Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I should clarify that the reason why I wrote the piece about the Red Sevens was for the benefit of the "Authorities" in efforts to show them that the Red Sevens have done a lot to promote the sport of paintball in Singapore.

It is not meant to demand respect from my peers. I did not wish to come across as arrogant and demanding.

Since some have totally missed the point - and have gone off on a "respect is earned" tangent and now name calling. I have to clarify the whole point for all who clearly cannot read and comprehend.

I am sorry to aggravate anyone indirectly.

I thank those who have taken the time to write and make their points.

I do apologise now that the comments section has descended into a name calling fest.


I would also like to remind those idiots who are narrow one track minded "minders" who keep going down 'the respect is earned' path - that you need to either go back to school or don't post your shit-for-brains crap in my comments section.

Again I reiterate - all anonymous posts will be deleted and I will also delete comments from people who don't get it. Otherwise I'll (any everyone else) be repeating myself.

If you don't get it - you wont get it and that just too bad, no big loss to the world. However I don't need you to affirm that you're an idiot in my comments section and waste everybody's time trying to help you figure it out.

So if you feel the need to shoot your mouth off - well don't be a coward and come say it to me face to face.


If you really hate me - when why come back to read my blog? If you want to be a thieving bastard - just read take whatever you want and go away. Don't post your one liner and name calling in here. If you don't have anything constructive to contribute don't waste everybody's time having to read your drivel and reply you.