Monday, September 8, 2008


I'm writing this for the benfit of the guys who came to the field to snoop around and gather information about setting up and running a paintball field. If you do find my blog - well I hope you'll learn something from here.


1. Do your own fucking research
C'mon - if you are going to pump in money into a field project the least you got to know is abit about markers and paintballs. Do your own research so you wont give yourselves away and make a fool out of yourselves. Don't come asking about markers and how we get them in and what are the goverment reguations and how to set up things.
Here is a tip: Most 'normal' people don't ask these things for the hell of it its a frakking dead giveaway.

2. Play paintball - play speedball

Because if you dont play the sport- you won't know how to run the field and serve people who play the sport.

3. You gotta be in it.
Paintball is more than just a game- more than just a sport- it's also a culture. People build teams and come and mix and play. If you're not in the sport- you won't know the culture - you won't understand paintballers.

4. You gotta really love the sport
You have to know what speedball and paintball is all about. If you can read and follow my blog and come back for more- you might stand a chance. But if you don't get my blog the you're screwed.

5. You gotta really love the game
Yes paintball the game and paintball the sport- both realated but not the same. You have to figure this out to make it work.

6. At least come and play
Buy some paints and get some of you friends to come and play so you can try and figure it all out. Hanging around the fence all afternoon is like a bunch of vultures hanging around a carcass - we all know what you're doing out there and what you're looking for.

7. An alternative suggestion

If you have a lot of money say about a minimum of $50,000 - may I suggest you don't set up a paintball field. Instead I would suggest that you invest in setting up and sponsoring and running a professional paintball team. Now this is something I have a great business plan for and I would be glad to share, run and manage. Imagine having your own pro extreme sport team that travels and plays with your name logo and plays in tournaments.

8. Work on the acting and lying and cook a decent fake story.

Seriously...."I'm asking for a friend", "My uncle wants to know..." is really frakking stupid. we get it all the time. Especially over the phone. We have our lies to lie back you to to bust your miserable excuse for a cover story.

You can be your own Roman Abramovitch and own your own pro extreme sport team. Get in touch with me if you have $50,000 to spend and don't want to flush you money down the toilet doing something you have no clue about.

Ah but I know- you businessmen want a challenge- you have made your money and you think you can score with paintball too. Oh well you have been warned.

Anyway I believe in paintball, if you're in it only for pure profit - its going to come around and bite you in the ass. You're better off setting up a boutique or cafe for your girlfriend, son or daughter.



SEBURO said...

Brings out a whole meaning to the saying "SPIES WILL BE SHOT ON SIGHT"

noir said...

i totally agree! hahahahahah

chak said...

u mean it takes only 50k to setup a field? :P

Z said...

To make Paintball grow in singapore the more paintball field there are in singapore the more it will benefit singaporeans.

Paintball Association (Singapore) should help those in-need of info on how to setup a paintball field, how about to get licence for it ect ect ect.

More field means more people will play the sports. And hopefuly the Gov will open up more to the sports.

People will get to chose which field they would like to visit, if this field is fully booked up, CAN still go to other field.

Paintball is expensive in singapore, with more field setup in singapore,
pricing will be more COMPETITIVE.
It will benefit people who wants to try paintball and loves paintball.

I would say paintball is been Capitalize in singapore right now.

ion said...

z, surely you are not one of the spies. Cos you never do research to understand why paintball is more expensive in Singapore than other countries. Yes, totally agree on more fields means more competition and more awareness. No, to Paintball Association (Singapore) helping people to set up fields cos that is not the agenda of the association. Probably what interested parties need is putting more effort in research or better still just hire a paintball consultant.

FEMME BOT said...

chak - read it again. He said $50k to sponsor a team.

z- I think there simply isn't enough population and players to support another field in Singapore.

I also think your point is redundant because there are already three fields in Singapore at the moment and people do have a choice. People do play in the 3 fields and each of the 3 fields offer a choice of different aspects to the game.

However even with this number - the status quo with the government remains the same.

The Paintball Association is not a chamber of commerce body to help you set up a paintball business. It is not in the PBAS interest to get into a venture of opening another field because- it would be a total waste of time and money for all parties concerned. See above.

If you want prices to drop and be more competitive - then I would say come out and play paintball. Support the local tournaments and the local fields and then we can grow the sport.

Adding another field would be just a waste of time and money.

CALGAR said...

To Z:

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL sorry i just had to say it.

Have you ever asked the Malaysians what they think about their paintball pricing? They'll tell you it's expensive...