paintball at MPOC before and Zaki from IS magazine also said hi. And it was a nice surprise to bump into Linz all the way from Penang who came down to watch the race too.

I picked Aloso to win and should have put money on it.

Not a bad weekend in all. Plus all the team sponsored gear finally arrived on Sat so we'll be in full team gear for the 2nd time at MPOC5.

And to top it off #46 is World Champion again and Liverpool beat Everton 2-0 with Torres scoring a pair. Sweet.