Friday, September 19, 2008

WCA SURVEY - Can The Pros Play in D1?

This email came from Paul Lam this morning, he is asking for opinions from those in D1 if its ok to let the pros play in Division 1 at the WCA. I'm not playing in D1 but I'm going to post my opinion here anyway. The pro teams that will be coming are Joy Division and Bad Company and Ollie Lang has emailed (to someone I know) to say that he is "trying to make it to Malaysia" for WCA since he missed out on PALS Bangkok.

I think it would be GREAT for the pros to play D1 because we will all get to watch them really play their A Games (plural) and not just 2-3 exhibition game. I'm sure may Joy and Paintball Fans would love to watch the boys in leopard prints in full flight. We hardly get to watch any team flash their Angels and this would be a great slight.

Plus it'll make it worth their while to come all the way to KL. Most of the pros who came in the past would sit around for 3 days and play 2-3 games. I think they would be really bored and they rather be playing for something rather than just play 2-3 exhibition games.

In the future it would also give other pro teams an incentive to some all the way to KL - who knows if more teams come we can even have a pro division in WCA!

So my answer from a fan's point of view would be an emphatic YES- let the pros play in D1.

On the other hand - it won't be fair to the other D1 teams. They would not be too happy because they have to play against the pros and stand to lose out on prize money. I hope most of the D1 teams would gladly accept the challenge as Paul said in his email- this would be the only chance they have to pit themselves against the pros as these divisions are all locked in - in the Millenium and NPPL leagues.

Paul will have to work out some arrangement with the pro teams in regards of the prize money. The pros shouldn't take away all the money - maybe if they win they should split half with the 2nd 3rd and 4th teams.


Bros...I have a request by the pros.Can they be allowed to compete against us in the Div 1?They will then be playing for the prizemoney too but will not be taking any ranking points that will affect our invitation to the Intercontinental Cup.

Opinion Needed from Div 1 Teams

There are pros in this proposal in that we can be sure that they will give us their best game and we can try out against some of the best in the opportunity we would never get in the PSP ,NPPL or the Millennium as they are in a closed division reserved for the best.

The cons are that we will have to be at the very top of our game to win the prizes.

So my question is .....are we all game??

Please pm ...sms or email me your answers bros..

SMS: +6012 2184333

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