Saturday, September 6, 2008


The prelim games were played on Friday with each team playing 1 game and at the moment the tables look like this:

Group A
1 Budapest Bullets 5:1
1 Philly Dogs 5:1
3 Oslo Menace 1:5
4 London Shock 1:5
The 2 big games in this group have put up points on the score board - the Bullets and Dogs are expected to go through from this group. Its up to Menace and Shock to try and pinch some points and effect the final 8 standing and try to not let these guys just walk into the final 8. The Bullets and Dogs game would be the game to watch.

Group B
1 Marseille Icon 5:1
2 Joy Stockholm 5:1
3 Frankfurt Syndicate 1:5
4 Consilium Dei Zurich 1:5
This is the group of death with Icon topping it for the moment with Joy and Syndicate in the same group.This will be a tight group and every game and points scored will count to get through to Sunday.

Group C
1 Moscow Phoenix 5:0
2 London Nexus 5:0
3 Influence Montpellier 0:5
4 Vision PPC Grenoble 0:5
Round 2 winners Phoenix shouldn't have a problem going through to the final 8 from this group along with Nexus. There is room for an upset from the other two teams but they have to up their games to match the power of Phoenix's US imports in Chirs Lasoya and Glenn Takemoto and Nexus with their Ton Ton guests.

Group D
1 Copenhagen Ducks 5:1
2 Moscow Caste 5:4
3 Chilli Peppers Riga 4:5
4 Stockholm Ignition 1:5
Ducks are long due for a big win- they have bought in a couple of pros from Edmonton to boost this team although Josh Davies wouldnt have recovered from his broken foot to play this event. Peppers are the team to watch from this team - I think should pip Moscow to Sunday.

My Final 8 picks for Sunday:
Naughty Dogs
Chili Peppers

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