Wednesday, September 17, 2008


XSV pays homage to what I dubbed the "holy Grail of jerseys - the 06 PSP digi camo jersey. I still feel that the 06 one is still the best design ever.

This Special Edition Jersey was made my Animal Paintball for the recently cancelled NPPL Houston and will probably be available for a limited time only. It probabaly supposed to be for one off event like its predecessor the original 06 digi camo one.

I have yet to find out from where. I'll ask Juju and see what he says.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

not sure if it's my monitor but the yellow seems a bit pale and sickly as compared to the 06 one.

i saw the 06 jersey with Nicky Cuba printed and it went for US$250 or something!

i prefer the 06 one but i'll gladly accept either of them thrown my way!

ion said...

oh...I happen to have one sitting behind my car boot. Er...just in case I have to post "Fuck you and your mother!"...its true.

Anonymous said...

i do have 1 of that too...should i tell the world about the jersey because it's in my closet

ion said...

yes, you should cos its limited edition. But since you are anonymous guess you are too shy to post it why post here and tell everyone that you have one in the closet and keep anonymous???