Tuesday, September 16, 2008


With the Cancellation of PALS Bangkok next month due to political unrest this has been a bad month for paintball. Mother nature has also effected another big tournament with the announcement yesterday of the cancellation of NPPL HOUSTON because of hurricane Ike.

This is a big blow to fans like me who were looking forward to this weekend's NPPL Houston and watching in on NPPL LIVe- I was jsut about to post up the fields and coverage information when I got the news that Houston has been canceled.

This is also a big blow to those who are entering the 5-Man for the first time which is something new that the NPPL has introduced for Houston.

EDIT- I think its a good move that the NPPL has canceled the tournament because of the disaster and out of respect for the people who have lost their lives and homes. I wish everyone effected a speedy recovery and my thoughts are with you. Sacrificing a paintball tournament is nothing compared to the losses of the good people of Houston.


Ingot said...

Perhaps Singapore isn't such a bad place to host events after all. No extreme weather, nor extremists. Soon as they ease on the markers rules for international teams that is.

SEBURO said...

Actually - you can bring markers into Singapore for competition. They will be treated like the guns and rifles competitors bring in for shooting competitions.

Singapore is a great venue for an international tournament- just that they havent opened their eyes to the sport yet.

Took them 10 years to figure out that Formula 1 will be good to host- it'll take another 10-15 to want to host a Pb event.