Thursday, September 18, 2008

WATCH AND LEARN- Ollie Lang and Dynasty.

This video is from when Ollie Lang was still playing in dynasty and you can see why this team was one of the greatest. Alex Fraige, Ollie Lang and Ryan Greenspan all make big moves and these moves were well coordinated. These guys have played together so much they don’t need to tell each other what to do. One guy plays off the other guys play and doubles up on the play action to make the kills. It so hard to defend against a double play.

This is what I call a “play switch” and its one of Ollie Lang’s unknown trademark move. What he does is to make his move as his team mate is making his move- or gets shot out. He replaces that guys bunker or he makes a move to another bunker as all the attention is momentarily on the guy who moves just before him. Timing and anticipation is the key to making this play.

In the video- Alex Fraige runs from the hammer to bunker the car wash which is Ollie’s mirror. At the same time Ollie makes is “play switch” and switches over to snake one. And in the hammer - the Dog’s Tyler McLusky’s attention is on Fraige’s run through- he loses Ollie in the Fraige play action.

Ollie sets himself up in the snake and nails the Mclusky at the first look. That is awersome play on his knees.

After that Ollie stands up shoots down a couple of bunkers and goes off and runs diagonally across the whole field and bunkers the Dogs 40 can and ties to get their right corner.

At this time – Ryan Greenspan follows Ollie’s run on the right tape and shoots out the Dogs who are all trying to shoot Ollie out.

Game over Doggies

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