Monday, September 1, 2008

A New Feeder?

First came the Speed Feed - then the Feed Fast and Viture’s crown was the next step in feed designs. This one seems to be a different step in the feed evolution.

Virtue's Speed Feed

I am using the Speed Feed on my Vlocity and it works fine just that it doesn't offer much protection when it rains. The Speed Feed holds the balls more securely compared to the Ultra soft Crown. The crown feeds a lot faster with less force- the balls drop into the hopper with better speed and ease.

Virtue Crown the flavor of the moment.

However the silicone material of the crown is more fragile and prone to wear and tearing. Two of the triangle tabs on my crown are already tearing off. The Crown is also less secure as its just a ring that wraps and secures it. I had it blown right off a Spyder during a game. Granted the Spyder has a really hard 'reverse' kick that goes up through the hopper.

The new feed- looks interesting- but again less coverage from rain. I haven't seen it in real life so cannot comment on how soft the tabs are. I think it'll feed a bit better than the Speed Feed as you can pod in from different angles- where as with the Speed Feed you have to come in from pretty much the same angle to get (most of) the balls in.

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