Monday, September 15, 2008


This is a reality check for the Singaporeans who dream of playing in the MPOC League in JB in October who haven't quite figured it out.

If you read Paul's email carefully. There will be a Division 4 ONLY IF there are 20 teams registered.

At the current rate there are only 2 maybe 3 teams from Singapore going for D4 with some people forming coalition teams because they cant get enough people to make up their own teams.

It is in your interest to enter your own teams thus enter as many teams as possible to make D4 happen. Forming coalition teams isn't going to make up enough numbers to make the 20 team quota.

You guys have to rethink it again if you're hoping there are 17 other teams from elsewhere to make up the 20 team quota at this rate.

If you haven't read the email here it is again.


Final Leg of the MPOC - JOHORE - MPOC Div 4 (First Ever for the MPOC)

Semi Auto markers only(House Markers Available)
-Open to all teams with team members who only started playing in 2008.
-Minimum of 20 teams required to have this division
-Registration: $200
-Paintballs : $185

1st Prize - RM 2000
2nd Prize - RM 1000
3rd Prize - RM 500

Please send me the name of your team to express your interest to take part.This will only take place if enough teams are keen to have it..cheers!!!

+6012 2184333


SEBURO said...
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SEBURO said...


I'm not really interested in what you have to say - so I'm blocking comments.

Either you all rock up - or you'll be left on the sidelines with your dick in your hand come Oct 25-26.