Monday, September 8, 2008

JR's "New" EGO

Mystery solved - LB's 'New Gun' turned out to be JR's old gun.
Instead of LB it was JR - Jon Richardson and it wasn't a 'new' ego but an 07 ego which he put his own JR/Conan/Infamous stickers on last year when he was bored at NPPL Kansas. It's still a slick looking gun though.

Originally Posted by JR3
Ya that is me and my '07 Ego. It is coverd in stickers that I heated up with a hair dryer so that they are on super tight. And if you were wondering I did it last year in Kansas city NPPL when I had nothing to do at night time except a 12 pack to keep me company.
- Jon Richardson

Thanks to WCK for the pic of the gun.

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