Friday, September 12, 2008


This is to the mother fucker who wrote the crap below in my "for sale" post. Wonder no more because I DO HAVE the things I said were for sale.
So here you go asshole - FUCK YOU AND YOUR MOTHER.

EDIT> Posted this up late cos I forgot to take a photo of it the other day- anyway here is proof that I have the XSV pack and the Infamous gloves. This pic is for me to shove it further up that idiots asshole so he can use it for brains.

You "know for sure" that I cut and paste "most of the stuffs for sale from PBNation"?
FUCK YOU MAN - if you can find anything I cut and paste I will GIVE the damn mask to you. Assuming that you have the balls to come and get it from me.

Anonymous said...
lemme guess, if i e-mailed you and place order, you'll definately give me the same old lame excuse " oh sorry sold out!" Sometimes i wonder whether you actually have those stuff that you are selling? I know for sure that you copy and paste most of the stuffs for sale from PBnation!Get real dude!Stop fantasizing!!